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War Memoirs!
# Zander2017-05-30 19:48:37
So! You're new. You didn't RP everything you wanted. Time and Real life forced you to miss key events.

Now you have a chance to share your character's experiences of the Great War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire with a chance for prizes too! Each RP will be put in an MotD and you (The players) will vote for your favourite and the winner will receive prizes!

Write your RP, in a holo and send it to Zander to enter!

Deadline for entries is Tuesday the 6th of June


- All RPs must obey site rules and RP rules
- 1 RP entry per character
- No more than 1000 words long
- Must be Great War themed

Good luck!

Donator Contest!
# Zander2017-03-21 21:54:43
Update on the Donator Contest!

The player that wins this month's Donation Contest will have all the previous benefits and a new benefit!

You can also earn 5 times the amount of Donator Points you have earned on this site this month on any participating RPGLink site of your choosing!

This means if you win the contest having donated $10 and earning 1000 Donator Points here you can choose to have 5000 Donator Points on any single participating RPGLink site you want!

Happy donating!

The Assault on Corellia
# Zander2017-03-15 06:10:32
The Emperor and his Inner Circle have hatched a daring plan to assault another Core World. The member of the Empire elected to lead this ravaging strike was the Emperor's Fist Darth Malice.

The plan being for a small but powerful Sith fleet under the command of the Sith to infiltrate Republic lines and burn the populated planet. Due to the secrecy and unexpected nature of the lightning strike attack, the Republic will struggle to mass forces for a defence - especially with their legions and Jedi Knights spread thin across the Galaxy.

As Always, site rules and RP Rules apply during the course of this event.

The Event location will be the Corellia RP Zone found on the RP Planet.

The event will begin at 6pm (GMT) Monday the 20th of March and will continue until midnight (GMT) on Thursday 24th, to give all players plenty of time to participate and for a winning party to be chosen.

All players are encouraged to participate and we hope you turn up and enjoy!

One Ring Online
# Zander2017-03-14 13:06:04
Join the sister site One Ring Online and receive 3,000 gems both there and here after you reach level 15!

To claim this reward, once you reach level 15 on ORO, petition in your character name on this site, on ORO and you will be granted your reward!

The url for the site is here: https://goo.gl/ynAjYL

Alternatively you can use the link located at the bottom of the page!

Emperor Kill Contest!
# Zander2017-03-13 04:03:02
The results are in!

The winners of the EK Contest are:

1st Place with 99 Emperor Kills - Paladin!

2nd Place with 29 Emperor Kills - Seraph!

3rd Place with 13 Emperor Kills -

Congrats to the winners who shall recieve their prizes and well done to all who participated in the EK Contest!

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