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-LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)-
EK Contest!
# Nefarious Anara Torpoli2018-05-23 21:37:43
After the fantastic turnout for the most recent war event, it's now time for players to get killing the Emperor!

There will be 3 prizes for the top 3 EKers:

1st Prize - 100 Donator Points, 20,000 gems and 100,000 credits.

2nd Prize - 15,000 gems and 50,000 credits.

3rd Prize - 10,000 gems and 25,000 credits.

Also, every player will receive 100
gems for every 100 EKs they do, meaning if you manage to EK 300 times, you will receive 300 gems.

How to Join: Send a holo to Anara, saying you would like to join, and your current EK count (don't lie, we'll be double checking and lying will make you unable to participate).

This Contest will run from Thursday, May 24 until Sunday, May 27!

Happy Leveling!

Staff And Events Staff Applications Open!
~ Zander2018-05-17 09:15:49
Note: Apologies! An error in the MotD. The actual End Date is Friday the 18th of May! Not Sunday.

We are now taking Staff Applications and Roleplay and Events Staff Applications again! To submit your application all you have to do is copy, paste and answer the questions below seriously in a Petition, this can be done by clicking the 'Petition for Help' button at the top of the page near Holos.

Staff Application

1) Real Name

2) Real Age

3) Real Location and Timezone

4) Who was the Sith Lord Darth Malak's Master?

5) Why do you want to be Staff?

6) Previous staffing experience (Include Links if possible)

7) Who in your opinion is the most powerful Force User ever and why? Legends and EU content included!

8) How many hours minimum are you on a day?

9) What is your favourite part of the site?

10) Who shot first?


Role Play and Events Application

1) Real Name.

2) Real Age.

3) Time-Zone and location (country/state).

4) How many hours a day are you on the site?

5) Other than Mace Windu and Kit Fisto, which other two Jedi went to arrest Chancellor Palpatine?

6) Why you want to be a part of the RP Staff?

7) Any ideas you have for possible future Events. Please describe in detail.

8) Previous staffing experience, with links to these sites if possible.

9) Do you feel you could run an Event individually?

10) An example of an RP youíve done on this site. This can be described in your own words.

11) Who shot first?

NOTE: Youíre only permitted to apply once with only one account, this account being the one you wish to become RP Staff. Applying with alts will result in the latter applications being discarded.

Any questions mail
Zander. Please note that we may not actually take any candidates to join the staff ranks.

Applications close Friday 18th May at Midnight Server Time; applying after this deadline will result in your application being discarded.

Note: If you choose to apply for both Staff and Roleplay and Events Staff, please send them in Seperate Petitions so as to organise them and make selection easier.

Battles for Corellia and Kuat
# Nefarious Anara Torpoli2018-05-11 09:03:26
Reminder: the event starts today at 6 PM GMT (1PM server time). Hope to see you there!

After a brief period of peace, the Free Independent Systems
have prepared to launch two more battles against the Sith Empire.

FIS will be attacking two planets simultaneously: Corellia and Kuat. A victory on Corellia for the FIS would provide dominion over the Corellian Run, a main hyperspace lane that leads directly to Coruscant. A victory on Kuat for the FIS would enable the rebels to stop the production of ships for the Empire.

Jedi will be splitting their ranks to help press the attacks on each planet.


These two battles will be taking place at the same time. With this in mind, we ask that your characters do not bounce back and forth between the battles. However, we do encourage you to have your alts involved to help in the fighting on whatever side they have chosen, or may choose.

As Always, site rules and RP Rules apply during the course of this event.

The event locations will be the
Corellia and Kuat RP Zones found on the RP Planet.

The event will begin at
6pm (BST) Friday, May 11th (1pm server time)and will continue until midnight (BST) on Thursday, May 17th (7pm server time).

Staff may decide to extend the event if it seems like more time is needed.

All players are encouraged to participate, and we hope you turn up and enjoy!

May the 4th Be With You!
~ Zander2018-05-04 09:16:43
In celebration of Star Wars Day from now until the end of the Day All custom colours and titles are free!

To get your custom colours and titles, all you need to do is petition them in!

Please note accounts may only get free colours and titles once and that your custom items may not be added instantly.

Any petitions received after Midnight server time will unfortunately not be permitted!

May the 4th Be with You!

Star Wars Weekend!
# Nefarious Anara Torpoli2018-05-01 21:29:07
In honour of May the Fourth, we have a couple of fun events planned!

Friday, May 4th, at 4 PM Central Time (10 PM BST) we will be hosting another trivia night! Ghal Drahn will be hosting trivia once again! It will be hosted in the Star Wars Zone.

For this trivia night, we want to include questions about characters on the site! Think of a question for your character, and submit it with the answer to Ghal by Thursday, May 3rd, at 4 PM Central Time. You will not be able to answer the question about your own character if you participate.

We will also be hosting our next RP event: the RP lottery! To participate in this event, send a holo to Anara Torpoli saying that you would like to join in the event. Be sure to send your holo by Friday, May 4th, by 4 PM Central Time. These will be non-canon RPs. Each player will be randomly assigned to another player. You will then be given a scenario to RP, and a location for your RP to take place in!

The event will last from Friday, May 4th at 7 PM Central Time to Wednesday, May 9th at 7 PM Central Time (this may be extended if staff decide it is necessary).

Be sure to stay tuned for more fun announcements and goodies to bring in the 4th!

Thank you, and
May the 4th be with you!

Star Wars Trivia!
~ Zander2018-04-12 08:46:53
We've decided to host some trivia at a time, hopefully, more accessible to everyone!

EDIT: Saturday the 14th at 3pm Server Time!

It will be in the Star Wars Zone in Coruscant and hosted by:
Ghal Drahn!

Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

The topic will be...Star Wars!

Hunt for the Holocrons!
~ Zander2018-04-10 17:49:38
Hidden throughout the site are 11 Holocrons!

Find them to win gems! Each holocron found grants the player 1,000 gems! The player who find the most has his total number of gems doubled! Once you've found the Holocron mail it's location to Zander and be quick!

Jedi Holocrons:
Meditation Holocron - The Exchange Anara Torpoli
Healing Holocron - Battle Arena Seraph
Enlightenment Holocron - Star Wars Zone Aelvira
Wisdom Holocron - Gardens Seraph
Tutaminis Holocron - Dexter the Barkeep Seraph

Sith Holocrons:
Maelstrom Holocron - Sith Tombs Seraph
Alchemy Holocron - Equipment Store (Whoops!)
Malevolence Holocron - The Chapel Anara Torpoli
Power Holocron - Battlefield Seraph
Strength Holocron - Defeat Master Screen Anara Torpoli

Great Holocron - Emperor Kill Screen Anara Torpoli

Star Wars Trivia!
~ Zander2018-04-06 17:49:10
Finally we've decided to host some trivia for you guys!

Sunday the 8th of April at 9pm CST! (Apparently most of our players are Americans)

It will be in the Star Wars Zone in Coruscant and hosted by:
Ghal Drahn!

Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

The topic will be Star Wars!

Double Donations
~ Zander2018-04-01 09:15:30
From now, until the end of April, all donations made will be doubled!

This means that if you donated $10 to the site which would give you 1000 Donator Points, if you petition in and request for your double points to be added you will get a further 1000 DP!

Hurry up because the double donation period ends at the end of April!

Rancor RP contest results
# Nefarious Anara Torpoli2018-03-24 23:49:51
Thank you to everyone who sent in an entry for the rancor RP contest! Every single entry we received was excellent.

Here are the winners of the contest:

First place:

Second place: Ayston Trigg

Third place: Yirsia Navvad

Honourable mention: SierraTorpoli

Thank you again, and be sure to enter this weekend's riddle contest!

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