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# Osiris2017-09-22 12:29:51
Hello everyone,

We are well aware of the SWO's main template being out of whack. It will be fixed soon enough but for the time being if it bugs you, I would recommend that you follow these steps to change your template...

1. Along the left hand side, click on
2. Click Display Preferences.
3. Click Skin and select
4. Most importantly (and easily forgotten) click

We will let everyone know when the other template has been fixed and until the we appreciate your patience!

New Rule
~ Zander2017-09-21 07:50:35
Having studied the recent poll, it's been decided that a new rule should be implemented, after all this is a Roleplaying Site and so Roleplaying should be at the forefront of what goes on here.

The New Rule!

RPing and OOC: RPing is possible to do in all chats across the site. However, Out of character comments are not. Out of character comments (OOC) are only permitted in select places: Holo's, Coruscant, the Gardens, the Star Wars Zone, Clans (if leaders allow) and dwellings (if the owner allows).

If there any questions and/or concerns please Holo Zander or send in a Petition.

Crystal Hunt!
~ Zander2017-09-18 14:00:26
Scattered Around the Site are 10 different Kyber Crystals. Can you find them all?

Pink (Verrad - Battle Arena)
Blue (Olodril - The Battlefield)
Green (Verity Melwasul - Felucia)
Yellow (Verrad - The Exchange)
Gold (Olodril - The Chapel)
Red (Olodril - Moga's Gambling Den)
Purple (Verity Melwasul - Sith Academy)
White (Olodril - Equipment Shop)
Black (Verity Melwasul - Defeating the Emperor)
Orange (Verrad - Gardens)

The first person to holo Zander the location of a Crystal gets 100 gems per Crystal.

The person who finds the most gets their gem reward doubled! Happy hunting!

Staff Applications!
~ Zander2017-09-12 06:20:44
We are now taking Staff Applications again! To submit your application all you have to do is copy, paste and answer the questions below seriously in a Petition, this can be done by clicking the 'Petition for Help' button at the top of the page near Holos.

1) Name

2) Age

3) Location and Timezone

4) Your favourite part of the Prequel Movies and why?

5) Why do you want to be Staff?

6) Previous staffing experience (Include Links if possible)

7) Who in your opinion is the most powerful Force User ever? Legends and EU content included!

8) How many hours minimum are you on a day?

9) What is your favourite part of the site?

10) Who shot first?

NOTE: Know, that you can only submit one Application for one character. If you submit multiple ones for one character or apply on each character all except the first application recieved will be discarded so think long and hard on which account you want to apply with and make sure you've answered your questions as best you can.

The Balance of the Force
~ Zander2017-09-03 15:06:41
The heroes of the Light Side of the Force have won the last war against the Dark Side!

Thus the heroes of the
Light have bragging rights and the warriors of the darkness must pull through to catch up and try to win the next war!

Good hunting to you all

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