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-LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)-
Battle for Kashyyyk!
~ Zander2018-02-04 22:32:54
EDIT: As the event has not had a proper finale, the RP will be extended another day. It will end February 6th.

Following their assault at Kuat, the second stage of the growing rebellion's plans is put in motion. Jedi Grand Master Elijah, recently promoted to the rank of Jedi Colonel within the Free Independent Systems by Sylar Wren leads the rebel forces to free the Wookie Homeworld.

SolaNaast, former Sith Lord and governor of Kashyyyk's return to the Light Side of the Force meant that the defenses of the planet are extremely undermanned and unprepared for an assault, however her husband Emperor Verrad has dispatched his newest Wrath, a resurrected Sith Lord, to Kashyyyk with orders to kill every Jedi there.


The event will begin Wednesday 31st of January and will last until Monday 5th of February. If the event has not been concluded in this time, the staff may extend the event duration.


- All Site and RP rules must be followed.

Donator Contest Victor!
~ Zander2018-02-01 07:09:19
The winner of January's donator contest is: SolaNaast

She will receive her custom mount and earn herself in a place as a level 15 creature in the battlefield forever as well as her gem and credit reward.

Thank you to all of those who donated and took advantage of double donations, which has now ended. Donations are always greatly appreciated and, as always, if we double the donation goal unlimited new days is activated for all the site to help you level and EK without hindrance!

Staff Applications Open!
# Osiris2018-01-20 11:15:24
NOTE: Applications close tonight at midnight GMT! That's 7pm EST, 6pm CST and 4pm PST. All apps entered after this time will be discounted as late.

We are now taking Staff Applications again! To submit your application all you have to do is copy, paste and answer the questions below seriously in a Petition, this can be done by clicking the 'Petition for Help' button at the top of the page near Holos.

1) Name

2) Age

3) Location and Timezone

4) Which of the Star Wars movies is your favorite and why?

5) Why do you want to be Staff?

6) Previous staffing experience (Include Links if possible)

7) Who in your opinion is the most powerful Force User ever? Legends and EU content included!

8) How many hours minimum are you on a day?

9) What is your favourite part of the site?

10) Who shot first?

NOTE: Know, that you can only submit one Application for one character. If you submit multiple ones for one character or apply on each character all except the first application recieved will be discarded so think long and hard on which account you want to apply with and make sure you've answered your questions as best you can.

Attack on Kuat
~ Zander2018-01-12 08:38:36
The rebellion has amassed its forces and received it's orders from General Sylar Wren to assault the Sith Shipyards over Kuat with the goals of destroying both the ships being built there and the shipyards with the goal of striking a deadly blow against the Empire's production of capital ships. This strike comes as a retaliatory blow to Emperor Verrad's destruction of every settlement on Mandalore. The rebel space forces will be attempting to inflict as much damage as possible above Kuat whilst the Sith and Imperial forces are tasked with stopping them and eliminating as many of the rebels as possible.

The Event will take place at the RP Zone, Kuat and begins Monday 15th of January at 5pm GMT/11am CST and will last until Friday 19th of January at 11pm GMT/5pm CST.

All Site and RP Rules Apply.

January Donator Contest!
~ Zander2018-01-11 07:15:45
In addition to Double Donations, we're hosting a Donator Contest!

The player who donates the most this month shall receive a great list of rewards:

- They will become a Level 15 Creature in the Forest,

- They will receive 15,000 gems,

- They will receive 5 million Credits,

- They will receive a custom donator mount (the best in the game, without equal)

As always any questions should be sent to Zander via Holo.

Double Donations!
~ Zander2018-01-01 10:40:59
From now, until the end of January, all donations made will be doubled!

This means that if you donated $10 to the site which would give you 1000 Donator Points, if you petition in and request for your double points to be added you will get a further 1000 DP!

Hurry up because the double donation period ends at the end of January!

Also referring friends via the referral link which can be found in the Exchange now awards you 750 Donator Points, when your referred friend reaches level 15!! So get your friends referred!

~ Zander2017-12-27 08:40:28
Reminder and encouragement to all those who haven't yet applied - the last time to petition in your application is tomorrow!

We've decided to open up Applications for Players to become the very first Guardians of SWO. These Guardians will be gifted the title of Guardian and permitted to wear this for the duration of their period as a Guardian. They will also be given moderation powers in chats and be expected to help new players and old follow the rules and help out however they can.

All players who would like to become a Guardian must simply fill out this form and petition it in, easy, right? If not, you can mail any questions to Zander.

1) Why do you want to be a Guardian?

2) Where do you live/ What time zone are you?

3) How many hours are you on SWO daily?

4) This role may last for a period of weeks, can you commit to this?

5) Have you had any warnings or altercations with the rules on SWO?

6) Who's your favourite Star Wars character and why?

7) Have you had any staffing experience? Please provide links, if able.

8) Use 3 words to describe yourself

Players who are picked to become the first Guardians will receive a reward of 2,000 gems and 500 Donator Points.

Applications close on December 28th!

Site Story Line
# Osiris2017-12-16 18:12:36
Hello everyone! We have had a few new people (woot woot!) that have been roleplaying and we felt it was important to point to the fact that the site, while it is Star Wars, has itís own story. You can read and catch up to where we are in our story by going into the Galactic Knowledge along the top of the page by your Holo messages. It has all kinds of interesting things in there. Even a time line to tell you where we are compared to say... the Clone Wars or the Galactic Civil War. I would greatly suggest that all new players that want to role play read through this!

If you wish to get involved with the Site Story feel free to contact the following players...

Empire/Sith: Verrad or Osiris

Jedi/Rebels: Elijah or Sylar

They will help get you involved! Feel free to message any of us staff or post in the Coruscant chat if you have any questions!

May the Force be with you,

~ Zander2017-12-13 09:58:12
With release of The Last Jedi it's important to remember that not everyone has seen the latest movie. So, we'd like to remind you that we have The Star Wars Zone located in Coruscant where you may discuss the latest movie, safely. Or, in holo's with people who don't mind. We'd also like to remind players of Rule 8, which is that spoilers are not permitted.

If you wish to avoid spoilers, we suggest you do not enter the
Star Wars Zone.

Poll: Skin Preferences
~ Zander2017-12-12 10:32:37
Hello! Well, I'm merely curious which skin players use the most on here. So here's a very simple poll. You could also help out more by petitioning in what you like about certain skins and what you dislike etc. Thanks!
Sith Template (7 - 43.8%)
Mythblackplain (1 - 6.3%)
Deathstar (5 - 31.3%)
Black Plain (3 - 18.8%)

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