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-LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)-
Vok Goes Blue
~ Zander2024-02-28 12:02:44
For (most of) 2024, Vok will be blue!

It's always good to have a change of wardrobe and sometimes (especially in this case) it is extremely overdue. The Greens are out.

Congrats to Ashaiya for the winning colours.

All rewards will be dished out shortly.

Thanks to all the entrants.

New Year, New Vok
~ Zander2024-02-13 04:11:35
It's been a while since the last MotD so: Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy 2024, Happy other Holidays, Happy Birthday and Happy soon to be Valentines!

Okay, so its a bit later than planned but it is time to take a look at our resident Vok and decide what colours he will wear for 2024.

So, feel free to
Petition in any colour schemes you think will suit the guy. You can submit as many as you like.

Submitting one gets you
500 gems. Every subsequent suggestion gets you a further 100 gems.

The chosen entry for Vok's new clothes earns the winning player a further 2,000

Deadline for entries is 20th of February.

All entries must follow 'Vok the Vulgar' as the template.

Happy colouring.

Creative Staff Applications
~ Zander2023-06-13 07:06:38
We are now taking applications for the new role of creative staff! This is for players that want to help contribute to the site and think of themselves talented at describing things and/or colouring. Duties could include but are not limited to:

- Writing present environments for planets.
- Updating descriptions around the site.
- Writing the text outputs for new modules.
- Colouring!
- Helping to develop other creative projects around the site.

To submit your application all you have to do is copy, paste and answer the questions below seriously in a Petition, this can be done by clicking the 'Petition for Help' button at the top of the page near Holos.

Creative Staff Application

1) Real Name, just your first is okay.

2) Real Age.

3) Real Location and Timezone.

4) Upon becoming Mandalore, what title did Canderous Ordo claim as his own, becoming Mandalore the what?

5) Why do you want to be a member of the creative team?

6) Previous staffing experience (Include Links if possible)

7) Who in your opinion is the most powerful Force User ever and why? Legends and EU content included!

8) How many hours do you typically spend on the site?

9) What is your favourite part of the site?

10) Who shot first?

NOTE: You're only permitted to apply once with only one account, this account being the one you wish to become Creative Staff. Applying with alts will result in the latter applications being discarded.

Any questions mail
Zander. Please note that we may not actually take any candidates to join the staff ranks.

Applications close Friday 23rd of June at Midnight Server Time; applying after this deadline will result in your application being discarded.

Celebration Week!
#Mindwalker Aelvira2023-05-11 06:03:09
The Celebration Awakens!
Not all community challenges have been completed. Players will have the rest of the week to complete all open community challenges to unlock the final reward!

If all Community challenges are completed all players receive 1000 DP!

If players have failed a community challenge...today is their second chance! All failed Community Challenges can be attempted again. If the challenges are completed, the rewards will still be unlocked!

Challenge Status:
- Easter Egg Challenge (53/60 Eggs Found)
Find as many of the 21 Easter Eggs and petition them in.
- EK CHallenge (112/200)
Kill the Emperor in the forest!

- Trivia Challenge
- CAG Challenge
- RP Challenge
- OOC Challenge

Star Wars Week!
#Mindwalker Aelvira2023-05-05 04:18:10
A special week of the year is upon us as we shall celebrate Star Wars week! Every day will bring a new challenge to complete. There are individual challenges and community challenges. Participating in the individual challenge will also contribute to the community challenge. Performing best in the individual challenge leads to a reward for the player who succeeds. Meeting the community goal leads to a reward for either the participating players, or all players on the site!

If all Community challenges are completed all players receive
1000 DP!

In addition to this, we offer double donations for the entire week! The DP a donation would normally give will now be doubled!

Each day a motd will be posted with detailed instructions and rules. The challenges start when the motd has been posted. May the force be with you!

Challenge Progress:
- Easter Egg Hunt: Incomplete (43/60 Eggs Found)
- Ek Challenge: Incomplete (65/200 EKS made)
- Trivia Night: Complete!
- CAG Night: Complete
- OOC Day: Incomplete (722/1000 Comments)

Challenges To Come:
- RP Day
- Celebration Day!

Custom Colours and Titles
~ Zander2023-04-18 09:04:18
I'm delighted to announce that over the years, as a site, we've managed to survive as long as we have thanks to gracious donations from the player base. As you will know that by donating you contribute to the future of the site and its continued development and in return you get Donator Points, with which you can buy several things.

But you will all know that you mostly spend points on names and titles. All present players are permmitted a free colour/title change - to get it please petition in asking for it.

Furthermore, we've changed the amounts that titles and colours cost. New players can now buy themselves a custom title and custom colours for free. That's right, we've changed the longstanding cost of colours and titles for all future generation of SWOers.

The price of your first set of colours and titles used to cost 1,000 Donator Points and all subsequent costs were 500 Donator Points. Now the first set of each will cost 0 Donator Points and all subsequent costs will be 750 Donator Points.

Thank you for playing and keeping SWO alive.

Happy New Year!!
~ Zander2023-01-01 09:25:24
Happy New Year!

We're delighted to have survived another year with all of you and just want to go on to say thank you for still being here with us and making SWO what it is. We don't talk a lot in Coruscant but when you guys RP you really set a standard! Its this standard that's allowed the site story to grow and change throughout the years. Once again, I thank all of you for being here and keeping the site alive and as active as it possibly can be.

To show my thanks: the
Unlimited New Day will be active throughout January, all of you will recieve 10,000 gems and I'll be launching both double donations and a donator contest for January.

If you had a good 2022, I hope 23 is even better! If you had a shit 2022, bad luck, I hope 2023 lets you bounce back stronger!

Double Donations means that when you normally donate
$10 you will receive 1000 Donator Points. Once donating, please petition in asking to be given your double points and you will be given another 1000 Donator Points.

Donator Contest means the player that donates the most receives:

- 10,000
- Become a Level 15 Creature in the Battlefield permanently.
- Custome Donator Mount (the best in the game for sure).
- 10 million credits.

Once again, Happy New Year and thanks to you all!

Welcome to 308 ABY, everyone. May the Force Be With You.

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