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-LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)-
Face Your Fears: RP entry contest
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-10-13 07:11:53
Itching to get some writing done? Wanting to explore more depth with your character? Look no further!

Now's your chance to share more about your character! For this contest, you will write a self RP of your character
facing their greatest fear. Each RP will be posted in an MotD. You, the players, will vote for your favourite.

The first place will receive a prize of
20,000 gems, second place will win 15,000 gems, and third place will win 10,000 gems! All entries will also be rewarded with 1,000 gems!

Write your RP and send it to
Ana Ferine in a holo to enter!

The deadline for entries is:
midnight server time on Monday, October 28th

-All RP's must obey both site and RP rules
-1 RP entry per character
-Must fit in two holos

Good luck, and may the Force be with you!

Star Wars Trivia!
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-10-11 09:45:26
Reminder: trivia will be today at 4 PM server time!

Trivia time has come again! To ring in the spooky season, this month's theme will be: monsters and beasts! Nexu, and acklays, and reeks - oh my! Be sure to take part and test your knowledge before you fall into the sarlaac pit!

Trivia will be Friday, October 11th at 4 PM server time! It will be in the Star Wars Zone in Coruscant and hosted by: Ana Ferine!

Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

The questions will be a mix of Star Wars trivia and site trivia for different monsters and beasts, and encounters with them - hope to see you all there!

Staff Titles Contest!
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-09-25 21:17:37
Pick up your pumpkins and ready your broomsticks, because Halloween is coming to town!

To celebrate the season, the staff are looking to give themselves
Halloween colours and titles, but we need help with options!

You guys can come up with titles and colours for the staff in order to win

It's really simple! All you have to do is come up with seasonally themed
Halloween titles and colour schemes to match for staff members! Once you've done this, petition in your picks for rewards! The rewards you receive for entering include:

- 100
gems for each title/colour scheme you create for a staff member.
- 50 extra
gems for every subsequent title/colour scheme for each staff member. For example, if you come up with 4 ideas for Quinn, you'll receive 250 gems!
- If you send in at least one pick for every member of staff, you'll also receive 1,000
- Those whose title/colour scheme is picked by the staff to be worn throughout the
Halloween period will receive 3,000 more gems and, because it's Halloween, 500 Donator Points!!

Happy colouring, and get spooky!

The latest entry for title/colour schemes is: Midnight server time on October 4th! The colours will be picked by the staff shortly afterwards.

Stay Tuned for all of coming Halloween themed Events and Scares!

Operation Domino
~ Red Right Hand Zander2019-09-07 06:52:28
So, as the war events on Onderon, Tython and Balmorra draw to a close, we're wondering what you guys thought of it.

We'd appreciate it if you guys, participant and spectator petitioned in answers to a few questions to help us make future events that more enjoyable. To sweeten the deal everyone who petitions in answers to any or all of the questions will be awarded 250 Donator Points, so unless you're sat on DP like a hoarding dragon you should have no excuse.

This RP Event has given us some brilliant roleplays to read and so for everyone who has RP'd up to this point you will be awarded
10,000 gems.

The Questions:

1 - What do you think went well with the event?

2 - What could have made the event even better?

3 - Which roleplayer stood out to you the most and why?

4 - Onderon, Tython and Balmorra. Who do you think should win each world and why? (Try to not be bias)

5 - How long do you think war events should last and should the staff allow extensions?

6 - How much time, on average, do you think should pass between events so as to make them not too frequent but not too long between waits?

Thanks again.

Kingdoms of Albion
~ Red Right Hand Zander2019-08-31 08:54:40
As some of you may have noticed there is a new nav button on the bottom of the left hand side's nav list under the 'LINKS' heading, alongside our Facebook page and translator links etc.

This nav is a link to the new site
The Kingdoms of Albion and each and every one of you is welcome to join. It's a unique story, set in a medieval fantasy Great Britain on the brink of total war for domination of the entirety of Albion. Magic, monsters, fantasy kingdoms and war.

You're all encouraged to join and check it out!

Star Wars Trivia!
~ Red Right Hand Zander2019-08-30 07:04:01
Reminder: trivia will be today at 4 PM server time!

Trivia time has come once more! This trivia's theme will be: alien species! Do you know your Togrutas from your Twi'leks? The difference between Pantorans and Chiss? Be sure to take part and test your knowledge!

Trivia will be Friday, August 30th at 4 PM server time! It will be in the Star Wars Zone in Coruscant and hosted by: Ana Ferine!

Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

The questions will be a mix of Star Wars trivia and site trivia for the wide variety of beings inhabiting the Star Wars universe - hope to see you all there!

Operation Domino
~ Red Right Hand Zander2019-08-12 11:13:05
Having fled their stronghold world of Ryloth after the Sith Empire's colossal invasion, the Free Independent Systems had made their base of operations the world of Corellia. In an attempt that some would call daring and others would call genius, the leader of the FIS has ordered all of his forces to mass in preparation for a series of assaults that could split the Empire in two, re-take the political world of Coruscant and even, potentially, end the war.

The legions of the rebels are divided into three separate attack groups and are due to assault the worlds of:
Tython, Onderon and Balmorra in the hopes that at least one of those crucial worlds will fall to the rebel liberators. Using these worlds as staging grounds, the Free Independent Systems hope to throw everything they have at the unsuspecting Sith forces on Coruscant!

The Event starts Monday, the 19th of August and will last until the 1st of September, and will take place on Tython, Onderon and Balmorra.

All Site and RP rules will apply.

Please note, the staff may extend the event if they feel it's necessary for victors to be chosen.

Donator Contest and Double Donations!
~ Red Right Hand Zander2019-07-01 10:16:53
The prices for that which had previously needed Donator Points have been reinstated.

We're also hosting a Donator Contest and a Double Donation period simultaneously!

For the Donator Contest it's simple: the player who donates the most for the month of July will have the opportunity to become a creature in the forest or a level 1 Master. As well as bagging 100,000

The Double Donations period is simple, if you donate
$10 which would automatically give you 1,000 Donator Points you can petition in, asking for your double points to be added and you will be given another 1,000 Donator Points!

Please Petition in any questions.

Star Wars Trivia!
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-06-05 06:43:11
Reminder: trivia will be today at 4 PM server time!

Trivia time has come once more! This theme for trivia night will be: the Sith! With warriors and sorcerers galore, come ready to break your chains and unleash your knowledge upon the galaxy!

It will be held at 4 PM server time on Wednesday, June 5th. The trivia will be held in the Star Wars Zone in Coruscant and hosted by: Ana Ferine!

Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

The questions will be a mix of Star Wars trivia and site trivia for the mighty Sith that make and shape Star Wars history - hope to see you all there!

Star Wars Weekend!
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-04-29 15:07:48
In honour of May the Fourth, we have a few fun events planned!

We will be having another
Star Wars trivia event! The theme for this trivia will be: the Sith! It will be in the Star Wars Zone on Coruscant at 2 PM server time and by hosted by: Ana Ferine! Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

We will also be giving out gem rewards for RPing! Every RP reply posted between
Friday May 2nd at noon server time, to Sunday May 5th at midnight server time, will earn 500 gems! The more you RP, the more gems you earn!

There will also be an
EK contest from Friday May 2nd at noon server time, to Sunday May 5th at midnight server time. The person with the most EK's will earn 5,000 gems and 10,000 credits! Second place will earn 3,000 gems and 7,000 credits, and third place will earn 2,000 gems and 5,000 credits!

Also, rumour has it
Ana Ferine will be a bold one - the first person to guess what she is doing in the Coruscant chat during the weekend will be given 1,000 gems!

Be sure to stay tuned in for more fun announcements and goodies to bring in
Star Wars Weekend!

Thank you, and
May the Fourth be with you!

Justice RP Contest Results
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-04-26 12:36:14
Thank you to everyone who sent in an entry for the justice RP contest! Every single entry we received was excellent.

Here are the winners of the contest:

First place:

Second place: Darth Vaelgus and Ana Ferine

Third place: Ayston Trigg

Honourable mentions: Angel and Emperor Kalux

Thank you again, and stay tuned for more to come soon!

Poll: Justice RP poll
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-04-21 11:38:24

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Justice RP Entries (Part Two)
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-04-21 11:32:02
Here are the rest of the justice RP entries! The poll will be posted separately, and the other entries are in the previous MotD.

Remember, you will have until 
midnight server time on Thursday, April 25 to vote! Players are not allowed to vote for themselves.

Happy reading!



Seram tapped against the small holo emitter, bringing up the map of the surrounding area. Akii leaned back in her chair, watching silently. They sat on an open balcony on the second floor of the house they were using as base of operations. Not the safest location for a mission briefing. But they had to make do. Tracking criminals on remote planets such as Dantooine was not easy, especially if it was their home turf. Fortunately, they had a local of their own. Lieutenant Seram Reem grew up on Dantooine before joining the Republic's Army. Angel held her senses open, but the only life forms she sensed within or around the building were their own people. For as far as the locals knew, they were on an expedition to the old Jedi Temple. "Right" Seram said when he finally had the right area of the map pulled up. "To get to the point. Our target is Troclar Garluca. His operation started about fifteen years ago here on Dantooine. Far out of reach, so hard to track him down for anyone who doesn't know the region. Garluca's known for piracy, going for bigger and bigger catches, which lately put him on our radar. He has bases on other planets, but Dantooine is his main base. Given the lack of central structure here, he considers himself king of the planet. For years he's made a habit out of abusing and killing locals for his amusement. Not a crime that would get him on the Republic's wanted list, but it shows what type of git we're dealing with here". Akii's brown eyes moved up to settle on Seram's face on the mention of the word git. Usually he was a little more objective in his briefings. But his expression was unreadable as his face was turned to the holographic map on the table before them. "Tomorrow we have to cross the savannah here" he said pointing to the blue lights that made up the holographic map. "To get to the mountains here. His base started small, but over the years, he enlisted many unpaid volunteers from the local population, that he works to death to expand it. We don't have a lay out of the base. It's expected to be well guarded and undoubtedly has many exits we don't know of. Alert Garluca and we lose him. So I propose we go in with a small team to avoid detection, grab Garluca and get out. Then send the main force in to deal with the rest of them. They won't be much without their leader". Akii nodded pensively while she looked at the map. Something struck her as off, but she failed to add anything tangible to that feeling. "Sounds like plan" she said softly. Seram nodded, taking her response as sufficient. "We must leave early. I don't put it beyond Garluca to have enlisted some locals as his spies. Though who would betray his people like this is beyond me". Akii tilted her head a little, "Must be strange to be back" she said, her eyes now carefully scanning her lieutenant's face. But he shrugged stoically, "It's been ten years. And I left no family behind. Coruscant is my home now". That sounded relatable. "I know what that's like". Seram turned to her, as if he read her mind. "Have you ever returned to Lothal?" Akii shook her head, "It never really came up. And as Jedi we're supposed to let go of our past". Seram nodded vaguely, as if his head wasn't truly in the conversation anymore. Akii raised her hand, gently placing it on his shoulder. "Go to bed early. We'll need you at your best tomorrow". He responded with a faint grin, "Yes Commander". She chuckled and punched his shoulder before letting him go. They had been working together for years. Back when she was still a Padawan and he a regular soldier in her Master's squad. Working together was a second nature by now. She watched him head inside after deactivating the holo emitter, then she let her gaze wander over the grassland before them.

Everything went smoothly the next day. They rose early and left under the cover of darkness. Five speeders, staying low to the ground as they progressed. It took them about an hour to reach the mountains. On from there
Seram managed to guide them through the narrow paths, twists and turns that eventually led to an entrance of Garluca's base. "The small entrance. They use this to get their slaves in. It's not that well-guarded" Seram explained in hushed tones. There were two guards in view standing by the entrance, looking particularly bored. Akii could imagine why. Who would be a threat to them here? On their faraway little planet with a population that feared them too much to ever rise up. Seram hadn't been wrong, among the few people that lived here, Garluca could easily set himself up as a king. "Let me" she whispered. She began to move, slowly, quieting her steps. She hid her form behind rocks, moving from cover to cover. Then when she was close enough she called upon the force. A single, simple push was all it took. The two guards were shoved backwards, their heads hitting the wall hard enough to knock them unconscious. Akii rose and motioned for her people to follow. A simple twist of her hand and a subtle manipulation through the force opened the door for them, allowing them access. Once inside things went smoothly. The force allowed Akii to scout ahead and take out targets before they could even become a threat. The biggest problem was finding Garluca. She didn't know his signature, which made it hard to pin him down in the base filled with his people. "I think he's on a higher level" she spoke softly, "There are a lot more guards there. It will be harder, if not impossible to get to him unnoticed". "He must not get away" Seram said firmly, jaw clenched. She turned, looking back at him over her shoulder. Normally he never lost his cool on missions. It was odd. But not something to concern herself with now. "We'll get him" she responded, hoping to sound reassuring. And so they proceeded. The others helped her take out targets silently when they were in range. They all stepped into the long corridor that followed, swiftly making their way through it. By the end of it they stopped before another closed door. This was the room where Garluca was hiding. But he was not alone. Akii raised one finger to indicate this. Then four more to note the presence of four more people. She couldn't sense which one was him. But they all knew what he looked like. She drew her saber, just to be ready and then counted down until she pulled the door open. She stepped in first, the rest of her crew followed. A quick scan of the room instantly revealed that their target stood in the middle, by a table. Blaster bolts flew past Akii, aimed for the other four men. She didn't like death being dealt so easily. But in situations like these there wasn't exactly time to negotiate. A shot suddenly whizzed towards them. Her hand holding the lighsaber instinctively extended, blocking and deflecting the bolt back into its original direction. After one brief moment of chaos and blaster fire, four bodies fell to the floor. Akii was glad to see none of them belonged to her people. She closed the door behind them and stepped forward towards Garluca who stared at them, looking rather stunned.

"Troclar Garluca, you are under arrest in the name of the Republic, on accounts of smuggling, thie-" "No". Someone cut her off halfway. A familiar voice behind her. Akii looked back, needing to see it in order to believe it. Seram had stepped forward, pointing his gun at Garluca. "He's not leaving this place alive" he said coldly. His expression was nothing like Akii had ever seen in him. Twisted and angry. A fury burned in his otherwise calm eyes. For a moment she was just as stunned as Garluca had looked. Then she managed to put an awkward reply to words, "We were ordered to take him as a prisoner" she said, as if she hoped reminding him of the mission would change things. The look on Seram's face darkened. "He doesn't deserve being taken alive". Akii stared at him. What was this? He had never been like this. Garluca had done some horrible things, that was true. But to disobey orders to such an extent, to want to kill him…Her confusion must have been obvious in her expression, for Seram scowled at her. "He killed my family, Akii. People knew what he was doing. That he was taking villagers. Using them to build all this. Had them work until they dropped. We weren't going to take it anymore. We planned to fight back. Take him out. Half the village was in on it. But someone sold us out to him. Betrayed us. And he came. And he killed everyone" his voice trembled with anger on the last word. His face was twisted in the same anger. He looked almost nothing like the calm, level headed friend she had known for years. "I got to bury my mother. My father. My sisters. I shouldn't have survived but I did. And I promised them. On their graves. That I would not return to them until I avenged them. So he's not leaving". She could only stare. Stare at her friend. Her second in command. The man she had known for years. Yet she had never known his secret. Akii shook her head, "I understand your loss, and your pain. I know you want revenge, but this is not the way. We were sent to capture him. So he can be tried and sentenced for his crimes. He will pay for what he's done. He will face justice".

Seram let out a hollow laugh, "Justice? Think, Akii. He's not a big fish. His crimes are small compared to what we're usually after. No one would send a Jedi unless he was more important than he seems. Someone needs him for something. Badly. He probably has information. Or some kind of senator wants to use him for something. He's not going to jail. And even if he is, he's not going to sit long. There is no justice for him". Before Akii could respond she noticed movement. She had been so focused on Seram that she nearly forgot the person they were here for. Garluca had raised a hand, as if making objection. "If I may interrupt…" Seram's eyes turned to ice, and his voice chilled to match them. "You may not". With an almost casual gesture he pointed his gun at Garluca and fired. Garluca screamed and collapsed, clasping his hands around a wound in his leg. "Seram!" Akii called out, raising her voice. She wasn't here just as his friend. She was his commander. A Jedi knight. "This ends now" she said curtly, letting some of that sense of authority slip into her voice. "He is our prisoner and we will take him back to Coruscant. And that's final. I understand you want revenge, Seram. But we have a duty. We cannot kill just anyone we like". The cold anger in Seram that had first been directed to Garluca now turned on her. "I should have known" he said coldly, "You and your Jedi ways. Well I don't know if you've noticed but some of us are actually human, Akii. Maybe it's easy for you and your Jedi teachings, to just leave the past in the past. You don't have any family. You don't know what it's like to lose people you care about. You don't even know what it's like to care!"

A stunned silence fell in the room, only disturbed by Garluca's soft whimpering. Akii stared at Seram like it was the first time she had ever seen him. He was her friend. Had been for years. They fought and bled together. Talked and joked. Spent hours upon hours on battlefields, and even more beside them. Playing card games in the evening to pass the time by the light of a broken holo emitter. Telling stories that got more and more ridiculous the later it got. How was that the same Seram that stood before her now, looking at her with so much hatred? She was aware of the looks of three of her squad members on her back. She straightened her shoulders, her expression grew more distant and once again the sound of authority entered her voice. "Lieutenant Reem, I won't ask again. Stand down". Seram stared at her in disbelief. Perhaps he had hoped she would sway the other way, jump to prove that she was more human than he made her out to be. But she was a Jedi. And she had a duty. He raised his weapon, "He dies tonight, I swore I-". She closed her eyes and raised her hand. A swift shove through the force was enough, throwing him back against the wall to knock him unconscious. A simple motion. But one of the hardest she ever made. Akii turned to the three that remained, her tone calm and collected when she spoke. "Prax, Toulren, detain the prisoner. Norvoi, help me with Lieutenant Reem".

Akii leaned back in her chair, sitting on the balcony again. The day was coming at an end and Dina, the primary star of the Dantooine system was setting. It cast a warm orange glow over the grasslands that surrounded them. She closed her eyes, sitting there in the last warmth of the fading light. She sensed him coming before she heard him open the door to the balcony. Akii didn't look up when Seram stepped out into the light, squinting against it. She had immediately healed all damage the knock against the wall caused, but he had still been unconscious during their trip back and some time after. He didn't speak right away, instead he looked at her with a gaze that she imagined held nothing but contempt. "Commander Vaas" he said coldly, in a sense of resigned anger. "I take it you will accept my resignation after the events of today?" She didn't respond at first, instead she gestured to the second chair on the balcony. "Have a seat". He stiffened, but remained standing. "Please" she added, in a gentler tone. He reluctantly moved to sit. "You never told me about your family" she said. It was not an accusation. He looked away, his face twisting as if he couldn't believe she asked. "It wouldn't have mattered. And if you knew you wouldn't have let me come on the mission". A door opened and fell shut again somewhere in the building beneath them. "And you thought just coming along and trying to kill him right in front of me would work?" Footsteps around the house. A figure scurrying through the shadows. Seram didn't seem to notice. Akii remained unmoving, gaze fixed on the fields before them. "I thought you'd understand" Seram spoke, his voice strained. It was as if he had firmly decided not to lose his temper around her again. Just speak to her swiftly and then leave. His inability to stick with the plan frustrated him. "I see" Akii said softly. A shout could be heard coming from the village. A gentle breeze picked up, brushing a lock of blond hair into her face. A second shout could be heard while she raised her hand to slip it back behind her ear.

A silence settled between them.
Seram seemed uncomfortable, eager to leave. While her expression remained blank and unreadable. Muffled voices rose from the village, slowly growing louder and louder. Seram looked in its direction, eager for anything to distract him from his current situation. What started as a passing glance lingered. A frown creased his forehead when he recognised one of the figures by the village, not all that far from the house they sat in. Suddenly he jumped to his feet, "Akii, that's Garluca! He's..." he had looked over his shoulder and noticed she hadn't moved a muscle upon hearing his exclamation. He then turned his head back to watch the scene unfold. Garluca had snuck out of the house and ran into the village, only to find the people he had tortured and tormented for over a decade. More voices were rising while they slowly backed him into a corner. It wasn't long before the first stone flew and the crowd fell onto him. Akii remained motionless. Her expression fixed on the grassland. Seram watched in silence as the events unfolded. It took minutes at most before it was done, and the villagers took the body with them. "We don't know how he got away" Akii said calmly, "Someone might have dropped a keycard too close to him. We may never know for sure. We do know that Garluca knew what choice he was making. Stay and risk prison, run and risk the people's anger. He made his call". Seram stared at her, and she finally turned her head to look back. Silence took hold of the village again as the mob moved further and further away. Akii could see realisation dawning on Seram. Their eyes met and a sense of understanding passed between them. He knew what had happened. He knew what this meant. What she risked. She spoke before he could, turning her eyes on the orange coloured fields again. "I have some family still. I have a father, Ardlec, and a brother, Kenja. One day I want to visit them. To see where I came from. And to show them what I've become" she managed a small smile, tilting her head towards him. "I hope you'll be there too, when the time comes". Seram shook his head. He still stood by the edge of the balcony, where he had stood when he saw Garluca. All anger had left his expression. She only sensed confusion from him, mixed with strong feelings of guilt. He stepped forward, "Akii, I- I'm-" She shook her head to silence him, "Don't mention it". He slowly closed his mouth and nodded. Akii took her eyes off him, back to the fields. "We'll leave tomorrow by the end of the morning. If you have any places you still need to visit, I suggest doing it early". He nodded, slowly, as he realised what she meant. He had kept his promise to them. He could finally face them again. "Will you come with me?" he asked. She responded with a light smile and rose from her chair. "I will" she said in a gentle voice while she extended her hand to him. "For a friend". He nodded and reached out, placing his hand on her lower arm, as she did the same with his. "For a friend".


Emperor Kalux:

Kalux stood in silence, the room was dark and the lights were dimmed and yet it still boasted magnificence even in the shadowy atmosphere of the room. The decor was high end, expensive and the room was large and spacious, adorned with gracious and intricate architecture. The low orange glow of the lights dotted around the room illuminated the gold hue of the furniture and walls as the young male walked across the expansive room to a great window which stretched the entire length of the chamber, to stand behind a well dressed female figure "Your plan failed, Master. The New Republic's requests for funds has been granted" the young male said, his eyes studying the silent female for a reaction of some kind. After a few moments, the well-dressed female turned from the window, outside was the bright day of Scipio, their expansive and expensive apartments were located on a mountain range and across the mountain valley one's view was completely dominated by the mountains across from them snow capped and bright, gleaming in the mid day sun, a sharp contrast from the warm and darkened gloom of the apartment lounge. The woman was an ageing Iktotchi, her down curved cranial horns the most striking feature, with her resistant and hard pinkish skin but perhaps the most striking feature was the small, orange, beady eyes that studied the young human male before her, her face was one of rage and yet the young Kalux deemed that it was merely a controlled anger at his words and his jaw clenched in anticipation of Molok's reaction "Fool. You failed. You failed me. Pathetic. Insolent. But your punishment must come later...we must move quickly now..." the Iktotchi spoke and trailed into silence as she turned away from the boy and this infuriated the young man, he hated the woman. Utterly and wholly. He saw a bent, old, broken women of a bygone era clinging at the old way of doing things. Hiding and quaking in the shadows of the Galaxy's underbelly, maintaining a public facade persona of wealthy business partners to rub shoulders with the creme de la creme of the Galaxy society but in truth Kalux had lost faith. He'd deliberately failed, he pushed the woman to see his fail and punish him as was proper and yet she moved on and failed to punish him or accept her own plans faults. How the mighty Sith had fallen under his crone's leadership, and yet Kalux knew what he was. His hatred was his servant and his rage magnificent, but his Master knew him better than any other, her species, the Iktotchi were also famed for their natural precognitive abilities which were only amplified by the Force and as such, the young Darth had not found a way to work around this properly - it seemed to him the only way that he would overcome his Mistress and mentor was to slay the bitch in open combat. "No" the young male said, his skin was pale and his eyes were a brilliant and bright blue that bore holes into the female as she turned back around to face him, her beady eyes now wide with fury "What did you say to me, boy?" she spat with cool fury at him "No" Kalux began "You failed. Your punishment must come now" the male said and his hands which had previously been folded neatly behind his back shot around his form and unleashed a terrible barrage of Force Lightning. The room was illuminated by the crimson arcs of lightning as the female Iktotchi was thrown across the room, smashing into the pane glass window and leaving in her place a great crack as she slumped to the floor. The adrenaline shot through the male, his veins were fire and his power was without limit. He stepped towards the Iktotchi, that lay sprawled on the floor and unmoving, in places smoking - mostly where his barrage had burnt the clothing fabrics; after a few steps she stirred and then suddenly her head jerked upwards to look at the human male from behind her sharp teeth, accompanied by saliva "Fool!" the Iktotchi spat and from the floor she darted across the room, her crimson lightsaber ignited in her hand as if from nowhere and she covered the distance between herself and the boy in less than a second. But Kalux was extraordinarily powerful in the Force and already had a penchant for the Dark Side of the Force and the secret strengths it whispered, his sensitivity to the Force was profound and the Dark Side, thanks to the Rule of Two was pure and undiluted within him. His Master, her form horizontal and her lightsaber merely centimeters from stabbing the boy through the eye hung motionless for a second or two, Kalux had not even moved a muscle but within himself he had summoned all of his hatred for his Master, this failure of a Sith her one success being the greatest achievement of all Sith for more than a thousand years "You useless old fool, who forged the most powerful being the Galaxy has ever known..." the boy trailed off into silence whilst she still hung unable to move in mid-air before the Sith Lord. Then, his left hand shot out and Molok was flung into a wall with tremendous power, bones breaking on impact and the woman letting out a whimper as he gazed at her, every single failing he could think of flooded to the front of his mind. Hiding in the shadows, manipulating the politics of the Galaxy in the backroom and getting nowhere with her plans of low cunning, but Kalux had grander designs - he would be Emperor of this Galaxy and he would take it by Force, he would baptise the stars in the blood of the Jedi and the Republic and leave only Kalux. Eternal. Omnipotent. Darth Kalux's hand was outstretched and his fingers half curled inwards at his Master and slowly, ever slowly arcing further and further inwards as he did, a sadistic smirk slowly appeared on his lips as he did, then crunch and the downward arcing horns of his Master snapped and instead curled in front of her face, the snap of her physiology resulted in a horrific scream of pure and total agony, blood tore down the sides of her head and was soon pooling at the floor beneath her, dripping down the wall "Rest easy in your grave, Molok" the boy snarled, relishing the pain he caused and taking unto himself and adding it to his power and his hatred for her weakness further intensifying as he did before the brilliant bright blue eyes of the Sith Lord seemed to instantly morph into a deep, glowing red before his hand snapped shut into a true fist and the skull of Darth Molok caved inwards and the lifeless, deformed body slumped to the ground with a thudding slosh.


Ana Ferine:

Ana was outside of one of the countless cantinas upon Nar Shaddaa - every street mimicked the next, making the city-moon feel like an endless stretch of repetitive, decaying concrete blocks and unrelenting neon lights. The bounty hunter stood, leaning against the cantina's outer wall, cigarra in her right hand while her left lingered near one of her two lightsabers. Leting her head tilt backwards until it touched upon duracrete, the hunter took a long drag from her cigarra and closed her eyes. When she exhaled, a steady stream of smoke rose from her full lips to drift upwards and intermingle with thick smog which belched from vents and buildings all across the moon. Neon lights and signs of all colors shone on, coloring the smog in shades of yellow, blue, pink, and more, all distorted by the polluting nature of the smog and smoke itself. With that heavy and slowly trudging layer of smog overhead, the street around the hunter was dark, only dimly illuminated by the glow of neon that managed to bleed through the smoke. From within the cantina, Ana felt the music of the night's lively band booming through the walls. The heavy baseline of their current song punched its way through the hunter and beat in time with her heart, surging with the Corellian whisky which still sang in her veins.

After a moment, she lifted her head once more while taking another drag from the cigarra before she opened her eyes. Their deep green mixed in with lingering veins of golden yellow reflected neon light like steel while her studious gaze swept her surroundings. The streets of Nar Shaddaa were rarely quiet, and this night was no exception. People shuffled along the street, some lost in worlds of hallucinations, some drifted from one watering hold to the next, and some prowled along to cut through dark alleyways and follow whims or contracts. A pair of women passed close by the hunter, seeming to move instinctually to the music that thumped from within the cantina. One of them turned her head to look over at the hunter, and a soft, alluring smile passed over her face; it was the most life Ana had seen on the Smugglers' Moon in some time. She pushed herself from the cantina wall, as if to join the women, but her movements stopped when she felt something in the Force that rose in the air like static before a lightning strike. The ripple's epicenter was down the street to the hunter's left. Her potential companionship for the night was left to wander on. The hunter flicked her cigarra to the ground and ground it beneath the toe of her right foot. She then pressed forth to walk in the direction that the ripple in the Force had come from, down the street to her left.

The hunter passed by the mouth of an alley just as a vent on one of the buildings which walled it gurgled out a thick billow of heavy fog. Eyes slightly narrowed and jaw set, she passed through the smog, passing from haze to the glow of a red neon sign that stood tall overhead. Half a block further down was a Twi'lek woman on her own, wrapped tightly in her jacket as she shuffled along to whatever dreary destination awaited her. She was carrying a bag in her arms and held it close to her chest, as if it was a lifeline. Approaching swiftly from behind her was a human man, and even from the distance Ana could see how taunt the line of his shoulders was and feel how on edge he seemed to be. He hurried on forth, then took action. When he was in touching range, the man reached out and shoved the Twi'lek woman, who stumbled to the ground, smacking her head against the duracrete of the street. The man kicked the woman in her side, then her face, before he reached down hungrily to wrench her bag from her grasp. Now with possession of the bag, he took off running in the direction he had come from, leaving the stunned Twi'lek woman alone on the ground. The fingers of Ana's right hand clenched in a tight fist as she watched the mugging transpire; this woman, merely trying to get by on her own, was taken advantage of and left for the worse. It sang to the echoes of Korriban that lingered in the hunter's blood, and whether it was the glow of the sign overhead or something much deeper, Ana's vision swam in red before she ran forth, footsteps echoing on the street as she sped for the thief, passing by the Twi'lek to close in on the man first.

When he heard the footsteps, the man looked back over his shoulder and saw the approaching hunter. Fear flashed across his face before he looked forward again, and he took a sharp turn to cut through a narrow alley. Ana trailed half a minute behind him, pivoting on a foot swiftly with predatory grace to turn into the alley after the thief. Her movements were fluid and fast, hinting at the hidden strength and grace that years of practicing Ataru had left her with. As the thief passed through the other end of the alley to turn onto the adjacent street, Ana moved through it fast. She burst out the far end and spilled out onto the busy street, and then she once more pivoted to race after the thief. This stretch of road was much busier than the last, and both the hunter and her prey had to shove their way through throngs of people to press on. The bright hallmark on the block was a brightly lit club, whose flashing neon signs flashed brilliant illumination onto the gathering crowds. When the thief was in front of the club's ostentatious entrance, the hunter pushed forth to get close enough to stop him. She reached out with the Force to grip the thief's legs, then pulled them out from under him. He fell and hit the ground hard. As he did, the people around him dispersed and stepped back, to either escape the imminent clash, or to watch it. Thumping music from within the club rattled in the air and pulsed in time with the beating of the hunter's heart. She emerged from the crowd, then closed in on the thief, who scrambled to attempt to get to his feet and get away.

"No, p-p-please, I was just - !"

The thief attempted to protest, but Ana ignored his sputtering words. She grabbed a hold of his shirt with her left hand, then balled her right hand into a fist and began punching the male square in the face. Punch after punch was set free, bruising and bloodying the thief's face. She relied on her own strength instead of the Force, that driving hunger for blood superseding reliance upon what she had been betrayed by time and time again. With each punch, the male screamed and yelped in pain, unable to fight back against the current he had been swept up in. The beating carried on for a few short moments that stretched for an eternity: skin split, blood poured and splattered on the hunter's armor and exposed face and hair, flesh mottled and bruised, and bone fractured. His nasal bone broke with a resonant crunch!, just as his orbital bones caved in and broke under the brutal beating. The knuckles of her lightly-armored gloves were soon slick with blood and bone fragments. The thief struggled to free himself from the hunter's grip, but with each punch he grew more dazed, and his fighting lessened.

With a solid punch to the center of his face, the thief's body stopped its fighting. The metallic smell of blood was sharp in the hunter's nose as she drew back her hand, letting her fist uncurl for the moment. Her grip on his shirt released, and the thief crumbled to the ground. He was still for a minute before squirming slowly, to let go of the bag and push himself up to his hands and knees. With a wheeze, the thief spit out a mouthful of blood, three of his teeth shooting from his mouth with it. Ana rolled her shoulders to loosen the muscles before she reached down once more. The fingers of her left hand gripped the thief's hair, and she yanked his head up. A long drip of blood oozed from his mouth, and his bloodied, broken face bathed in the color of neon lights, whose glow winked harshly from the blood and bits of bone which had broken through skin. He attempted to say something, but all that came from hiss mouth was a small, red-tinted bubble of saliva. It popped and spread its thin sheen across the split lips of his open mouth, which he then closed when he realized no words would free themselves. The crowds which still lingered around the pair were silent, frozen in shock and awe, or a deep and visceral pleasure, as they watched. The club's music still boomed; no matter what crimes flooded the streets, the lifestyle of Nar Shaddaa would always carry on. Ana leaned down, her strength and grace feral and lethal, so she could move her face in front of the male's to speak. Her husky voice was low when she addressed him, anger a sharp rip-tide in her tone.

"You think you can take advantage of a woman on her own, huh?" Her grip tightened as she spoke on, "You think you can just take what you want and get away with it? You deserve this, and more."

Her face curled with rage as she shifted, the brutal and violent sea of chaos that surged beneath her skin churning to bring up its umbral depths and unleash its fury. The hunter lifted the thief's head slightly before slamming it into the ground on the left side of his face. His cheekbone snapped with a loud crack, and a gurgling cry of pain escaped the male. She repeated the slamming of his head into the ground twice more before releasing his hair. By now, the thief was nearly beaten to death, though air still bled into his lungs with a raspy wheeze. Ana pressed her hands against one another to crack her knuckles before she took a hold of the thief one last time, one hand on the back of his shirt collar and the other on the waist of his pants. Calling upon the Force now for strength, she hoisted him off the ground, then spun around in a full circle before she threw him at the club's entrance. His body slammed into one of the neon signs lining the door and shattered the light, sending its noxious fumes into the thick air. The thief hit the ground unmoving, and the crowds murmured amongst each other before they turned their backs on the hunter, not wishing to further provoke her after witnessing what had just happened.

Ana lifted her right hand to comb her gloved fingers through her honey-blonde hair and push it back from her face, leaving streaks of fresh crimson blood between her locks. At a more leisurely pace, she retrieved the bag, then moved through the streets once more, back in the direction she had come. Crowds on the busy street parted for her, and the alley they her and her quarry had passed through a short time ago. She stepped out onto the other adjacent street with a cloud of fog, then moved over to where the Twi'lek woman had remained, curled up against the side of a building instead of laying on the ground. The hunter crouched down beside the woman, keeping her movements slow as she handed over the bag. The Twi'lek took it with wide eyes as she studied Ana's face, and the blood splattered across it and her armor. Both were silent as the Twi'lek quickly grabbed her bag. She then pushed herself to her feet and hurried off, disappearing into the constant darkness that hugged close to the streets of the Smugglers' Moon.

The hunter straightened up as the Twi'lek woman hurried forth, to vanish from sight. Veins still running hot from the fight, Ana closed her eyes to roll her shoulders once more, then she moved her head from side to side to free the tension from her neck. She then moved slowly back down the street and towards the cantina. The only indication that any time had passed at all was the blood splattered upon her, and the slight glowing of the thin yellow veins in the oceanic depths of her deep green eyes.

Justice RP Entries (Part One)
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Soft footsteps through the grass. She could see the pillars of the old, crumbling Jedi Temple not far away. She could sense its happy shining bright light through the force from even further. It made her feel like she was ready to puke. It seemed a fitting battleground. She would kill her enemy in their own ground. It would be a strong message. It was time, to kill Sawi Thawne.

Their story started nearly ten years ago. The room was filled with younglings. Learning. Still inexperienced. All trying to keep small metal balls afloat in the air. But the mood among them was different from usual. There were nerves. And the loud clink of a ball falling to the ground was heard far more frequently than during their usual sessions. They all knew why. Today Master Amra, the Master of the Academy would visit them. It was something she did more often. Visit the younglings of various ages that were in training. Scout for potential talent. Although they had been instructed not to, many were either nervous, or eager to be seen.
Aelvira had even more reason to feel some nerves. Master Amra was not only Master of the Academy, both an accomplished Sentinel as well as Consular and an expert healer. She was also her mother. The young girl hadn't been raised by her mother. She hadn't even seen her until she was brought into the temple at the age of three. And even then, it was only from seeing her far away in the corridors. Today was the first time she saw her up close. Maybe she would even talk to her. She was rudely pulled from her thoughts when her ball fell to the ground. Again. A violent blush spread over her cheeks and she swiftly picked the ball back up. Her head turned and she cast a quick glance into Master Amra's direction. She didn't seem to have looked. But she wasn't sure. If only she hadn't seen it. She couldn't fail. Couldn't fail today. But her focus was terrible. She couldn't help but look. The master, who calmly walked through the room, occasionally stopping by several students. She stood by Sawi Thawne for a long time. She even complimented the young Twi'lek girl. Aelvira felt a jealous stab twisting in her gut. Whenever compliments were handed out, they always went to Sawi. Perfect Sawi. Grand control. Excellent focus. Superior knowledge. A prodigy. She quickly had to focus on her ball when it made a sudden drop. Again. She barely kept it from hitting the floor and managed to float it back up again. Master Amra walked again. And again. She was getting closer. Aelvira felt her heartbeat quicken. Her insides felt uneasy. And her legs were made of jello. She was close. Two more students between her and the master. One. And then…she walked past her. Bam. Once again the metal ball hit the floor with a loud clink. But now she didn't rush to pick it back up. She just stared at the master's back, clad in the usual brown cloak. Her brown curling hair that fell down her shoulders. It was easy to miss the two were related, if it wasn't for the icy blue eyes that both of them shared. She couldn't believe it. She just…ignored her? She knew she wasn't doing well, but still. She hadn't even looked. Class was dismissed not much later. The younglings sent to their next teacher. But Aelvira did not go. Instead she lingered just outside the door, listening.

"What did you think?"
"It seems like a good class. Some promising cases"
"I would certainly recommend young Miss Thawne. She always does well. And there's Miss Kaem, the young Jebby, Elis…"
"She certainly seems to have potential. How about…?"
"The young Amra?"
A pause. "Average, at best, Master. I'm sorry. Sometimes I doubt if she has the correct…temperament".
"I understand. I must say, I feared as much. Thank you, Master Velis"

Not the right temperament…not suited. It was not the first, and certainly not the last time she had heard it. The other younglings avoided her. And not just – as they always told her – to focus on their own studies. Sawi always had a group of people around her. Whenever Sawi wanted to practice in their spare time, she always had five potential partners to choose from. Whenever Aelvira asked, all remained silent. She could remember many nights where she would lie awake. Cry. And feel utterly alone. Unwanted. Out of place. The conversation she had overheard between her mother and the master was not the only one. Gossip between their tutors was far more prevalent than they would like to admit.

"…she barely ever looks at the child. Like she tries to act like she doesn't exist"
"Not so strange when you think about it. The young one is a living reminder that she broke our code. Out there for all to see"
"And if only she was talented, that could at least make up for it. As things are I'm not sure who would ever take her as a Padawan…".

Aelvira snorted softly at the memory. They had all decided early on that she was useless. Talentless. That she would never make a good Jedi. That they would have to let her go when no Master would take her. It never got to that point. The Sith took her before she could reach it. As a hostage first. As an apprentice later. She would show them how wrong they had been. If they could not respect her. she would make them fear her. To start with Sawi Thawne, Padawan of Vanebren Amra.

She hid herself from the force while she approached, sneaking into the old abandoned building. It was a small one, that clearly hadn't been used for at least a century. But even she could sense the strong presence of the force here. An excellent spot for a Padawan to train on their own. An even better place for one to die. She swiftly moved past the corroding pillars into the remains of the temple. It wasn't large. Most of it had collapsed, so only very few rooms were left standing. She could sense
Sawi's familiar aura in one of them. Others might describe her presence as a warm light. To her it felt like poison. It wasn't long before she found her. Sawi sat in the middle of one of the rooms. Legs folded underneath her and a holocron placed on the ground before her. Deeply engaged in meditation. Sawi wasn't expecting any visitors. Good. The meditative state could be both a hindrance as an advantage. It meant an open mind, easy to explore. It also meant a mind that was in tune with the force, and therefore more likely to notice her presence. She opened the natural barriers of her mind, broadening it and slowly reached out to Sawi, just like her Master had taught her. Her touch was so light it would be nearly impossible to notice for the Padawan. There was not much she expected to find in her mind. What bad memories could Sawi have? What pain had she suffered? Perhaps the strong disappointment of not being best in their class for once. But hardly anything that could be used against her. Still, being in her opponent's mind was useful. But she had to distract her if she wanted to enter without being noticed. Normally she relied on the element of surprise. Now, she had to distract to make her trap function.

She revealed herself in the force, a full blaze of dark side energy. She raised her hand calling one of her lightsabers into her hand.
"Sawi Thawne, I hope you're ready to die today". Sawi's brilliant blue eyes shot open instantly. It was hard to say if she responded to sensing the darkness or hearing Aelvira's voice. She could feel a change in her mind as well, from open and peaceful it suddenly snapped into focus. A limited focus, which was exactly what she needed. Her dark tendrils began to sink in deeper, digging invisibly. Sawi stared her down, her eyes filled with righteousness. She was not intimidated by the darkness. She was ready to combat it as she had been taught. Until her gaze fell upon Aelvira's face. Though the lower half of it was covered, her eyes were not. The eyes she shared with Sawi's master. Her jaw dropped, and Aelvira could sense her focus wavering for a moment. "Aelvie?" her tone was incredulous, as if she struggled to believe what she saw. Aelvira did not respond. Instead she drew her second saber and ignited both. Two beams of red plasma cast their crimson radiance on the stone floor. Sawi's eyes moved from the red blades back to her face, and understanding settled. "They told us you were dead". Dead? Her mother knew she lived. Her mother knew and refused to help her. She narrowed her eyes. Anger roared inside her. Lies. Of course they lied to cover up their secrets. To hide the true nature of the Jedi. Treacherous as they were. "Then they lied". Her words were soft, venomous whisper. She could sense how gladly Sawi wanted to deny them. But doing so was rather difficult with living proof standing before her. Peering into her mind, Aelvira could read the conclusion the Padawan came to. Master Amra must have had her reasons. "Aelvie, we don't have to do this" Sawi said softly. Her tone was warm, kind and gentle, as it always was. It made her sick. "You can come home, to the temple, where you belong". Aelvira let out a hollow laugh. "Where I belong? Where I belong? I have never belonged there. And you know it". She didn't bother with Sawi's obvious sense of confusion.

She gathered up her anger, her fury, fuelled by Sawi's comments, and bound it together, before shooting it into Sawi's mind. The Padawan gasped and raised her hand, grasping for her head. It's when Aelvira jumped forward, attempting to strike. Unfortunately, the Twi'Lek girl recovered faster than Aelvira had hoped. She looked up and raised her blade, blocking the incoming attack. Aelvira didn't hesitate, instead she brought up her second blade, aiming to hit Sawi while her own was occupied. She might not even need to try hard to get this sorted. But Sawi was not the best in her class for no reason. She was swift, her reflexes well trained, especially for her age. She pressed herself off against the floor jumping back and out of range. Aelvira glared at her while her mind dug deeper. To her, the mind was similar to a library, all memories neatly filed and labelled. Tagged by associations, relations to other memories, and of course tagged with feelings. In a matter of moments she sifted through dozens upon dozens of memories, searching for anything that stood out. There were many memories containing her mother. Training sessions. Teachings. Private conversations. The moments she should have had with her mother. The moments that had been stolen from her. She had been replaced by Sawi. Her mother claiming she was dead. Gone. Case closed. Part of her wanted to work through these memories. Pick them apart and seek for any mention of her. What she hoped to find she wasn't sure. Regret in her mother, perhaps. To know she missed her. Regretted treating her like she didn't exist. But there was no time. She had Sawi to deal with. "Aelvie, I mean it!" Sawi called out, "You're not one of them. You're one of us!" Aelvira let out a furious roar, she jumped forward raising both blades to bring them down upon Sawi. She set a few steps back and raised her saber to deflect the blow. Aelvira didn't let that discourage her. She kept bringing her weapons down upon the Padawan, adding more and more strength to each blow. Fury raged within her. Years of old pain surfaced, converted into pure hatred. Sawi represented them all. Her old tutors who thought she was unsuited to be a Jedi. Her classmates who turned their back on her. And her mother, who betrayed her most of all. Sawi was forced further and further back, but managed to hold Aelvira off. She jumped up, placed a foot against the side of a pillar and pushed herself off to place even more force behind her blow. Sawi barely managed to block but lost her balance and fell.

Aelvira too needed a moment to land properly. Sawi looked up, sweat sitting on her forehead after the effort it took her to keep Aelvira from chopping her in half. "Aelvie, let me help you. Let us help you. I'm sorry if we've hurt you somehow. No one ever wanted that. Everyone was horrified when they took you. You're not one of them. We would all want you back". Aelvira glared at her. "Oh really? Want me back? That's funny. My mother had the chance to bring me back. Just surrender herself, and I would be spared. But guess what, she didn't. She left me to die. Left me in their hands to be tortured. And you want me to believe she cared?!" Sawi looked taken aback, but was not so easily defeated. "You know she couldn't do that. She couldn't surrender the entire temple to them. To him. I'm sorry if they hurt you, Aelvira. I really am. But as Jedi we have to make difficult choices sometimes. We cannot afford to be selfish". Aelvira stopped and simply stared at Sawi, her eyes filled with cold hatred. "And that's why I've made my choice. You talk about pain. You don't know what the word means. But please...allow me to demonstrate". Sawi braced herself, raising her saber as if she was expecting a physical attack. But a blade could not defend her from what followed. Aelvira gathered up years upon years of torture and torment. Training. Wounds. Injuries given to her by her masters and fellow students. And then pooled them all into Sawi's mind. Vivid memories, filled with the physical experiences of pain, linked to Sawi's own senses. It would feel to her as if she was there, right now, experiencing it all. Years of pain condensed into seconds. As well trained as the Padawan was, she had no defences against an attack of such kind. She let out an ear splitting scream and fell to her knees. Aelvira could feel the pain she felt through the mental link she established. An all overwhelming pain. Sawi dropped her saber. Her hands flew up clawing at her head. Aelvira drew in a deep breath and stepped forward. In a simple, single strike her crimson blade pierced Sawi's chest, and heart. The girl barely seemed to notice. Aelvira snapped their mental connection shut, no longer needing it. It was only when the barrage of memories stopped that the she slowly tilted her head upward.

Aelvira remained silent. She had no last words for the girl who had taken her place. She pulled her saber back and Sawi fell forward, life left her body soon afterwards. She extinguished one of her sabers, but held on to the other. If Sawi did not return, Vanebren would come looking for her apprentice. It was an excellent opportunity to send her a message. Fortunately for her, Sawi's clothing left her back exposed. She leaned closer and carefully wielded her saber to burn a final message into the dead girl's flesh: I Will Find You.


Ayston Trigg:

Verrad stood on the bridge of his battlecruiser, staring out into the vast expanse of nothingness between him and the planet below through the glass viewport. "Begin" he said and immediately, his eyes were illuminated by a continuous stream of green flashes. The male was stood there, in billowing and flowing robes of midnight black, his eyes lime light over crimson dotted with specks of amber. Uncrowned and no marks of majesty he bore and yet the Emperor of the Sith radiated power and beneath the cool facade, the Emperor's blood was boiling with rage and hate - his pale hands had curled inwards into fists at the thoughts of the betrayal, his wife's turn back to the Light. She had been weak and abandoned him and for that treason he would make her pay but first her people would burn. Mandalore, he was finishing what he had started during the Great War, he had pulled all Imperial forces from the surface and locked down the planet, no one had entered or left since he had given the Order and travelled here with his fleet with as much haste as he could muster from Corellia. It was time to end this and within the first few seconds of the bombardment already the Sith Emperor could sense the tremendous amount of death planetwide, thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands had already been incinerated and not just the cities, no, Verrad had given the order to burn every single settlement on the world every city, every farm and town, even lone homesteads in the middle of nowhere for he intended to purge every Mandalorian on the surface of the world. Inside, he knew, Sola recognised herself and her clan as other from the rest of the Mandalorians but she had returned to the "Light", Verrad thought of the very word in a mocking tone and her redemption would be rampant with wracking guilt for her deeds and she would no doubt feel the attack on Mandalore and through their Force Bond she would know it was her fault. Pain. Terrible pain would he attempt to inflict on her whilst also sating his appetite for cruelty and slaying Mandalorians. The Sith Lord's brown locks that fell to his shoulder was tatty and dark, as if the hair itself was dying on his head, cobwebs would not have looked out of place making their home in his hair, the area around his eyes was bagged and shadey which made his eyes only look redder as they glared outwards at his handiwork, from orbit one could see the surface of the world glowing with a pale orange and red, so battered was the surface of Mandalore in places that the flames could be spotted from space. A few hopeless pilots attempted to escape the inferno of Mandalore but instead of burning on the ground, the ships wouldn't make it out of the system and be annihilated in moments. The Sith Emperor, despite killing everything on the planet within the first hour would keep up the bombardment for 3 days, intent on altering the very landscape of the world so that it would be unrecognizeable his fleet's laser fire would boil lakes and level mountains, turn cities into craters and crack continents beneath their relentless bombardments and as his eyes took in everything, the burning surface and the flash of his cannon fire Verrad savoured every instant of it, relishing in the pain he caused and channelling every ounce of it down his Force Bond - he would have Sola Trigg know that she is the cause of this; her betrayal of him, her husband, so many would die because of her.


Darth Vaelgus:

"You little wretch!"

Under the cool blue light of Zennon's three moons, Malia Fenn knelt with her eyes closed, the line of her shoulders taut as she ground her teeth together. She was in the middle of a training arena, open to the cool night sky littered with stars overhead. Four large and gracefully constructed arches crossed over the arena, which donned large, burgundy tapestries that draped from the metal curves and tumbled towards the sandy ground of the arena. The acolyte's knees slid slightly in the gritty ground beneath her while another flare of pain, hotter than she imagined the heart of any star could be, clawed through the skin of her back to send harsh shivers up her spine. She was hunched over to support her weight with her hands. Still stained red with the blood of the other acolytes, her palms and fingers dug into the sand as the muscles of her arm trembled. Peace is a lie, there is only passion... There was little sound in the open training arena: all that the young acolyte heard was the heavy beating of her own heart, the fluttering of the thick tapestries that cascaded from the arches of the arena, and the erratic hum of her Overseer's lightwhip.

A cold breeze poured through the arena and nipped at the bare and bloodied, burned skin of her back. Her loose sleeveless beige tunic, torn to little but shreds and stained with her blood on her back, fluttered in the wind to gulp in the moving air and allow it to roll against her sun-tanned skin. Around her, the remnants of carnage littered the arena: severed limbs and broken corpses were scattered on the grounds, blood still seeping from the strong blows and fatal wounds that they had been dealt. The acolyte's weapon, a phrik war blade she had inherited from er father, was on the ground a short distance away, the blade crimson-dipped with blood and matter. They were the other acolytes of her class, and it was their blood that stained sand and Malia's skin. Entrails and viscera were strewn on the ground, sinew stretching in the sand between limbs and torsos. In the midst of the blood, speckles of white could be seen, shards and slivers of freshly cut bone that mimicked the stars which hung low in the skies overhead. This was the crime she was paying for: the butchering of acolytes was forbidden, yet the ancient rule had not kept the blood from her muzzle nor stopped her war blade from cleaving flesh.

"You carry a heavy name, acolyte, but it will not shield you. You will die knowing that your Sith bloodline ends with you."

The Overseer's tone was harsh and laced with mockery. The tall human male paced behind her in a slow stalk while his grip upon the lightwhip readjusted to deliver another series of lashes. The young acolyte shivered, both from the cold touch of the wind and out of fear, when she felt the rising anger in her Overseer as he once more raised his arm. With nothing further spoken, the Stih Overseer carried on the punishment. With strong and swift thrashes of his arm, three more lashings with the lightwhip were bestowed upon Malia's back. With each searing whiplash, the acolyte clenched her jaw harder and harder, refusing to give the cry of pain the Overseer wished to drown his ears in. Through passion, I gain strength... Her fingers curled to dig into the sand; as pain rose, so did hatred. Hers was raw and bloody; it had been what burned through her veins as she killed her fellow acolytes, and its inferno roared anew within her now with each brutal lash given by her Overseer.

Just as the male was ready to unleash the fourth lash, his arm froze in place. The Overseer snarled as he attempted to force his arm to move, but it was no use. Malia opened her eyes at long last, their deep blue glinting hard with the cool light of three moons. Whispers in High Sith filled the air around Malia, heard only by her while power unleashed itself within her.
Through strength, I gain power... Swallowing hard to stomach a cry, the acolyte forced herself to rise slowly to her feet, the skin on her back cracking further and spilling fresh blood with each shift and movement that standing required. When she stood tall, Malia turned to stare hard at the face of her Overseer, sapphire eyes harder than diamond as she regarded him. Despite her pain, the acolyte flashed a small smile with her full, bloodstained lips; she was holding him in place with the Force, and he could not break free of her grip. Her veins burned hot with the fires of her strength and power - hatred and pain were tools to make herself better. Malia rolled her shoulders before reaching her right hand out to her side, to call her war blade to her palm once more. The sharp metal of the phrik blade was still slick with blood, and its hilt was warm in her palm. When she finally spoke, her voice was heavy with the weight of the screams she had held back. The edge in her tone was more sharp than a razor, betraying her hunger for blood and vengeance that still gnawed hungrily upon her heart.

"You have wronged me for the last time. Draw your blade. Fight me like a Sith, and die like one."

Malia released her grip upon the Overseer as she moved her left hand to take hold of her war blade's hilt with her right. The bright blues of her eyes flashed like a churning sea as her gaze remained focused upon her Overseer, who tossed his lightwhip to the ground in favor of his lightsaber. He thumbed on his weapon, filling the area around the pair with a warm orange glow. The citrine plasma hummed with great purpose as the Overseer brandished his blade. Wasting no more time, he lunged forth, bringing his blade up in a fast, lethal arc. Plasma met phrik with a bone-jarring strike. Malia blocked his attack, eyes narrowed and jaw set.

"Not bad, acolyte." Those words were all the Overseer spared, instead pressing his attack once more. He pushed forth, lightsaber seeming alive in his grip. Malia moved backwards, stepping over limbs and torsos. With each strike and deadly swing the Overseer unleashed, she parried, mind focused solely upon the fight. The wounds on her back stretched farther across her skin, tearing open unburnt and burnt flesh alike with each movement the acolyte took.

War blade and lightsaber clashed time and time again as the Overseer pressed his offense, attempting to overwhelm Malia with sheer strength. High, low, backslash, overhand; he was always attacking, and forced the acolyte to move farther and farther back in the arena. Time felt as if it ceased while the fight carried on. Plasma thundered while phrik sang with each meeting of blades, each block and striking together of weapons enough to send sparks of orange plasma into the sand underfoot. Malia maintained her defense, sweat slick upon the line of her brow. The ripping pain of her back fought hard to cripple her, but she fought harder to utilize it and force it to be strength.

It did not keep her from stumbling over a severed arm she failed to see. The acolyte struggled to keep her footing, the fight for balance briefly compromising her defense. Her Overseer struck at her once more, lightsaber humming through the air in a strong downward arc aimed at her neck. Before she would be cleaved in two Malia's feet found purchase. She moved to jump back, but did not completely escape the lightsaber's swing. As she twisted to avoid the strike, her side was exposed, and plasma burned easily through her loose tunic to carve a grazing line across flesh upon her left side. A scream erupted from the acolyte at long last, and the Overseer pressed his attack with an upward slash at her head. Malia moved again, attempting to dodge the attack, though she could not free herself from the strike entirely. Plasma once again cut into flesh - the tip of the lightsaber bit into her face, leaving its mark starting below her left cheekbone, crossing upward to stretch across the bridge of her nose, and ending high on her right forehead.

The sharp smell of ozone, mixed with the sudden and gratingly unpleasant aroma of singed flesh filled the acolyte's nose while pain muddied her senses. She squeezed her eyes shut ad stumbled backward, nearly tripping over the torso of one of her former peers. Malia's left hand let go of the hilt of her war blade to hover just above the fresh wound across her face. Red blossomed over her skin around the burn, and the searing heat of the lightsaber cut was quick to spread: the pain and hatred that shot through her flared with the fury of a sun's heart, her presence in the Force quickly growing to become an inferno. Just as her left heel kicked back into a leg, Malia stopped her backwards withdrawal, feet coming to a stop between a hand and a trail of intestines that flowed from a gaping corpse nearby. Power surged anew in her veins, and when she lowered her hand once more, she opened her eyes. Instead of blue, her eyes had bronzed with corruption, glowing a bright golden yellow in the darkness of night. Using her pain and her unadulterated hatred, the acolyte now pressed forth, taking her war blade into two hands once more before she struck at her Overseer.

The Overseer now struggled with a pressing offense. Cut and slash, backhand, overhead strike, strong forward jab, strong swings and arcs of phrik forced the male to move backwards as he parried to the best of his abilities. His wrists ached from the bone-jarring strength that Malia attacked with, and for the first time in many fears, a flicker of fear flared in his heart. His skills were considerable, but this acolyte was a better student than he had guessed - and now, she was

Malia grunted with each strong stroke, focused upon seeing her own justice served. Her Overseer would die; one night carried no weight against the years of abuse and cruelty he had treated her with. Through power, I gain victory... Leonine strength in the coiling and unfurling of her muscles, Malia struck at her Overseer with a series of three downward-angled slashes. The first two were blocked, but with the third, the Overseer's strength faltered. His saber glanced off of her war blade before it was redirected off to the side. That moment was all Malia needed to succeed: with another strong arc of the war blade through the air, phrik cut deep into flesh. The Overseer's torso was opened from shoulder to groin. Dawning realization, colored with unnatural horror, passed over the male's face as he felt that strange, falling feeling of his organs and intestines spilling from his chest and abdomen. Malia continued the swing of the blade, coming around and up with another slash. The war blade cut through the Overseer's neck and removed his head from his shoulders, a large gush of blood squirted out, arching gloriously into the air and squirting onto Malia's hands and bare arms. The male's head hit the sand with a wet thud while his body fell, angled unnaturally, to land amidst the pile of his slick viscera glinting with fresh blood.

The acolyte's attack did not stop there. She took a step forth, brandished her blade, and stabbed it down hard at the ground.
Through victory, my chains are broken... The war blade punched through the Overseer's head, cranial bone splitting and crunching with the impact, before the tip of the blade buried itself in sand. Blood and brain matter oozed from the wound, and with the final, visceral strike, Malia lifted her head towards the open sky above to unleash a Scream. It shook around her, a lion's roar that curled and rose in the cool night air. Raw emotion flared outward from her in the Force and amplified the Scream, making the ground underfoot quake while sand and dust stirred up in a cloud around the acolyte. When the Scream faded, Malia was left panting. She swallowed hard after a short moment and released her grip on her weapon, standing up straight while her eyes dropped to look upon her war blade that remained in place embedded in the skull of her Overseer.

She turned when she felt three presences approaching. Her father stood in front, eyes focused upon his daughter. Behind him was one of his guards, and the third was a presence she did not know: it was heavy with darkness and hate, and the yellow eyes of the Sith Lord were trained upon the acolyte. Her wrists and shoulders ached terribly after the fight, and her back was still sharp with pain; the flesh was burnt from the lashings, and still bleeding in several places. The fresh lightsaber burn on her left side flared with each breath, and the thick burn across her face was unrelenting. This pain, she had found, was power. She stood in silence, holding her chin slightly aloft as she stared at her father and the stranger just behind him, to his right. Whatever was to come next, she would survive; she was beginning to see her true strength.

The Force shall free me.

Bring the Justice (writing contest)!
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-04-09 09:07:16
Itching to get some writing done? Wanting to explore more depth with your character? Look no further!

Now's your chance to share an experience your character has had! For this contest, you will write a self RP of your character either
witnessing or partaking in an act of which they feel is justice being served. Each RP will be posted in an MotD. You, the players, will vote for your favourite.

The first place will receive a prize of
20,000 gems, second place will win 15,000 gems, and third place will win 10,000 gems! All entries will also be rewarded with 1,000 gems!

Write your RP and send it to Ana Ferine in a holo to enter!

The deadline for entries is:
Friday, April 19th

-All RP's must obey both site and RP rules
-1 RP entry per character
-Must fit in two holos

Good luck, and may the Force be with you!

Staff Applications Open!
~ Red Right Hand Zander2019-03-28 14:40:22
We are now taking Staff Applications again! To submit your application all you have to do is copy, paste and answer the questions below seriously in a Petition, this can be done by clicking the 'Petition for Help' button at the top of the page near Holos.

1) Name

2) Age

3) Location and Timezone

4) Which of the Star Wars movies is your favorite and why?

5) Why do you want to be Staff?

6) How much of what is posted on site by other players, new and old, friend and foe, OOC and IC, would you say you actively read?

7) Previous staffing experience (Include Links if possible)

8) As a member of the staff team here, how would you greet and help new players, to make them feel welcome and get them started both ICly and OOCly to help ensure site growth?

9) Who in your opinion is the most powerful Force User ever? Legends and EU content included!

10) How many hours minimum are you on the site a day?

11) What is your favourite part of the site?

12) How would you handle a rule breaker?

13) Who shot first?

NOTE: Know, that you can only submit one Application for one character. If you submit multiple ones for one character or apply on each character all except the first application recieved will be discarded so think long and hard on which account you want to apply with and make sure you've answered your questions as best you can.

Staff Applications end Thursday the 4th of April

Star Wars Trivia!
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-03-24 09:53:27
Reminder: trivia will take place today at 2 PM server time!

Trivia time has come once more! This theme for trivia night will be: the Underworld! Smugglers and bandits, bounty hunters and gangsters - come armed and ready for a fight to answer questions about the criminal underbelly of the Star Wars galaxy!

It will be in the Star Wars Zone in Coruscant and hosted by: Ana Ferine!

Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

The questions will be a mix of Star Wars trivia and site trivia for everyone's favourite (and least favourite) outlaws and criminals - hope to see you all there!

Free Stuff!
~ Red Right Hand Zander2019-03-21 17:48:19
As over time we have accumulated a lot of Donations, enough to be open for a fair amount of time securely - we are, until further notice, allowing for many things which were previously open only to Donators, to all players!

This includes titles, colours and bio songs!

For the Unlimited New Day, however, players will still need to donate double the goal in order to unlock it.

Thank you!

Attack on Ryloth
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-03-15 11:05:22
The event has been extended until: Tuesday, March 19!

After a string of mixed victories and losses for The Sith Empire, Emperor Kalux has issued the order for his fleet to be prepared: the Sith will be launching an attack on Ryloth, the current base of operation for The Free Independent Systems. Sith forces across the galaxy will gather, then rendezvous with the Emperor's fleet and partake in the offensive strike on Ryloth, with the intent of wiping out the rebellion once and for all.

The Event starts Monday, the 25th of February and will last until the 11th of March, and will take place on Ryloth.

All Site and RP rules will apply.

~ Red Right Hand Zander2019-02-09 08:14:36

So, most of you will perhaps know already, but to those who do not - By going to
"The Exchange" and then into "Referrals" you will be able to link someone to the site and receive 750 Donator Points when they reach Level 15.

Now it gets even better - for the month of February only that is increased to 1,000 Donator Points and upon completing their first Emperor Kill or completing an RP that the staff deem to be adequate to receive the reward, both the Referring Player and the New Player will receive 500 Donator Points. Upon referring the new player to the site the Referring Player will receive 10,000 gems and the New Player 5,000 gems. It's the month of love, so why not show SWO some? ;D

All Referrals must be people and players that are not yourself or players already on site.
You can refer more than one person to make use of this deal, but all players must be new to the site and not have accounts.
If you get someone to join the site without the use of the Referral Link found in the Exchange you forfeit those rewards but are still eligible for subsequent benefits.
In order to receive any Referring Player rewards you must petition in who you have referred to the site.

#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-01-30 08:18:06
Reminder: Applications close today!

We've decided to open up Applications for Players to become Guardians of SWO once again. These Guardians will be gifted the title of Guardian and permitted to wear this for the duration of their period as a Guardian. They will also be given moderation powers in chats and be expected to help new players and old follow the rules and help out however they can.

All players who would like to become a Guardian must simply fill out this form and petition it in, easy, right? If not, you can mail any questions to Zander.

1) Why do you want to be a Guardian?

2) Where do you live/ What time zone are you?

3) How many hours are you on SWO daily?

4) This role will last for a period of 2 months, can you commit to that?

5) Have you had any warnings or altercations with the rules on SWO?

6) Who's your favourite Star Wars character and why?

7) Have you had any staffing experience? Please provide links, if able.

8) Use 3 words to describe yourself

Players who are picked to become Guardians will receive a reward of 2,000 gems at the end of their successful term.

Applications close on January 30th!

Battles for Jakku and Felucia
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2019-01-17 13:45:13
After a brief period of peace, the The Free Independent Systems
have prepared to launch two more battles against the Sith Empire.

FIS will be attacking two planets simultaneously: Jakku and Felucia. A victory on Jakku for the FIS would provide retribution against the Sith for their recent destruction of an FIS base, while also serving as a position of strategic value in the Mid Rim. A victory on Felucia for the FIS would give the rebels a highly valuable position in Sith Space, to serve as a staging area for further offensive strikes on Sith worlds.

Jedi will be splitting their ranks to help press the attacks on each planet.


These two battles will be taking place at the same time. With this in mind, we ask that your characters do not bounce back and forth between the battles. However, we do encourage you to have your alts involved to help in the fighting on whatever side they have chosen, or may choose.

As Always, site rules and RP Rules apply during the course of this event.

The event locations will be the Jakku and Felucia RP Zones found on the RP Planet.

Reminder: the event starts today!

The event will begin at 6 PM GMT (1PM server time) on Thursday, January 17th, and will last until midnight GMT (7PM server time) on Sunday, January 27th.

Staff may decide to extend the event if it seems like more time is needed.

All players are encouraged to participate, and we hope you turn up and enjoy!

Double Donations!
~ Red Right Hand Zander2018-12-27 07:43:30
We hope you've all had a very Happy Christmas and will go on to have a very Merry New Year! To celebrate the ending of 2018 and to kick of 2019, with the staff's best wishes we bring you a Double Donations Period that lasts from this moment till the end of January!

This means, if you donate $10, you will receive your usual 1,000 Donator Points and if you Petition in asking for your donation points, you will receive a further 1,000 Donator Points!!

Note: All Donations to be applicable must be sent to the 'Site Admin' paypal button...The one with the picture of Vader.

Staff Titles Contest!
~ Red Right Hand Zander2018-12-05 16:48:04
The Christmas Period has come again!

So, to celebrate the Season the staff are looking to give themselves Christmas colours and titles but need help with picks!

You guys can come up with titles and colours to go with them in order to win

It's really simple! All you have to do is come up with seasonally themed Christmas titles and colour schemes to match for staff members! Once you've done this, petition in your picks for rewards!

- 100
gems for each title/colour scheme you create for a staff member.
- 50 extra
gems for every subsequent title/colour scheme for each staff member, so if you come up with 4 ideas for Seraph, you'll receive 250 gems!
- If you send in at least one pick for every member of staff, you'll also receive 1,000
- Those who's title/colour scheme is picked by the staff to be worn throughout the Christmas period will receive 3,000 more
gems and, because it's Christmas 500 Donator Points!!

Happy colouring.

The latest entry for title/colour schemes is Midnight Server Time December 12th! The colours will be picked by the staff shortly afterwards.

Stay Tuned for all of coming Christmas themed Events and Features!

New And Shiny!
~ Red Right Hand Zander2018-11-21 07:16:31
We've got a few new features for you guys!

Player Achievements and Tattoos!

The Player Achievements, are earned for a variety of things - maybe for RPing a fight, Healing another player, or participating in a trivia. These awards, appear on your character's bio and you also get gems for them!

The tattoos, can be bought and also appear on your player's bio. The tattoo shop is located in Coruscant!

Double Donations
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2018-11-01 11:05:35
From now until the end of November, all donations made will be doubled!

This means that if you donated
$10 to the site (which would give you 1000 Donator Points), if you petition in and request for your double points to be added you will get a further 1000 DP!

Every donation over $10 will also get you
10,000 gems free!

Hurry up because the double donation period finishes at the end of November!

Star Wars Trivia Spook-tacular!
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2018-10-28 20:56:28
Trivia time has come once again! This trivia night will be our spookiest yet, with questions about monsters, Force horrors, and other things to make you scream!

Trivia will take place: Wednesday, October 31st, at 5 PM server time!

It will be in the Star Wars Zone in Coruscant and hosted by: Ana Ferine!

Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

The questions will be a mix of spooky Star Wars trivia and site trivia - hope to see you all there!

Star Forge Factory
~ Red Right Hand Zander2018-10-02 12:25:29
The forces of the Free Independent Systems have learned of a secret facility on the Sith-controlled world of Sullust mass producing arms and weapons for the Sith Empire on a colossal scale, what the FIS doesn't know is that the speed and quality of these arms owes not to Imperial engineering but rather to salvaged Star Forge tech. The factory has been functioning only at 10% of its total capacity in recent weeks but has already produced enough weaponry to arm an entire Sith Legion, now though the Sith Empire are planning to up production to 100%; this would spell doom for the Free Independent Systems as the Empire has enough citizens to triple its already huge military numbers inside 6 months, the only limitations being the resources, time and costs of creating enough weapons for the potential armies - which this new factory would negate. If the Sith scientists were allowed to further study the Star Forge technology they would also open up the possibility of it mass producing the droid armies of the Rakatan Infinite Empire, further increasing Imperial power in the Galaxy and sealing the fate of any forms of Rebellion.

In order to halt such a terrifying prospect and destroy such an important Sith asset, the Free Independent Systems have decided to launch a lightning strike assault upon the Star Forge Factory. Thanks to their victory at Kashyyyk's medical station, the FIS has managed to field a larger force than originally anticipated at the battle for the Factory. If the FIS's assault fails, then the Sith Empire's forces in future battles will be at least double, sometimes triple the originally intended force - 10,000 npc troopers becomes 20 or 30,000 well armed troops.

The Sith Empire Achieves Victory if:

- The Star Forge factory remains operational
- The FIS forces are forced to flee Sullust or are all defeated.

The Free Independent Systems Achieves Victory if:

- The Star Forge Factory is shut down/destroyed.
- Sith Forces are defeated or forced to flee.

May the Force be with you!

The Event will take place from Monday the 15th of October and will last until Midnight Server Time Tuesday the 23th, and it will be located on the RP Planet of

All Site Rules Apply.
All RP Rules Apply.

Star Wars Trivia!
#Booty Hunter Ana Ferine2018-09-28 09:51:17
The time has come again - we will be hosting another trivia event!

Trivia will take place: TONIGHT, at 5 PM server time!

It will be in the Star Wars Zone in Coruscant and hosted by: Ana Ferine!

Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

The questions will be a mx of Star Wars trivia and site trivia - hope to see you all there!

September Madness
~ Red Right Hand Zander2018-09-01 08:53:18
So, with school terms Starting up after the Summer all across the globe, we've decided that to go along with this theme of Starting to offer all new accounts in the month of September a free set of custom colours and a custom title!

Have you had a character idea rolling around in your noggin' for a while now? Do you have some friends that have been toying with the idea of joining? Well, there's no time better to join and make those characters now!
Remember, although the character limit is 4, with Staff Permission players can exceed this limit - to find out if you're eligible petition in and ask, don't be disheartened if your offer is declined.

And we haven't forgotten about our current players either! We're offering double donations for you guys!! This means, if you donate $10 you get the usual 1,000 Donator Points petition in to staff and we will double your amount of Points!

Make the most of everything, this September!

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