LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)
-LoGD Message of the Day (MoTD)-
July Double Donations!
~ Zander2021-07-03 08:45:02
From now until the end of July, all donations made will be doubled! After donating, please submit a petition with the amount you donated and request your points be doubled. Then, you will get your additional points!

This means that if you donated
$10 to the site (which would give you 1000 Donator Points), and then submit your petition requesting your double points be added, you will get a further 1000 DP!

Be sure to get your donations in, because the double donation period finishes at the end of June!

Donator Contest

The rewards for being the top donator of July are as follows:

- Your Donator Points for the month doubled (after the double donations has already been applied! This means if you donated $5 and got 500 points and it was doubled to 1,000 - you will get 2,000!)

- You will earn a Legendary Holo Card of your choice!

- 100,000 gems!

Remember, to donate to the site click the paypal button on the bottom right of the page (the one with Darth Vader on the picture)

Event Awards!
#Mindwalker Aelvira2021-05-08 15:16:36
The Votes are in! Thanks to everyone who voted on the categories and gave their feedback on the event, it really is appreciated but without further ado we have the results:

Taris Overall RPer:


"I personally liked his RPs a lot, especially the guilt of the shield haven fallen. I also enjoyed his strategy with blowing the bridge and the duel against Anon was very interesting to read. And then when he was injured and them few posts were very good as well!!"

"I enjoyed watching Morzai in his first combat role as a commander without his Master, seeing how he did in the unfamiliar environment and the doubt seeping in. He did a good job, of course and his fight with Anon was fun. Blowing the bridge was also a good stroke."

Honourable mention: Ayston Trigg

Felucia Overall RPer:

Ashaiya Drayen!

"The same as everyone else, really, I enjoyed the back and forth between her and Karana before/during their fight and I also liked the fact that she let herself use the Dark Side rather than have the willpower to resist, its nice to see people fail now and again. Just adds depth, even more so that when her usage of the Dark led to her hurting her student."

"I really enjoyed the way she showed the emotions of her character and how she explored and went more in depth with her character. Also the fact that what happened with Karana will clearly effect her for a while to come and I really want to see what happens next with Ashaiya's character!"

Honourable mention: Karana

They shall both receive their unique roleplay awards: You Shall Not Pass and Dark Side of Felucia respectively.

Best Duel: Karana and Ashaiya Drayen
Runner up: Laurent Skywalker & Khath

Best Military: Angel
Runer up: Quinn Navaal

Biggest Impact: Malakai Vaiken
Runner up: Quinn Navaal

Favourite Moments:

"Ayston being a show-off xD, especially his monstrosity of a post of killing them sith Malefic planted early on."

"Ashaiya tapping into the dark side to strengthen her electric judgment"

"Khath and Laurent destroying each other at the end of their RP"

"Ayston just...stepping off that balcony in his fight with Malefic."

"Morzai blowing the bridge. I know the character wasn't going to die, of course, but he didn't know that. Instead he blew the bridge with himself and Anon on it, taking her down with him in the hopes that he will save his men and Taris."

"First of all, I LOVED how Karana took my lightning. Just amazing! Furthermore I enjoyed Angel in the juggernaut running over troops (that was brutal), Ayston slicing his way through a packed ATAT to hijack it and use it against the Empire, Ayston hitting Malefic with Electric Judgement, and the finale of the fight between Morzai and Anon."

"Karana absorbing Ashaiya’s force judgement"

"I was rather happy with how the rakghouls swarming Harrow and his men, forcing him to trigger the charges turned out, but Karana drawing Ash closer to the Dark was *chef’s kiss*."

Easter Egg Hunt Winners!
#Mindwalker Aelvira2021-05-05 05:38:15
After a marvellous day of hunting and card games it is time to reveal the winners of the Easter Egg Hunt!

First place: Wynt (20 found)
Second Place: Ziva (19 found)
Third Place: Katalana (11 found)

You will receive your gem rewards shortly!

Now the big reveal we have been waiting for, the locations of all Easter eggs!

1. Obi-Wan’s glorious beard The Senate
2. Luke’s hand The Jawa Jar (when drawing)
3. Luke’s lightsaber Bottom of the rules
4. Anakin’s Fantastic Hair Troops & Divisions -> Mandalorian Clans
5. Han’s arrogance Petition for Help
6. Leia’s hair buns Galactic Knowledge Map
7. Darth Vader’s Helmet Star Wars Zone
8. Ahsoka’s Lightsabers Library -> Shelves -> Player Written Novels
9. Rex’s Helmet Corellia Main
10. Vok Farts Commentary Formatter
11. Yoda’s stick The Chapel Talk to others
12. R2-D2’s holo projector Healer’s Hut
13. The Millennium Falcon Moga’s Gambling Den
14. Chewbacca’s Bowcaster Equipment Store
15. Luke’s X-wing Training Hall
16. C-3PO’s arm Most Recent Players List
17. Kenobi’s Sass Love Shack Main
18. Windu’s Purple Lightsaber Hall of Heroes Most Awards Page
19. Darth Sidious’s Lightning Ziost RP zone
20. Tarkin’s Wrinkles CAG Zone

May the 4th!
#Mindwalker Aelvira2021-05-04 05:16:18
Today is a glorious day, namely today is Star Wars day! To celebrate this wonderful day we are hosting two events.

Firtly a
Cards Against the Galaxy game will be hosted at 20:00 GMT (15:00 server time). Keep an eye on Coruscant for it to start.

Secondly we are hosting an
Easter Egg Hunt! Twenty Easter eggs have been hidden all over the site. You can recognise them by their wonderful Rainbow Colours. Have you found all 20, petition in the names of the Easter eggs and the locations where you found them. The contest is won by whoever finds all Easter Eggs first. If not all eggs are found, the winner shall be the one who finds the most.
Are you giving up, or are you sure you cannot find any more, petition in what you have found.
Do try to petition only once!

First Prize: 1500 Gems
Second Prize: 1000 Gems
Third Prize: 500 Gems

Happy hunting, and May the 4th be with you!

Don't forget to petition in your Event feedback and votes for best RPers!

~ Zander2021-04-30 19:29:23
The Battles of Taris and Felucia have come to an end! The outcomes have been decided and there shall be no extension to the event, however players are more than welcome to carry on for the next few days in order to write their summaries and round ups as they choose.

The results:

Taris -
Sith Victory

Felucia -
Republic Victory

We're working on updating the Galactic Map in the GK to represent the recent changes to the Galaxy.

And with the announcing of the results out of the way we turn to the next stage. Firstly, we would like players to vote on their favourite moments from all of the roleplays during the event.

Our first category is the favourite Overall Roleplayer of the Event. Players may vote for one on Felucia and Taris. Please list your reasons why in as much detail as you'd like!

Following categories are as follows:

- Best Duel of the Event (This includes both players involved)

- Best Military (This can be a post that included military descriptions of war, a battle-focused RP or solo amongst the other posts or perhaps it was a player's strategy)

- Biggest Impact RP (This is the roleplay/roleplayer you felt had the biggest impact on a particular planet during the battle)

- Favourite moment (This could be anything at all! Just something you read and thoroughly enjoyed for whatever reason)

When answering these please try to give as much detail, we like to know why!

And now we'll quickly turn to a more serious note, as staff when we organise these events we try our best to make them as organised as possible but also to give players their freedoms to write and read enjoyable roleplays and have as much fun as possible. To that end recently we've been asking questions about what players enjoyed most about the events and how we can do better so here are a few questions we'd appreciate you all answering to help us, make SWO better for you all.

- What did you think of the objectives? Were they useful? Pointless? Could they have been done better at all?

- Frequently our events are two weeks long and then get multiple extensions, how do you all think it worked with the event being set out as a month long with no extensions at all?

- We've trialed events where we have battles at seperate locations simultaneously before to try and create this feeling that the wider Galaxy is at war, not just one battle at a time and to also spread players out. Again, we did this with Taris and Felucia, how do you think that works? Could we do more worlds per-event or is two a right medium?

- Any other general feedback or ideas are always welcome!


Whilst we massively appreciate ideas and suggestions, when answering these questions please try to answer them all (that's both the roleplay votes and the event feedback questions together) in a single Petition to make it easier for staff to read everything in one place.

Please reply as soon as you can!

The Sith Strike Back!
*Sith Quinn Navaal2021-03-23 07:24:38
Having suffered repeated insults from the incursions of the Rebellion, the sinister Sith Empire is preparing to take the offense, and bring their full might down upon the fledgling Republic’s holdings in the Outer Rim Territories.

By the will of their dread Emperor, the Empire’s hammer is to fall upon two planets simultaneously: The decaying ecumenopolis of Taris, and the fetid jungle world of Felucia.

Hope, however, is not yet lost..

Having received this critical intelligence, the Republic is preparing to defend these worlds from invasion. Beginning on March 23rd the forces of Republic can begin laying defenses for the siege, with Imperial forces arriving to commence their assault on March 30th. The event with run til April 30th with no extensions..



- Across the planet the Republic forces have turbolaser towers and numerous scores of anti-air turrets.
- The planet has a large, fortified tower from which the planetary shields are controlled. The tower can only be reached on foot from a single causeway over a deep chasm.
- At the centre of the city is an armoured military installation, the beating heart of the Republic's military presence.
- To properly secure Taris the Sith forces would also benefit from securing the major space port where thousands of ships pass through every day.


- A small, outlying village on the hills amongst the thick forest and dense undergrowth provides a unique strategic position that allows the defenders visibility over the surrounding jungle.
- A small airstrip with hangars, anti-air turrets and a control tower is being used by the Republic to ensure it has enough fighters in the air to mitigate the small number of turbolaser defences the planet has.
- Beyond the village and the airstrip lies a fortified military base, the largest of its kind on Felucia and it is from here that the Republic would hold all of its might.

The defending players in their set up can also go into more vivid detail for what they want, these points, may be added to the Zones description so they aren't lost due to posts. Of course fighting and winning duels will aid your faction in its bid for victory.

Please note that due to the time constraints of a battle event and the fact that they cannot run indefinitely, that we ask players to use their common sense and be fair in their judgement in a duel. If you are waiting for an opponent to post and the opponent takes a long time to reply, you are free to carry on posting or move along so it does not prevent you from progressing.

All rules regarding events are on the Galactic Knowledge to be checked up on at any time!

Double Donations!
Zander2021-03-01 18:03:24
From now until the end of March, all donations made will be doubled! After donating, please submit a petition with the amount you donated and request your points be doubled. Then, you will get your additional points!

This means that if you donated
$10 to the site (which would give you 1000 Donator Points), and then submit your petition requesting your double points be added, you will get a further 1000 DP!

Every donation over $10 will also get you
10,000 gems free!

Be sure to get your donations in, because the double donation period finishes at the end of March!

Poll: The Republic Elections!
Zander2021-01-23 11:39:47
The time has come! As you can see by checking the candidates in the Senate Hall, we only have two people standing for Chancellor. Renzo Roonn and Mandalore the Renewer. Please choose who you wish to become the first Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. Note you can only vote if: - Your character is Republic aligned. - Your character is 18+ Players can vote more than once with their different characters. All votes deemed ineligible will be discounted.
Renzo Roonn (4 - 22.2%)
Mandalore the Renewer (14 - 77.8%)

The Galactic Republic
Zander2021-01-22 11:34:14
We've added a new location in Coruscant the 'Senate Hall', here players can see which players and/or npcs have been elected Senators and of which world they represent. Hopefully the list can fill out and grow over time, unless you're a Sith in which hopefully they all die horribly, but for now it's what we have.

Using this new feature those players that wish to be elected Chancellor can stand and in the Senate Halls players can vote for their top pick.

Some quick rules:

- Players do not vote, characters do, which means your characters can vote for different people.
- With this in mind, if you stand for the Republic please don't just...vote for yourself. If one character would vote, then by all means, but try to be fair.
- Only those characters that are Republic aligned can vote. Including Jedi, they are going to live under this Republic after all.
- Characters must be 18+ to vote.
- All votes that are deemed ineligible will be discounted by staff.

Players and their npcs have 24 hours to choose whether or not to stand for Election. After that a site poll will be posted for eligible players to vote.

EK Contest winners
Zander2021-01-03 10:26:50
Happy New Year to you all!

We hope you all had a good New Year and Christmas.

It's time to announce the winners of the EK Contest! In first place,
Arthemysia in second place, Revik and in third, Khath! Congratulations to these 3 for taking the prize as victors of the contest and well done to all of you who took part, we hope you enjoyed it!

All three victors will have their rewards added shortly.

Christmas Staff Title and Color Contest
Bounty Hunter Ana Ferine2020-12-11 07:13:05
Deck the halls with boughs of holly, because
Christmas is here once again!

To celebrate the season, the staff are looking to give themselves
Christmas colours and titles, but we need help with options!

You guys can come up with coloured titles and coloured names for the staff in order to win

It's really simple! All you have to do is come up with seasonally themed
Christmas and holiday season titles, and colour the titles and staff names in some festive colours for staff members! Once you've done this, petition in your creations for rewards! The rewards you receive for entering include:

- 100
gems for each coloured title and name you create for a staff member.
- 50 extra
gems for every subsequent coloured title and name you create for each staff member. For example, if you come up with 4 ideas for Qui
nn, you'll receive 250 gems!
- If you send in at least one pick for every member of staff, you'll also receive 1,000
- Those whose coloured title and name is picked by the staff to be worn throughout the
Christmas period will receive 3,000 more gems and, because it's Christmas, 500 Donator Points!!

Happy colouring, and get festive!

The latest entry for title/colour schemes is: Midnight server time on Sunday, December 20th! The colours will be picked by the staff shortly afterwards.

EK Contest Week 1!
Zander2020-12-07 14:19:08
To keep you all updated on the leaders in the EK Contest!

1st Place - Arthemysia 63 EKs!

2nd Place - Khath 22 EKs!

3rd Place - Jaden 19 EKs!

Congrats to the leaders. Reminder that the EK Contest stretched until the end of December! Happy Emperor Killing!

Zander2020-12-01 02:27:15
IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAAA-No. It isn't. Anyone seen celebrating the holidays this early will be instantly banned forever and ever.

In other news...We appreciate that everyone is sick of 2020 and wants it over with so with this in mind that very soon we will be activating all of our Christmassy stuff! Costumes to celebrate the month, the ability to buy one another presents and the clan Christmas trees!
Someone has to beat the Sith this year... But also, we're offering Double Donations and an EK Contest!

Double Donations works like normal: Donate the amount, petition in asking for your double points to be granted and then staff will add the extra points to your account!

The EK Contest is overdue as well, with all of our new and exciting features we've added this year to make the levelling side of the game more attractive and enjoyable. No need to send a holo or petition in to join, all you need to do is simply kill the Emperor.

1st Prize - 100,000 gems, 1,000 Donator Points and potentially something special.

2nd Prize - 50,000 gems, 500 Donator Points and potentially something special.

3rd Prize - 10,000 gems, 250 Donator Points.

Battle of Coruscant
Zander2020-11-15 11:06:59
Having missed the deadline...a long time ago, the Battle of Coruscant has finally begun to wind itself down. The Free Independent Systems have managed to clinch victory and take the former Capital world of the Republic away from the clutches of the Sith Empire. The planet smokes and burns. Thousands, perhaps even tens or hundreds of thousands lay dead and countless wounded, but the war rages on still. It was a pleasure to watch and read everything that has happened over the course of the RP event and we hope you all enjoyed participating in it!

Now that the event is over we need your help to evaluate the event! We want our events to be awesome, and you can help us make them even better by giving us your feedback. Below are several questions about the set up and organisation of the event. Please send us a petition with your answers.

Even if you think everything went well, let us know, all feedback is appreciated and helps us improve!

1. Staggered Start
This event we worked with a staggered start, giving the Sith the chance to set up in advance, then giving the FIS time to post their arrival before the start of the event so that the actual battles could start at the start date, rather than days or weeks after.

What are your thoughts on the staggered start? Did it work well? Would you like to see it return for future events? How could it be improved?

2. Objectives
For this event we have included objectives to make it clearer what different things can be done by the attacking party and what the defending party will need to defend.

What are your thoughts on the objectives? Were they helpful or not? Would you like to see them return for future events? How could they be improved?

3. General feedback
Do you have any more comments you would like to give about the event based on the set up and organisation (not individual performances)? What did you like about this event? What things could be done better next time? Share your views with us!

Lastly, we would also like to know which player(s) stood out to you! Who drew your attention and why? So who would you like to nominate as Hero of Coruscant? Nominating someone for this will net you 1,000 gems!

Star Wars Trivia!
Bounty Hunter Ana Ferine2020-10-31 09:30:15
Reminder: trivia is today at 3 PM server time!

Trivia time has returned once more! This trivia's theme will be general trivia! From acklay and rancors and reek (oh my!), to a spooky tale the Jedi are too afraid to tell you, anything goes with general trivia!

Trivia will be Saturday, October 31st at 3:00 PM server time! It will be in the
Star Wars Zone in Coruscant and hosted by: Ana Ferine!

Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

The questions for trivia will be a mix of general Star Wars trivia and site trivia - hope to see you all there!

Halloween Staff Colour and Title Contest
Bounty Hunter Ana Ferine2020-10-02 12:05:13
Cue the spooky music and light up some jack'o'lanterns, because Halloween is coming to town!

To celebrate the season, the staff are looking to give themselves
Halloween colours and titles, but we need help with options!

You guys can come up with coloured titles and coloured names for the staff in order to win

It's really simple! All you have to do is come up with seasonally themed
Halloween titles, and colour the titles and staff names in some spooky colours for staff members! Once you've done this, petition in your creations for rewards! The rewards you receive for entering include:

- 100
gems for each coloured title and name you create for a staff member.
- 50 extra
gems for every subsequent coloured title and name you create for each staff member. For example, if you come up with 4 ideas for Qui
nn, you'll receive 250 gems!
- If you send in at least one pick for every member of staff, you'll also receive 1,000
- Those whose coloured title and name is picked by the staff to be worn throughout the
Halloween period will receive 3,000 more gems and, because it's Halloween, 500 Donator Points!!

Happy colouring, and get spooky!

The latest entry for title/colour schemes is: Midnight server time on Sunday, October 18th! The colours will be picked by the staff shortly afterwards.

Battle of Coruscant!
Zander2020-09-27 12:58:32

The Battle of Coruscant event has been extended! Two weeks will be added to the event duration to give everyone enough time to write their own battles! The event will now run until the 11th of October.

Original MotD:

The time has come! Operation Domino Part 2, the FIS invasion of Coruscant!

The event will kick off on
Sunday the 6th of September. This time we have some new and (hopefully) exciting changes to how we run the war event. Now these changes, it is important to note are a tester and we will retain the ability to change things mid-event if they don't work out quite well.

Firstly, from Saturday the 22nd of August due to the Sith knowing about the attack on Coruscant the Sith can begin RPing setting up, preparing and making note of their defences and troops and stuff on the world. From Saturday the 29th of August, the FIS players can begin entering the Coruscant system and initiate a space battle or discuss battle tactics and what not, for those that are that way inclined. We've implemented these changes because in the past when an event kicks off, the first week tends to be full of the Sith establishing themselves and the FIS entering the system, doing the space and then landing. So we've tried to enable you to streamline the event itself.

The next new thing is obviously the fact that Coruscant is our OOC location. The only place we can speak freely. The place new players arrive and ask questions that are displayed in the FAQs and other areas. What will we do? We're gonna give you 5 RP Zones in Coruscant for the event, due to it being such a large scale event. These zones will be: The Academy, The Federal District, the Lower Markets, Military Base and the Works.

Now, in a further effort to try something new to give you players some organisation to your RPs and strategies we are also adding objectives to these Zones. If the victory or defeat isn't clear cut, I can refer to the objectives and decide whether or not a faction has won or lost the battle. Now these objectives will be a guide for you all, not necessary to pursue by any means and it is just a test, however, completing certain ones will allow you certain benefits to encourage you to pursue them.

The Academy:

- Gain Entry into the Academy.
- Secure the Library.
- Capture Hangar Control.
(Allow more FIS forces to be landed inside the Academy to help capture it)
- Secure the Overseer Offices.

The Military Base:

- Destroy anti-air defences.
(Enables the FIS forces to provide more air support)
- Overrun infantry defences.
- Take control of/destroy vehicle bays.
(The Sith use of walkers and other vehicles is inhibited)
- Secure High Command Control.
- Release prisoners in detention block.
(The prisoners join the FIS fighters)
- Take over comm centre. (No Sith forces can use comms to communicate)

Lower Markets:

- Capture the market district.
- Capture the Sith museum.
- Capture turbolift control.
(Allows the FIS to move through the turbolifts really to upper and lower levels. Stops the Sith from doing so)

The Works:

- Destroy turbolaser defence towers.
(Enables the FIS forces to provide more air support)
- Capture factory exterior.
- Shut off power to Sith buildings.
(All buildings under Sith control lose all power. All deadlocked doors open)


- Disable star destroyer.
(With turbolasers or ventral cannons active, the FIS cannot land droid ships)
- Disable turbolasers. (Enables the FIS forces to provide more air support)
- Disable ventral canons. (Enables the FIS forces to provide more air support)
- Destroy TIEs. (Enables the FIS forces to provide more air support)

Federal District:

- Secure a landing zone for droid ships.
(Gives the FIS a location to land their droid ships)
- Capture Senate Offices.
- Destroy the Sith heavy artillery.
(Stops the Sith from using the artillery against the FIS)

We will be adding a description to each of these Zones, giving players a rough layout to work with. The Sith players in their set up can also go into more vivid detail for what they want, these points, may be added to the Zones description so they aren't lost due to posts. Of course fighting and winning duels will aid your faction in its bid for victory.

Please note that due to the time constraints of a battle event and the fact that they cannot run indefinitely, that we ask players to use their common sense and be fair in their judgement in a duel. If you are waiting for an opponent to post and the opponent takes a long time to reply, you are free to carry on posting or move along so it does not prevent you from progressing.

All Site and RP Rules will Apply. The event will run from 6th of September to the 27th of September.

Please note, the staff may extend the length of the event.
Please Direct any inquiries to staff.

Poll: Upcoming Event Ideas!
Bounty Hunter Ana Ferine2020-07-21 21:07:28
As SWO continues to grow and update, we would like to touch base with our players and get some feedback! We are curious as to what all of your wonderful players think and would prefer to see. What would you like our next event/update to be? Cast your vote below!

If you have ideas or suggestions not listed below, please petition them! Thank you, and may the Force be with you!

Writing Contest (5 - 29.4%)
War Event (9 - 52.9%)
Second Great Contest (0 - 0%)
EK Contest (1 - 5.9%)
More Game Aspects (forest events, quests like the star maps, etc) (2 - 11.8%)

Star Wars Trivia!
Bounty Hunter Ana Ferine2020-07-17 06:05:04
Reminder: trivia is today at 3:30 PM server time!

Trivia time is coming around once more! This trivia's theme will be general trivia! From Kashyyyk and Ki-Adi-Mundi, to Babu Frik and Bespin, anything goes with general trivia!

Trivia will be Friday, July 17th at 3:30 PM server time! It will be in the
Star Wars Zone in Coruscant and hosted by: Ana Ferine!

Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

The questions for trivia will be a mix of general Star Wars trivia and site trivia - hope to see you all there!

Contest Victors!
Zander2020-07-01 06:47:52
And with the End of June, so too do our Donator and Emperor Kill Contests end. I think it is fair to say that they were both a success and I hope that you have all discovered and levelled up some of our new specialities, some of you may have even used them against the recent
Darkness we unleashed upon the site recently.

Without further ado, the winners of the EK Contest:

1st - Sifan with 198 EKs!
2nd -
SolaTrigg with 50 EKs!
3rd - Qui
nn with 30 EKs!

I noticed a fair number of players levelling and EKing, so congratulations to all of you who participated!

Now to the Donator Contest. After a staggering month of donations, we have come to the end of June and now it is time to reveal who it was that won the Donation Contest. It was a close race but there is only one victor.

Congratulations to
SolaTrigg for winning the Donation Contest!

It was said in the change log, but not the MotD, but for winning the Contest, Sola will become the first player character to become a Legendary Card as well as the rewards stated in the MotD.

All rewards will be added shortly after this MotD.

EK Contest!
Bounty Hunter Ana Ferine2020-06-14 10:48:41
To celebrate the exciting new Lightsaber Form specialties, we have decided to host an Emperor Kill contest!

There will be 3 prizes for the top 3 EKers:

1st Prize - 2,000 Donator Points, 5,000 gems, 100,000 credits, and the best mount in the game!

2nd Prize - 500 Donator Points, 2,500 gems, and 50,000 credits!

3rd Prize - 250 Donator Points, 1,250 gems, and 25,000 credits!

Also, every player will receive 100 Donator Points for every 100 EKs they do, meaning if you manage to EK 300 times, you will receive 300 Donator Points.

This Contest will run until the end of the day server time on Tuesday, June 30th!

Happy Leveling!

Double Donations & Donator Contest!
Zander2020-06-10 10:27:04
From now until the end of June, all donations made will be doubled! After donating, please submit a petition with the amount you donated and request your points be doubled. Then, you will get your additional points!

This means that if you donated
$10 to the site (which would give you 1000 Donator Points), and then submit your petition requesting your double points be added, you will get a further 1000 DP!

Every donation over $10 will also get you
10,000 gems free!

Be sure to get your donations in, because the double donation period finishes at the end of June!

Donator Contest

The rewards for being the top donator of June are as follows:

- Your Donator Points for the month doubled (after the double donations has already been applied! This means if you donated $5 and got 500 points and it was doubled to 1,000 - you will get 2,000!)

- You will become a creature in the forest!

A custom version of the best mount in the game!

- 100,000 gems!

Remember, to donate to the site click the paypal button on the bottom right of the page (the one with Darth Vader on the picture)

Note: Those who have already donated this month will soon have their points doubled.

Star Wars trivia!
Bounty Hunter Ana Ferine2020-05-29 09:00:02
Reminder: trivia is today at 3:30 PM server time!

Trivia time is coming around once more! This trivia will be general trivia! From battles and beings, to Sith and species (except the Vong), anything goes with general trivia!

Trivia will be Friday, May 29th at 3:30 PM server time! It will be in the Star Wars Zone in Coruscant and hosted by:

Each correct answer will be awarded 100 gems and the overall winner will have his or her gem reward doubled!!

The questions for trivia will be a mix of general Star Wars trivia and site trivia - hope to see you all there!

First Kill RP Contest Results
Bounty Hunter Ana Ferine2020-05-05 06:35:54
Thank you to everyone who sent in an entry for the first kill RP contest, and everyone who voted! Every single entry we received was excellent!

Here are the winners of the contest:

First place:
arth Karana

Second place: Angel

Third place: Sierra Torpoli

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Star Wars Trivia!
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In honor of May the Fourth, trivia time is coming around once again! This trivia will be general trivia! From species and starships, to battles and blasters, anything goes with general trivia!

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Poll: First Kill RP Poll
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First Kill Entry Poll Here is where you can vote for your favorite from the first kill RP entries! Remember, you will have until midnight server time on Monday, May 4th to vote! Players are not allowed to vote for themselves. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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5 - Sierra Torpoli (2 - 12.5%)
6 - D
arth Karana (6 - 37.5%)
7 - Malakai Vaiken (1 - 6.3%)
8 - Ana Ferine (1 - 6.3%)
9 -
Angel (3 - 18.8%)

First Kill Entries (Part 2)
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Here are the rest of the first kill RP entries! The poll will be posted separately, and the other entries are in the previous MotD.

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arth Karana:

The room was dark. The blinds were closed. The few lights that were on were dimmed to their lowest setting. Time was always impossible to tell when the entire apartment was caught in a state of eternal dusk. Suns would neither set nor rise inside these walls, where the only betrayal of the passing of time came in the form of the growth of the child. The girl sat under a chair, it was rounded, open on one side, like an ellipse with one end cut off. Next to her stood a small table with a lamp on it. The lamp was shaped in the figure of a woman with her arm raised skyward, the source of its light was an opening in her palm from which light would spring. A fair work of art and craftsmanship. One likely intended to be an icon of hope. Now, in the gloomy room, the dimmed light cast eerie shadows on the veiled face of the female figure. Still, it was one of the few lights the young girl had. She did not know yet if the other inhabitant of the apartment had yet risen. Didn't know if she was still safe and free, or if the time to be cautious and careful had come again. She didn't dare to look, out of fear of waking her. Instead she sat still and hidden, not daring to disturb the silence in the rooms. The air around her was heavy. Were she older, and had she seen more of the world, she might have said living the apartment was like living in a tomb. She could barely remember the last time she had been outside. The last time she had seen the clouds the city in which they lived had been named for. For all she knew, their little apartment could've been ejected from the city, drifting through empty space. Not that she knew what space was. Her world was as small as the walls that surrounded her.

Her stomach growled, expressing its displeasure with the length of time in between the present and her last meal. It had been before she slept. Before she woke up. But whether it had been lunch or dinner had been hard to tell. She had slept, so now it was morning. If she was fed no it would be breakfast. If it took longer it was lunch. If it took even longer, until she started getting drowsy again, it would be dinner. Her own need for sleep dictated the time of day. There were clocks, but the numbers they displayed were meaningless to her. She didn’t know if there would be breakfast today. Or any day. Sometimes her mother slept until noon. Sometimes she would wake but remain in bed. Sometimes she would run around the house, screaming at things that weren’t there. Or manically clean up dust the dust that began to heap up on the furniture. On the ground and on the many surfaces. Sometimes she hid so well her mother even forgot she was there. And sometimes...she would be normal. She would make breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. And she wouldn’t scream. Or mutter. If the girl had learned one thing, it was that silence was safe. Unless it was the silence of waiting before something came down. When her stomach roared again she put her hand on it and placed her finger against her lips, making a soft shushing sound. She could only hope her mother hadn’t heard. Hadn’t been woken by her. The girl was not allowed to wake her. If she did so she would be screamed at. Told that she had a demon in her. Told her she was thinking evil thoughts again. Told that she was the cause for everything. She didn’t want to be the cause for everything. She didn’t want to be like the demons her mother told her she had in her. So she remained quiet, and hidden. Out of sight. Hopefully out of mind. She could never enjoy the quiet. Part of her needed her mother awake, the child that needed its parent. But part of her would rather see her away.
Bad thoughts. Bad thoughts! She was thinking bad thoughts again. She couldn’t think like that. She wasn’t allowed. If her mother heard her thinking it she would surely get punished. She would yell at her. Or lock her up in the cupboard. Or both. She wouldn’t hit her. Not for bad thoughts. She only hid her if she did it. She wrapped her thin, pale arms around her legs and rested her head against the inside of the chair she was hidden under. She would just have to wait. But for how long?

Her stomach roared again. She could go to the kitchen...She could climb onto a chair, and then on the counter, and then open the cabinets and see if there was anything to eat. She leaned forward, peeking out of her hiding spot. There was no sign of her mother. No sound. She was probably still asleep. She slid out from under her chair and tip toed through the living room. She had gotten pretty good at sneaking. Knowing how to put her feet down without making any sound. Knowing where to step and where not. Which parts of the floor might make sounds. Knowing which spots were safe. She always moved soundlessly. During one of the few rare instances where her father was home, he had once said she walked as quietly as a Vornskr. Whatever that was. It sounded good. She snuck into the kitchen and looked around. Her heart sank. The chairs all stood close to the table. Too close to the table meant too far from the counter. She wouldn’t be able to climb from one to the other. Not without jumping, and jumping would mean landing, and landing would mean
noise. She couldn’t afford to make noise. She tilted her head back, staring longingly at the cabinet above the counter. A soft groan erupted from her stomach, reminding her of her hunger. If only she could get there, if only she could reach it, and open it and get just something. Even just a biscuit would be nice to- Her eyes widened and a shriek erupted from her mouth. The door had moved! It had moved! She saw it. She had seen it! Just a little shiver, but it moved. Her hands flew up to cover her mouth and she jumped back in horror when she realised what she had done. She had used it. She had made sound. If her mother woke she would be furious! Her back collided with the chair behind her. She whirled around, eyes wide in shock. She saw it happening as if it was slow motion. The chair swayed back from the impact, leaning further and further beyond its point of gravity. She stared in horror as for one moment it seemed stuck, frozen in time, unable to decide whether it would fall or drop back in place. Then, it tipped. It fell.

She wanted to scream, wanted to cry out. Wanted to do anything to make it stop. Until it stopped. The chair hung suspended in the air, frozen mid fall. Caught moments before it would hit the ground. She had used it...again. Terror crept up at her, grasping hold of her little body. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't move. She could only stare until the spell was broken. The chair clattered onto the ground. She turned around and ran, fled the kitchen, fled the scene of her crime, ran into the living room and dove back underneath her chair right when a muffled cry erupted from her mother's bedroom. She pressed herself against the back of the oval, hoping her mother wouldn't see her. Wouldn't know where to find her. Would forget about her. Would forget she had ever existed. Her heart raced, but she kept her mouth shut, not wanting her own rapid breathing to give her away. She clenched her teeth against each other. Kept her eyes firmly shut, as if she believed that by shutting out the world it would cease to exist. For a moment, there was silence. There was nothing. No sounds. The apartment was as quiet as it had been before she had ever even considered going into the kitchen. Then she heard the creaking of the bed. Footsteps. A door opening and closing. More footsteps. She was barefoot. Probably hadn't bothered to dress herself. The girl curled up into a tiny ball, her arms wrapped around her legs.
Don't let her find me. Don't let her find me... She held her eyes closed, hoping. Hoping... "Eshla!" the voice boomed through the living room, causing the girl to wince. "What did you do?!" She didn't respond, didn't answer, remained hidden. Hoping... "Don't want me to find you...I can hear you! Can't you just for once let me sleep?!" She should've been more careful. Should've been more considerate. But she knew there was something wrong with her. Her mother had told her so. Told her many times. The footsteps stopped. Her mother's voice rose, "Can't you just for once, let me be?!" The girl didn't know what she meant. Perhaps her mother wasn't even talking to her. It happened. Sometimes she screamed at other people. People who weren't even there. "Are you thinking bad thoughts again? Are you trying to ruin everything again?" She could hear the agitation in her mother's voice. Today would not be a good day. She could only hope her father would come home. Then at least she could scream at him, and not at her...

"You want
what?!" She pressed her forehead against her knees. Don't think. Don't think. Don't think Footsteps again. Closer now. She couldn't find her. Don't think. She couldn't find her. Don't think She couldn't think bad thoughts. Don't think She shouldn't be thinking at all. Don't think. She shouldn't even exist at all. Don't. The footsteps stopped right next to her chair. In one mortifying moment she became aware of one thing. Her perfect hiding place shielded her from sight from nearly all angles. But it meant it only had one exit. Her heart nearly stopped when she stared at the two slender feet, the skin was as pale as her own, though with an unhealthy sheen of grey over it. The girl hadn't even realised her nails had dug into her own skin. Those of the right hand burying themselves in her left calf, while her left hand rested on her right arm. The fear was strong enough that she barely felt the pain. "Why can't you just be normal?" The despair in her mother's voice was almost as tangible as her own fear. She wanted to be normal. She wanted to be normal so badly. Wanted to be good. Wanted to be a good child that wouldn't cause her mother trouble. It was her fault. She'd been told so often enough. Everything was her fault. A pained whimper escaped her. "You need to learn". The knees began to bend. A subtle creak in the floor betrayed her mother shifting her weight as she started to bend over. To pull her out of her hiding place. No! She pressed herself against the oval form of the chair, hard enough to push it back a little. A shot of adrenaline and fear rushed through her. Her eyes were wide, staring at the opening. A hand would come through there any minute. Ready to grab her. Ready to pull her out...No, no, no, no, no, no... Something else flowed through her. Something else she knew. Something that terrified her even more. Her demon.

:Something fell. A loud bump shattered the silence. Her mother froze in place. A rolling sound which slowly came to a stop. The lamp. The lamp shaped like a woman had fallen from the table. Had her mother knocked it over? Or had she... She couldn't have.
She couldn't have. She couldn't have. She couldn't have. "You" The one word was like a knife through her skin. She no longer felt the fear. Shock had taken its place. Shock as she stared at the two feet. "You are cursed" She was... "You have cursed me. You demon! You are not my child!" One thing she suddenly knew for certain. She didn't want to be there. She didn't want her mother to get her. She had already broken all the rules. She pushed herself off against the floor and suddenly darted forward. If she was quick she could get away. She might run to the bathroom. If she got there in time she could close the door and engage the lock. She'd be safe. She'd be safe. She'd be safe. "No!" her mother cried, knowing her plan the moment she did.

She shot out from underneath the chair and could almost
feel her mother's hand grasping for her, clawing at her back, but barely missing her. She could make it! She went for a sprint, the bathroom wasn't that far. She just had to get there and close the door. Just had to- Her foot caught behind a carpet. She stumbled and landed hard on hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder, trying to see where her mother was. She stood by the chair still. Dressed in her light blue nightgown. Her long black hair framed her face, setting a stark contrast to her pale, almost white skin. Her hair was mess of twists and tangles that clearly hadn't seen a brush in the last two weeks. The nightgown was faded, and probably hadn't been washed for about the same time. Her eyes were two neon blue haloes filled with black pits. The expression spoke of the wretched anger of one who had lost control over everything so long ago and desperately tried to hold on to the few things she still had power over. The girl was too young to understand. She tried to crawl away, but one step from her mother covered the distance. She began to reach out. A hand with dirty nails grabbing for her daughter. The girls eyes, exact replicas of her mother's, widened in shock. She couldn't. Instinctively she raised her hand. She couldn't be caught. She couldn't be. She couldn't be. Her heart was racing. Her eyes closed as she averted her face. She felt fear inside her. A rush of fear. Adrenaline. Terror. And something else. No!

She had no control over it. It rushed out of her, leaping from her body without her wanting to. No hand came to grab her. She looked up, eyes opening once more and she saw her mother. Staggering, uneven on her feet, like something had hit her square in the chest. For one breath. One heartbeat, she was stuck in place. Caught on her point of balance, just like the chair had been. Then slowly she toppled, falling back. Her body landed on the floor with a loud bang, yet another sound resonated through the room. A crack. Like the crack of an egg shell, but louder. Far louder. Too loud. The girl stared in horror as her mother fell. And no longer moved. At any moment she expected her to sit up again. To scream. To throw her arms around. To get up and continue her pursuit. But she didn’t. She just lay there. Unmoving. In her faded blue nightgown.

It wasn't until her own head started to hurt that the girl realised she'd been holding her breath. "Mam...?" she asked, whispered, in the tiniest voice. She got up, shaking in every limb. One silent, inaudible step closer. The woman still did not move. Another step. Nothing. Was she trying to trick her? The sudden urge to run away as fast as she could washed over her before she could resist it. She ran. Ran. Ran. Ran away. Loud steps. Loud echoes in the room. But then she stopped. Stopped and looked back. Her mother still hadn't moved. A different kind of fear took her now. "Mam...?" No response. Slowly she went back again. Silent step after silent step. Until she stood next to her. Could see her. "Mama...?" The cyan eyes were open. Yet even the child could tell something was wrong. They were unfocused. The pupils oddly dilated. It was like something was missing. Like something was no longer there. Something that should be there. That
had to be there. "Mam...?" her voice trembled. Her lower lip quivered. She kneeled down by her mother and gently touched her shoulder. No reaction. Why didn't she do anything? Why didn't she move? "Mama" she pushed gently, but her mother didn't react. Didn't move. Didn't even blink. The girl could only stare. Stare without understanding. She didn't even see the lamp. The figure of the woman with the raised arm, from whose open hand light would shine. She didn't even see that hand had buried itself into the back of her mother's skull. She didn't even see the blood. Not at first. Not until her hand felt sticky and she lifted it to see the bright crimson on her white skin. "Maam!"

Panic grabbed at her now. She pushed against her mother's shoulder more strongly now. Shouted at her. Tried everything to get a reaction. She pushed over the table, knowing her mother hated the noise. She thought all the bad things. If only she'd get up. If only she'd just scream at her. And would chase her around the house. She would be glad to be locked in the cupboard. Glad to be told she was evil. Anything. Anything better than this. Tears made their way through her eyes. Warm and pricking. Itchy against her skin as they slid down her cheeks. She didn't understand. Maybe her mom was just sleeping...she always liked sleeping...Maybe she had to be really really quiet, let her sleep and then she'd wake up again... She ran to the bedroom to grab one of the blankets off the bed and ran back to her mother, gently draping it over her. There. Now she could sleep. "I'm...I'm sorry" she whispered. "I didn't want to be bad. Please, mam..." No response. She ran. Ran because she couldn't face it. Ran because the truth began to sink in. Because her mother wouldn't move again. She ran for the cupboard and pulled the doors closed behind her. She couldn't lock it from the outside, like her mother always did when she was bad. But she always put her there so she would
be normal. In her thoughts she was still running. Running because her mother was right. Running because she was cursed. Running because he was evil. Running because her young mind couldn't begin to comprehend. Because she couldn't face, what she had done.


Malakai Vaiken:

Lieutenant Vaiken was thrown to the floor as a concussive blast erupted behind him and sent bodies of those hit directly as well as chunks of rock and countless splatters of wet mud up into the sky. For 3 damned weeks the Imperial Officer had been stuck on this godforsaken world and every day had been like this – hell. The sound of laser fire whizzing over head, of it clipping tree bark or the floor filled Malakai’s ears as he lay there, covered in mud and blood as he pushed himself up from the floor and onto one knee.

The Lieutenant had fortunately been thrown by the blast into a crater, no doubt formed by some of the heavy artillery the defensive populace are making use of and used the crater as cover. He clutched his blaster rifle to his chest and breathed deeply, in and out as he got a hold of himself and then he ran forwards and out of the crater. Out into that wicked hail storm of blaster fire ripping backwards and forwards through the smoke filled air. Malakai moved as quickly as he could to the nearest form of a cover, a fallen tree, the bark of it was blackened and scorched by fire, which was not surprising due to the sheer amounts of firebombing the Empire had done to this sector before the assault had begun.

This entire region of dense jungle had been napalmed into oblivion before Malakai’s unit was given the order to advance through it, as expected and as had happened every time before the damned aliens and their defences had mainly survived the bombardment and were dug in deep and the artillery had served only to destroy most forms of cover the Sith troopers could use. As for Sith trooper’s Malakai’s squad was annihilated in the first hour of the attack, they ran into a mounted gun placement and Malakai winced as he remembered some of the men were torn apart by the heavy repeating blasts of the cannon.

He looked down as he hid behind the tree trunk and saw the lifeless eyes of another Sith trooper gazing up at him and Malakai recoiled and fell once again onto his back. His hands abandoned his rifle which was attached to him by a sling around his neck and with his hands he gripped and clutched as the muddy surface and tried to pull himself away from the body. Malakai was panting heavily, he felt hot and knew he was sweating, his black armour was covered in a thick layer of mud and his face was dotted with blood that ran from little cuts on his face.

Eventually, his training kicked in once again and Malakai came to grips with himself and his surroundings. His lungs burned as he inhaled the smokey air and gazed up and over the tree trunk, rows of Sith troopers ran forwards along the field ahead of him towards a metal structure at the far edge; a metal structure that Malakai knew was a bunker. From it heavy repeaters unleashed torrents of blaster fire at the advancing Sith and pinned down many, from its sides the aliens had dug deep trenches and were also firing out across the field from them and behind their lines was a serious of artillery cannons and anti-air turrets that were making further advancement towards the capital of the stronghold world incredibly difficult.
A small alien civilisation on the borders of the Empire, a peaceful people that presented no challenge to the might of the Sith but they served a purpose still. They were a tester, to test the might of the glorious Sith Military, to test their weapons and battle tactics in a true war and to allow the Sith to learn invaluable lessons to help in the coming conflict. That conflict that all in the Empire crave and hunger for, the war with the Republic. Malakai at last hopped over the tree trunk and ran forwards, dodging blaster bolts that whizzed by him or crossed his path until he linked up with another squad of Sith that were taking cover in another crater. They paid Malakai’s arrival no heed and immediately their Captain crawled to the tip of the crater and yelled
‘Covering fire!’ at the top of his lungs and began firing at the trench line.

Vaiken and the other Sith didn’t need to told twice, Malakai crawled to the tip of the crater and also began firing his rifle at the trench line. He aimed at anything he could see moving and fired in short bursts, letting the alien scum know that he was there every couple of seconds. Another explosive blast went off several feet in front of Malakai and he was thrown back to the other side of the crater and landed with a heavy thud with the wind being knocked out of him. Malakai opened his eyes after a short few moments, he was gazing up at the skies, the skies that were full of star fighters and bombers whizzing backwards and forwards and shooting at one another. One in particular caught Malakai’s eye as it nose dived towards the battlefield, towards him – it was an alien star figher he knew and it began to open fire upon the battlefield. A strafe attack run. Malakai saw it’s blaster fire hit the field and quickly advance forwards in a straight line towards him and his crater, but moments before it hit the crater and the Sith using it as cover a Sith fighter swerved into Malakai’s vision and with two shots hit the alien fighter and turned it into nothing more than burning wreck that passed high over the crater before it crashed behind them some distance.

‘Come on!’ the Captain yelled and Malakai got up and made his way back to the other side of the crater and resumed firing. Some of the Sith in the crater with him had already been killed by the aliens returning fire, but soon they’d all be dead Malakai thought as he saw one of the blaster cannons in the bunker turn in their direction. He had the briefest of moments where he made peace with his fate, to die for the glory of the Sith Empire was his fate, this he knew, this he had known for years – he was born to die for the Sith Empire and to die for a cause he believed in was hardly something to be sad about.

But just then the bunker was struck by a blast of blue energy and Malakai gasped and followed the already dissipating trail of blue energy to its source and saw a Sith tank rumbling across the field towards the trench line. Malakai cheered for the tank as he found a renewed sense of strength and morale and turned to fire on the aliens once again, but Malakai heard another sound, a roar...a group of roars. The aliens were roaring in unison and Malakai soon saw why, they hurtled up and over the trench and charged forwards across the field.
They were armoured in places but beneath their armour they wore seemingly nothing but bare skin, they surged forwards at a quick pace en masse firing from the tips of their spears that doubled as blasters and Malakai was very nearly hit several times. With the other Sith, the tank, a well-timed strafe run from a Sith fighter and a few well placed grenades the alien charge was cut short with only a handful of aliens making it into melee range with some Sith forces. Malakai fired at the aliens that ran forwards, but most of his shots either missed or hit the armour of the aliens or those he shot at were killed by someone else before his bolts landed.

However, one alien made it to the crater and Malakai instinctively, like the other Sith got to his feet to fight it. His blaster was hit immediately and knocked off to the side by the alien’s spear. Malakai was then whacked in the chest with the bottom of the spear and sent once again onto his back and down into the crater. Seconds passed as Malakai tried to aim his blaster rifle at the alien. The spear tip found the throats of two of the Sith troopers with Malakai and their bodies tumbled down into the bottom of the pit with him and then the captain with his final moments shot at the alien and tried to hit the face of it, the face of which the mouth protruded out about a foot in length and was lined with sharp teeth. But he failed, the alien’s spear found its way through the captain’s chest plate and into the man’s flesh but it did not get out of the other side, instead the alien, as it hoisted him off of the floor and into the air shot from the spear to blow a hole out of the other side before it tossed the captain’s body down into the crater with Malakai. Splattering the officer’s blood all over Vaiken’s face and into his right eye before it returned its attention to Malakai, who then, without waiting pulled the trigger and although aiming only with his left eye shot the alien directly in the face twice and he watched as its body crumpled forwards too.


a Ferine (as Anara Torpoli):

"They should have arrived by now."

Anara turned her head to look to the male Jedi beside her after he'd spoken. Nevar Orion was a fellow human, seeking to rise to Knight in the Jedi Order. With tanned skin and strong features, he was someone that Anara imagined would not have difficulty finding his way on any path in life. The Force had led him to his place among the Jedi. For that, she was grateful - they had been friends since they were younglings. Even their Masters were friends, which had allowed the pair to get to train together and coordinate time and time again to grow along their paths. His brown eyes, alight with purpose, were staring ahead from their vantage point. The pair of Padawans were upon a bronzium-plated roof in Kowak's capital city, Sclavos. The raised edge of the roof provided the two Jedi the cover they needed to stay hidden as they monitored the landing platform which took up a part of the roof adjacent to them.

"I know."

Her mouth tugged into a soft half-frown when she spoke before her attention returned to the adjacent platform. Sweat had started to bead along the line of her brow - as afternoon came to the city, the humidity of the jungle-flanked metropolis spiked. All of her hair, save her Padawan braid, had been pulled back into a large bun held in place at the back of her head. Her braid poked out from beneath her hood, laying draped over her collarbone. The fabric of her cloak was lightweight to held counter the planet's humid climate. It did little to assist in that, however. The cream-colored sleeveless tunic and lightweight leggings she had acquired for this mission were more helpful in allowing her to breathe here.

Their task here was a straightforward one: a Wookiee diplomat named Niyark and 5 of his people were captured by pirates while en route to Toydaria. The pirates took their prisoners to Rishi, where they were auctioned off to Zygerrian slavers. By then, word of Niyark's capture had spread, and the mission was assigned to the Masters of the two Padawans, Master Sama Tyree and Master Arnis Mao. After a quick review of the intel, the two Jedi had decided to assign the mission to their Padawans. Rescuing the Wookiees was meant to serve as a part of their trials for Knighthood.

"They'll be brought here soon," came her lowly said reassurance. The Padawan turned her gaze skyward, the calm expression on her face a reflection of the gray clouds that were beginning to knit together over the city. The Force hummed gently with the shifting of the winds: the Wookiees would be here shortly. "I can feel it."

Anara closed her eyes with a soft exhale. The pair of Jedi then fell silent as they waited. Their arrival on Kowan had been fast thanks to a Republic pilot, and the two had to gather what information they could swiftly. A subtle mind trick in one of Scalvos' cantinas courtesy of Nevar had done the job. They had learned that the Wookiees were due at midday the day of their own arrival on the planet. The landing platform the duo was currently monitoring was a favored one of the slavers. It wasn't much to go on, but it was a lead. As they waited, the clouds overhead joined forces and picked up strength. Soon after, a warm and steady rain began to fall. Skin was left feeling slick and sticky, with no relief provided by the change in the weather.

Thirty minutes passed before Anara felt something shift in the Force. Quickly, she opened her eyes and sat upright to stare skyward. Rain splattered against her face and ran down her cheeks and neck in gentle rivulets. Amidst the heavy gray which had swallowed the sky was a glint of darker metallic gray cutting its way through the clouds. The transport: that had to be it. She could feel it.

"They're here." She looked to Nevar as she spoke before her gaze shot over to the adjacent landing platform. "We need to get over there."

"Then let's go."

Nevar's response came quickly, with a light lilt in his voice. He flashed Anara a quick smile before he rose. She stood as he did, gaze briefly turning to him. He glanced down at his fellow Padawan with another quick grin. Then, his focus shifted. He hopped up onto the raised edge of the roof, then called the Force to him. He then leapt forth from the roof to land on the adjacent roof, above the landing platform. A faint grin passed over her face before she focused upon the Force. Her serenity was the conduit of her connection - with the calm she could ride whatever waves were to come. Like Nevar had done, she then leapt across the gap between the two roofs to land beside the other Padawan on the adjacent one. The duo wasted no time. Together, they moved to the edge of the roof to watch and ensure what Anara had sensed was correct.

After a few short moments, the transport landed upon the platform. Anara could sense pain and suffering from the ship. A frown passed over her face. Even if this shuttle hadn't transported the Wookiees, there were others in need within it. They would help free whoever it happened to be. The pair hunkered down on the edge of the roof above the platform and watched as the ship's loading ramp was lowered. Two armed Zygerrians walked down the ramp first. Then - the six Wookiees. Anara's posture stiffened as she watched them shuffle down the ramp. Their hands were bound in stun cuffs, and stun cuffs were also fastened around their ankles. Heavy belts were put in place around the waists of he captives, and heavy chains connected the Wookiees to one another. Three more guards followed behind the Wookiees, hands lingering by the whips upon their belts to teach their slaves lessons if the need arose. Nevar frowned, then turned his gaze to Anara.

"Do we have a plan here?"

"We take out the guards, free the Wookiees, and take the ship. As to how we manage that?" She turned her head to glance at the other Padawan, a hint of a smile welcoming a passing touch of warmth into her expression. "We do what we do best: we improvise."

"In that case, give me just a moment to get their attention."

Nevar flashed a bright grin, then before Anara could protest or even say anything, he jumped down from the raised section of the roof down to the landing platform. She kept herself low and quiet as she watched her fellow Padawan stride forth, no sign of surprise upon her face. The Wookiees picked up Nevar's scent first, and they all lifted their heads with confused looks upon their faces. The slavers, with the change in their subjects, turned to see what had causd the commotion. When they spotted Nevar, the slavers all gave shouts in their tongue and drew their weapons.

"There is no need for us to fight," Nevar started. He took a few more steps forward towards the slavers and the Wookiees, hands raised with his palms facing forward as a sign of good faith. "I am Jedi Nevar Orion, I am here for these Wookiees."

"A Jedi?!" The guards exchanged looks of alarm and concern before they returned their focus full to Nevar. One of the guards leveled the sights of his blaster on the Padawan and continued speaking, gaze never leaving Nevar's face. "No matter. We can kill you, or better yet, we can put you in chains too."

"You can try."

Nevar called his lightsaber into his hand with the Force. As the Zygerrians opened fire, the sapphire blade burst to life, its hum heavy and resonant beneath the sound of rain splattering against bronzium. He began to walk along the edge of the platform as he walked, deflecting blaster shots back towards the guards and the ground as he went. The Zygerrians followed, and shifted their focus away from their prisoners to the Jedi. Nevar had gotten their attention. Anara took the opportunity presented to do what they were here to do: free the Wookiees. She jumped down from the raised portion of the roof, narrowly missing a growing puddle on the platform. The Jedi then darted forth to approach the Wookiees, keeping a watchful eye on the focus of the guards. As she approached the Wookies, they shot her subtle glances, and kept themselves quiet for the moment, allowing hope to begin to return to their hearts and minds.

"You'll be safe in no time." Her reassurance came with a slight smile, then her eyes dropped to the cuffs that bound their wrists and ankles. "Let's get these off of you."

Behind her, two of the guards fell in quick succession due to deflected blasterfire, faint plumes of smoke attempting to rise from the fatal wounds in the chest. Three guards were left standing. Anara glanced back over her shoulder to them quickly before she grabbed the hilt of her lightsaber from her belt. She thumbed on the green blade. Its gentle hum and emerald glow cut through the rain and the last remnants of despair that lingered within the hearts of the Wookiees. They would be safe. Anara stepped up to one of the Wookiees as shouts sprouted up behind her. "Another Jedi! Get her!" The guards knew she was there. She cut through the wrist bindings, then the shackles around the Wookiee's ankle. With a quick and graceful twirl, she pivoted on her left foot to spin around just as one of the guards fired at her. The blaster bolt was deflected and sent into the platform's surface. Nevar returned blasterfire to two of the remaining guards. They crumpled and fell as the previous two had. The other Jedi then charged the remaining guard, shouting, "Get them out!" to Ana as he attacked.

She turned away with a tight expression just as the guard turned to attempt to fight the charging Jedi. It was a sight that would have been difficult to swallow. She moved to another of the Wookiees, and just as she heard a pained scream with a sudden cease in blasterfire, she cut through the stun cuffs around the Wookiee's wrists and ankles. The muffled sound of another body falling confirmed what she sensed: the last guard was dead. She moved to the next Wookiee and cut their bindings, and then the following. Then, she felt something she had not caught before. Her head snapped about to look to the transport ship in time with Nevar. There was another guard. He walked down the ramp, face set in an enraged sneer. This last Zygerrian was taller than the other guards had been. A latticework of muscles, he stood with pride and certainty in his stance. The Zygerrian looked first to Anara and let his gaze slide over her, obviously delighted at the potential price she would fetch. He then looked to Nevar, who approached the ship to get between the slaver and Anara.

"You Jedi have made a mistake coming here!" The Zygerrian snarled before he drew his weapon: a songsteel sword. "You will either join them in chains, or die."

"We'll see about that."

Nevar and the Zygerrian charged at one another, then plasma collided against songsteel in a furious strike. Anara hesitated before her attention returned to the Wookiees. Nevar was a warrior - he would win. She believed in him. As the fight continued behind her, she freed the last of the Wookiees from their shackles. Then, she cut through the chains and belts that had bound them all together.

"Wait here! We will clear the way to the ship."

Anara then turned and ran to join the fight. Before her, Nevar and the Zygerrian clashed furiously. The slaver was pushing the Jedi back with ferocious slashes and attacks. Nevar appeared to be holding his own, but his jaw was clenched and his expression was hard. The Zygerrian's strong offense was difficult to counter. With a growl, the slaver brought back his blade and started to swing horizontally as if going for the neck. Nevar lifted his arms and saber to block. A wicked grin cut across the slaver's face as his intent revealed itself: it was a feint. He dropped his elbow and slashed at the Jedi's stomach. Songsteel gnawed through flesh hungrily and cut open the Jedi's torso. Nevar froze, face contorting in shock and pain. His grip upon his weapon slackened. The weapon deactivated and fell to the platform.


Anara stopped briefly, mouth agape as she watched Nevar clutch his stomach. Red seeped between his fingers as he fell to his knees, then collapsed upon the platform. She had to get to him. She had to
heal him. The Zygerrian stepped forth, now putting himself between the two Jedi.

"Your turn, sweetheart."

The slaver then charged forth with a wordless yell, aiming a strike at Anara's head. She yanked herself back from the shock to lift her blade just in time to block the Zygerrian's attack. The slaver continued his offense, attempting to override the Jedi's defenses as quickly as he could. Each cut and each slash had considerable power behind them. But, Anara moved in turn, blocking each attack. Every time plasma met metal, the impact rattled her arms and joints. All she could do in the moment was keep up. The pain she sensed from Nevar, from her friend, washed over her mind. He was dying.
Dying. So close to her. How could she hope to win when he couldn't? Their weapons met once more in a lock at chest level. The Zygerrian sneered at the Jedi as he put his strength into the lock, angling the blades back towards her. She stared up at him, the glow of her lightsaber casting them both in brilliant green. A soft growl from behind her cut through her mind. Nevar Orion had fallen, but the Wookiees had not. They had not given up hope when they found it again. As plasma and metal pressed against one another, she held the lock while she drew in a quick breath. Uncertainty and chaos would not win. Serenity would be the victor. That calm was her strength, and she embraced it.

Her expression shifted into a calm, purposeful expression. At the change in her face, confusion flashed across the slaver's own. Then, Anara pressed the attack. With wide and fast swings, she struck at the Zygerrian and began to press him back. He managed to block her attacks, but fatigue had etched itself into his expression. She did not stop her offense. Slash after slash came, aimed at the slaver's stomach and legs. When something in his face shifted, she pressed harder. She aimed a wide slash at his right knee. He moved his blade to block, but like his own strike against Nevar had been, hers was a feint. Quickly, she ignited the second half of her double-bladed weapon. The slaver's mouth dropped in surprise as the second blade stabbed upward. Without any means to block it, the strike hit true: Anara stabbed the slaver in his chest, piercing his heart.

The Zygerrian dropped his weapon and stared down at the plasma embedded in his chest. Anara's calm expression shifted into one of horrified shock. Quickly, she switched off her weapon, and the slaver's body fell unceremoniously to the ground. She felt the last bit of life leave him in the Force. And then - nothing. Despite the warm and humid rain that continued to fall from the sky, she felt cold. She killed him. She had taken another life. There had been no other choice - or had there? With shaky hands, she returned her lightsaber to its place on her belt. She should have talked to him, said something, done - anything else. Instead, she had killed him. What sort of Jedi killed? What did it make her?

Another soft roar from a Wookiee cut through her thoughts to return her to the present. They were walking forward now, and approached Nevar where he was upon the platform. She hurried forward with the Wookiees, then knelt down by her friend.

"I can heal you!, Hold on, Nevar..."

Her trembling hands moved above his stomach. Just as she drew in a breath, Nevar lifted one of his blood-stained hands and took a hold of one of hers with a slight shake of her head. Her eyes darted quickly between his wound and his face. She began to shake her head, and made no effort to fight back tears as they sprang forth, to mix with rain as it streaked down her face.

"I'm sorry."

Stiff silence overtook the Jedi and the Wookiees as they watched Nevar. Within a moment, his wound had claimed his life. His hand went slack around Anara's as the last bit of life left him. She dipped her head and squeezed her eyes shut. Her lifelong friend was gone. Another life here, claimed. One of the Wookiees, Niyark, stepped forward and leaned down to place one of his hands upon her shoulder. Anara blinked to slow the tears in her eyes before she looked up at Niyark. He gave a low rumble in his tongue before motioning to the ship. She followed the gesture, then looked back up at him and nodded.

"Yes, we need to go before others come for us."

She stood and lifted her chin to look to the ship. Niyark crouched down and gently lifted Nevar into his arms, then got on board the transport with the rest of his people. Anara followed them on board, then quickly moved to the cockpit of the ship. Wasting no time, she fired up the engines, then piloted off the platform to leave Sclavos behind. She waited until they were out of Kowan's atmosphere before she used the ship's main computer to send out a holomessage to Coruscant - to her Master. Within a moment, the Togruta's visage came to life in bright blue light.

"Master." Anara gave a bow of her head before she continued. "The Wookiees are freed, I have them off the planet now. But..." She pushed back her rain-soaked hood, eyes falling. "Nevar didn't make it, Master. And I...I had to take a life."

"We know about Nevar." Sama frowned over the transmission, eyes focused upon her Padawan. "Master Mao felt his loss. It is tragic. We will discuss all that happened, including that kill, when you return. Bring Niyark and his people to Coruscant for a debriefing. May the Force be with you, Anara."

The transmission cut there, leaving Anara all alone in the cockpit. Her mouth pulled into a frown. Her Master had not even been able to listen. She put in the coordinates for Coruscant in the ship's navicomputer, then made the jump to hyperspace. It wasn't just Nevar that had been lost, but another life. A life taken by a Jedi - by
her. And now, she had to carry that.

All alone.



Akii Vaas gave a quick tug at the controls. Immediately her ship responded, twirling to the side in a quick roll to avoid one of the many stone pillars that stood out in the canyon. "Angel, come in. Are you still with me?" spoke the voice of her master, Mandal Kharan over the comm. "Angel reporting, just taking a shortcut, Master" she said with a grin as she pulled the control stick towards her, causing her fighter to rise up. She heard a chuckle through the static, "Good. Wouldn't want you to miss out on any of the fun". She didn't need to see Mandal to know he was grinning. She didn't need to see herself either to know she did the same. She sped up, let her ship hop over one of the many edges in the canyon and drop down right above their quarry. There were two ships. A larger freighter accompanied by a smaller fighter. She couldn't quite place the ship, but it mostly looked like a heavily modified E-wing. For one, she didn't recall E-wings having backward mounted canons. It fired two powerful blasts back at Mandal's ship, forcing him to swerve to the side to avoid them at the last moment. Jedi reflexes at work. As Akii fell down upon him, she fired her shorts, aiming for the wings. For one moment she thought her blasts would land, yet the ship sped up at just the right moment, leaving the red robs to bury themselves into the rocks. "Clearly we need to work on your aim" Mandal joked as he flew behind, trying to catch up with her. "I haven't seen you hitting him either" Akii responded, bringing up her ship so she wouldn't block her Master's sightlines. "That's 'cause I have nothing left to prove, Padawan" he responded. The moment she flew up he released a torpedo which whizzed past her. And past the fighter. And past the freighter. "Guess we both need that practice" Mandal didn't respond, clearly nurturing his wounded ego. Or so she thought. The torpedo flew ahead and collided with a large stone pillar. It began to crumble, until it started to collapse, just as the freighter flew past it. Large chunks of rock collided with the ship and she could see sparks flying. Something had been damaged. When metal plating came loose, it was clear it was damaged badly. Mandal cheered victoriously. "Say that again, girl? You wanna be an Ace, you better fly like one!"

She grinned but focused, rolling sideways without losing speed when the fighter took some shots at her again. "There's a split coming" Mandal warned her. And indeed, further down the canyon seemed to split into two paths, one high wall that seemed to reach for the sky splitting the two. The freighter took the left path, the fighter the right. "I've got the freighter" Mandal said, his tone focused again. "Yes master" She responded. Few words were needed for them to communicate. He'd take the freighter, she'd take the fighter. She swerved to the right, dodging a few other shots without losing speed or sight of the E-wing. It ducked into a narrow path to the right and she followed. Several shots were fired backward. She pulled on the controls, twirling and twisting her own ship to avoid them. She tilted sideways, almost pressing herself flat against the side of the canyon without hitting it. She rose a little in altitude and then let her nose dip down as she fired a few shots of her own. They flew towards the ship's wings and missed them so narrowly that they left scorch marks on the metal. She'd have to try harder if she wanted to disable this one. Another tumble to avoid shots in her direction followed by a deep dive. He wasn't shaking her. But she wasn't any closer to taking him down either. The path they traversed became even more hazardous. Stone pillars stuck up like teeth from rocky gums. Both ships had to swerve and twist to avoid them.

Akii smiled, allowing not solely her sight and her sensors guide her. Rather, she trusted in the force. She had learned how to interpret even the subtlest sensations. The slightest tingles and indications of danger. The ship in front of her had to slow down to make it through the maze of stone pillars. She had the force to guide her hand as she seamlessly dipped twisted and managed to weave her ship past the many obstacles. She was like a bird in the air. A fish in water. This was her territory. The controls of her fighter felt even more natural in her hands than the hilt of her lightsaber. Nobody was outflying her today. She just needed one good shot. Disable the ship and stop the chase. According to her scanners a turn was coming up where they'd merge back into the main part of the canyon again. First a turn left, then back to the right. An S-bend, and a tight one at that. The E-wing might slow and expose itself. That could be her shot. She just had to make sure to keep up. Now that wasn't an issue. Or so she thought. It was hard to tell what came first, the ripple through the force warning her of danger, or the beep on her dashboard indicating a rocket was coming her way. She reacted instinctively, tugging on her ship's controls. She twisted it sideways while the rocket came. Her fingers found the trigger. Blasters whizzed from her weapons, colliding with the rocket. It blew up right in front of her, and for a moment all she could see was smoke. It didn't hinder her in the slightest as she continued her pursuit. When vision returned she saw the fighter ahead of her had indeed slowed to take the sharp turn. She angled her ship and took the shot, aiming slightly ahead of the E-wing. Two crimson shots whizzed through the air and buried themselves into the metal plating of the ship. A hit! Smoke erupted from the impact. Now the ship would turn to the right and probably slowly- Her eyes widened when the E-wing didn't turn. Instead it continued straight ahead. It barely slowed and kept going at full speed until it collided with the canyon wall. A blast of fire erupted from the ship. A ripple through the force. She still had to make the turn herself, and tugged on her controls to drag her ship to the right. Yet there was more. Something was coming. Reflexively she let her ship dive down. Just in time, as the freighter rushed overhead.

"Welcome back to the party!" said Mandal cheerfully over the com. She didn't reply. Didn't know what to say. Had he been so focused on the freighter that he hadn't seen the fighter crash? She slowed down, she had to go back. To check. Her master's fighter blurted past her own. "Angel. Assistance. We've got slavers to catch" Mandal's tone always turned more serious when he was about to given an order and she snapped back to attention. "Let's catch him. I'll take above, you below". She nodded, shaking off her thoughts and refocusing her attention. "Yes, Master". She hit the accelerator again, speeding up to catch up with both her master and the freighter while both took their positions. She felt the force, felt the energy rushing through her. She needed no verbal communication to know when Mandal was about to fire. She held her finger on the trigger, ready. Waiting. Almost..."Fire!" She had already pressed her shot half a second before he said the word. Her shots were aimed to hit the bottom of the ship, his above. Whether it dodged upward or down, the freighter would be hit. It was too broad to turn to the side. "Ha!" Mandal cheered when all shots landed. The freighter swiftly began to lose altitude and then crashed to the ground. It scraped along the rocky surface of the canyon until it came to a halt. Mandal and Akii's fighters followed. Her master touched the ground first not far from the ship. He opened his cockpit and jumped out in one fluid motion. The freighter's hatch opened and a Weequay and a male Twi'Lek came rushing out. One force push from the Jedi Knight sent them flying back into their ship, hitting them hard enough to knock them unconscious by the time Akii had left her own ship.

Mandal turned towards her and grinned, "And another successful mission. Nice flying...but we both know who the real master is..." For once she couldn't share his humour. "Master, we have to go back. The E-wing, they'll need medical help. We have to check". His grin faded and his bravado deflated slightly as he walked over to her. "Akii, you saw that crash. There's nothing left of that ship, let alone of the pilot" he said, his voice softened slightly, but his words carried a truth she refused to hear. "We have to check" She said stubbornly, "If they need help, we have to provide it". he sighed, "I could send a team over, but you know they'll not find anyone" he said, turning his head a little as he realised something. "This is your first, isn't it?" She looked away, her Padawan braid caressed her cheek as she did. "We're Jedi" she said softly, "We're not meant to kill". He stood a bit awkwardly, as he often did when words of comfort, or wisdom were required. It wasn't that he was unwilling to provide them, rather, he always feared his would be inadequate. They rarely were.

"Look..." He started, "We are guardians. Our job is to keep people safe, not to kill. But sometimes killing is required to keep others safe. They don't teach us to fight and fly just so we can defend ourselves. Sometimes action is needed. And sometimes we have no choice but to take a life to preserve those of others" He paused a moment to think, which Akii took to interrupt. "But then what sets us apart from them? How are we any different if we kill just as easily?" That did seem to help him figure out how to answer, "That's the thing, we don't. A Jedi never kills easily, or mindlessly. We must always be aware of the consequences of what we do. Killing is our last resort. And sometimes it is necessary" She looked up at him, still not quite convinced. She hadn't had a chance to
think. She hadn't even intended this outcome... "If I'd been more careful, we could've captured him" she said softly. Mandal seemed to sense her discomfort and placed his hand on her shoulder. " Perhaps we could've. Of course, capturing him and putting people like these in front of a court is always the best option. But sometimes you don't have that option. This is guy was a slaver. If you'd let him get away, he would've left this system, would've gone somewhere else, and would have continued his practices there. He might've enslaved dozens, if not hundreds more people. People whose lives now remain unaffected because of you. Or, he might've been so shocked by all of this that he'd choose to turn his life around, start an orphanage and save dozens of kids. Who knows? That's my point, you never know. We might let people live and come to regret it. We might kill and never know whether it was the right choice or not" he stopped for a moment to breathe, "What matters is that we are aware of what we do, and that we never make the choice to kill lightly. Don't get stuck on the what-ifs and the maybes. Today, you did what you had to do. You might not have meant to kill, but at least you did not choose to do it lightly" Slowly she nodded, he had a point. As hard as it was to accept. She looked up, smiling faintly, "That's a lot of wisdom, coming from you..." Mandal smirked back, "Oh, I'm just repeating what Master Omris told me after my first time". She tilted her head, curiously, "What was yours like?" He shrugged, casually, though the smile lingered on his lips, "How about we call in the squad to deal with these thugs, then we head back to the city, and I tell that story over a nice cold drink" She managed a light smile as well and nodded, "Sounds good". He squeezed her shoulder gently before letting go, "Nice work today, Angel" he said, before he suddenly launched himself off the ground, twisted in a backflip and landed in the seat of his fighter, grinning proudly. She looked up and couldn't help but laugh. Perhaps...he was right.

First Kill Entries (Part One)
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Here is part one of the first kill RP entries! The rest of the entries will be posted in the next MotD, and the poll will be posted separately as well. 

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Emperor Kalux:

Kalaan was sat at the table in the small rundown apartment that his family were staying in for the time being. Kalaan was only recently 5 years old but already he has learned to not grow attached to the place, his family moved frequently from location to location, world to world, system to system as they hunted jobs. Their present apartment on Nar Shaddaa was grubby and grimey, a single large room that was their bedrooms, communal area, kitchen and bathroom all in one. One half of the room was walled and unadorned, the metal walls were bare and almost rusting, the other half was dominated by windows that gazed off to the other sky scrapers of Nar Shadda with only the empty space for traffic lane in between.

Kalaan was at the table near the centre of the room facing the small kitchen area where his Mother was preparing some food; his father was out for the time being and the young boy was playing with a carven wooden toy. Just about his only worldy possession. His mother was skin and bones, her eyes were gaunt and her face was drawn and her skin was patchy, her lips were thin and dry and her nails were bitten down so far they had no whites – she looked, and indeed was, like someone who had spent most of their life addicted to spice and deathsticks. But of this addiction, Kalaan was too young to properly understand, he just knew that when she was feeding her addiction she felt at peace and happy and when she was not she was anxious, worried and in a constant state of emotional flux. Kalaan preferred the latter, it made him feel better, for some reason and he didn’t care that his mother would sometimes break down if she went too long without a hit.

After a while the door of the apartment slid open behind Kalaan and the boy knew without looking who it was, his father. His heavy steps announced him nearing behind Kalaan and he passed the boy and the table without a word, Kalaan’s father was a big man, balding and unlike his mother did not have an addiction to spice or death sticks although he was very prone to alcohol and violence as both Kalaan and his mother knew well. His father as expected had a large bottle of something that stank of alcohol as he brushed past the table and moved on to the kitchen, he stopped in front of his mother and they began speaking quietly so that Kalaan couldn’t hear their conversation. But he figured he knew the topic as he glared across the room at his parents, his parents before they had fallen so far and so low were once University Professors and studied archaeology and travelled the galaxy visiting sites and learning about ancient civilisations. A few years later they’d turned into tomb raiders, running artifacts and stealing them from sites to sell to the highest bidders and eventually smuggling old trinkets from forgotten worlds turned to smuggling things like spice and weapons for crime lords.

His father turned from his mother and made eye contact with Kalaan who was still glaring at his parents silently, where his mother was often anxious, worried and sometimes scared his father was fairly often angry and could go into fits of rage at the slightest trigger.
’And what is the weirdo looking at?’ his father asked as he slowly walked towards Kalaan ’Don’t call him that’ his mother said instinctively but flinched almost immediately, before his father quickly spun and waved a finger at her in warning ’Don’t you tell me what I can and can’t do!’ he snarled and his mother fell silent and returned herself to her food preparations but Kalaan could feel her growing fear and sense of patheticness. Kalaan’s black eye from the last time his father lost his temper was still fresh as the male moved forwards towards Kalaan once again ’He’s nothing but a freak and you know it...’ he said, still speaking to his mother but not expecting a reply. It was true, Kalaan figured, he had no friends, the other children he’d met and even animals avoided him, but Kalaan didn’t mind, he was utterly indifferent and in fact preferred the silence. Kalaan didn’t even cry like the other children when they grazed their knees, nor did he cry when his father beat him or when his parents argued in front of him. He didn’t laugh or smile either. He was undoubtedly different.

His father was finally in front of him and looming over him with his eyes glaring down into Kalaan’s own, he knew it was coming, he could feel it coming and then it came. A gloved left hand clipped Kalaan around the side of the head and knocked the boy off of the chair and to the floor but Kalaan was up on his feet quickly. If he stayed lying down his father would relent, there was no amusement in hitting a child on the floor apparently, but when Kalaan got back up his father’s rage grew more furious. Instead of an open handed smack, this time Kalaan was hit by a closed fist, and his mother shouted at the father to stop but he didn’t, in fact being shouted at seemed to only make his father want to hit the boy even more.

Kalaan got up from the hard floor again, he could feel the warm blood running from his nose down his face and could taste it on his lips but still only glared at his father who had turned and started shouting across the room at his mother. He stood there watching them argue and fight, he could feel his mother’s fear and could see it in her eyes, her very posture and he could feel his father’s anger. His father launched the now nearly empty bottle of alcohol across the room at his mother but missed, it hit the wall and shattered to the floor and his mother went back into her hole of silence and cowering as always and the man turned back to Kalaan who was on his feet and waiting and then, as the man neared and raised his open hand above his head to strike down at him once again Kalaan felt something stir within him. Kalaan had always known what emotions others were feeling, when they were sad or scared or angry he was always made to feel better because of it and he knew what he himself was always feeling but had never really...acted upon it but now, Kalaan felt anger, pain and hatred within him and before his father’s hand was half way to colliding with Kalaan’s face he abruptly halted. As if he was frozen in time. Kalaan saw the man’s eyes panic and dart around franticly and Kalaan was momentarily also confused about what was happening.

His father then lifted a foot or two off of the floor, but so did everything else in their apartment room that wasn’t hammered into the floor, even his mother. Everything except Kalaan. He scowled at his father’s hand, the tips of his fingers snapped backwards. His father’s eyes widened but no scream came from his motionless lips. His fingers snapped at the halfway point, and then at the very bottom, bending backwards so that the tips of them nearly touched the back of his hand. His hand then snapped with a vicious crunch at the halfway point and bent backwards on itself, until it was snapped backwards at the wrist. His father would never throw a punch with that ever again. But Kalaan could feel his father’s pain, his father’s fear and anger and it felt so good, it made him feel even better and stronger. Another crack as his father’s forearm was snapped, then the elbow, then the upper arm and then as Kalaan roared and snapped his father’s neck through the Force he let out a telekinetic wave outwardly from him. The beds were lurched across the room and into the walls, his father’s body lifeless body was hurled and skidded across the floor and his mother’s body collided with the window behind her and it with most of the furniture was sent falling down into the abyss of Nar Shaddaa.


Kenja Vaas:

Kenja lowered himself into his hiding spot. It was well chosen, he had to admit that. On top of a building of moderate height, which gave him a clear view of the narrow road while the edge of the flat roof stuck up, hiding him from sight. Besides, nobody ever looked up. Unless they expected something. In this case, however, no one had any reason to expect anything. A Chiss lowered himself next to Kenja, kneeling on the roof while his red eyes traced the road they were watching. When Kenja had first met Gryff months ago, he hadn't trusted him at all. Arguably, he'd had no reason to. Gryff was a foreigner, an off worlder, come to Lothal for his own reasons. A foreigner who saw the terrible conditions the people of Lothal lived in, and who thought he might use it for his own gain. At least that was how Kenja had first judged him when he first heard Gryff speak, trying to gather followers. At that point he'd been living on the streets of Capital City for two years. Two years had passed since his father died at the hands of the Hutt Mercenary. He'd found him, tried to fight him, but only got his ass handed to him by the Mandalorian. His life had been so...pointless since then. A simple matter of surviving. Sleeping in alleys and alcoves. Begging for credits, searching trash for scraps. Trying to do the occasional odd job here and there to make some money. He knew it was people like him Gryff had tried to appeal to for his 'Organisation'. People who had nothing but their lives to lose and everything to gain. Still, what concerned him was what the Chiss stood to gain from it. He said he wanted to fight back against the Hutts, to give the people their planet back. Probably only so he could rule over it in the same way the Slugs once had. Still...doing anything was better than living on the streets. And thus he had become part of The Collective, as Gryff called his gang of ragtags. The Chiss had armed them and began teaching them how to wield the weapons they were given. As much as he struck Kenja as an arrogant bastard with a bloated ego at first, he did learn to trust him, and even appreciate him. Otherwise he wouldn't be here, on their first big heist.

"Now, this is a little different than shooting cans in the desert, don't lose your nerve". Kenja snorted and slipped the blaster rifle off his back. He'd become quite intimately familiar with the weapon in the last few months after Gryff discovered he had a knack for shooting accurately at long ranges. Gryff shrugged, "Cans don't scream, or bleed, like people". Kenja shook his head, searching for something to rest the weapon on so he could take his shots when their targets arrived. "These aren't people" he said grimly. Gryff simply grinned and shrugged. "Don't say I didn't warn you, kid". They waited. Two more of their people were placed on the roof on the other side of the street. Six more were waiting in alleys. Their mark was simple. A Hutt transport. They caught word of it and decided this was an opportunity they couldn't pass up. Gryff had managed to equip his guerrilla group to the point where at least everyone had a blaster, but that was about it. They needed more. More weapons. More ammunition. Heavier weapons.
Everything. If they would ever stand a chance against the Cartel. There were supposed to be four mercenaries escorting the transport. Speeder bikes, most likely. Difficult targets to ambush. Then again, they probably weren't expecting an ambush. "Steady" the Chiss whispered, lowering himself as he stared through his binoculars. "They're coming". Kenja brought the weapon's scope closer to his eye, peering through. It was hard to see in the dark. His scope wasn't heat sensitive. He looked up, using his own eyes to get an indication of where they were first before readjusting his weapon and taking aim. There were four indeed, all on speeders. Each speeder had a small cargo container attached behind it. They rode pair by pair. Two in front, two behind. All were armed and armoured, wearing helmets and further protection.

"Go for one of the front two" Gryff said and Kenja nodded ever so slightly. He picked the right one. Gryff's logic made sense. If he hit, the front one and knocked him off his speeder, he might collide with the others, causing them all to crash. Which in turn made them easy targets for the rest of the crew.
If he could land his shot. He carefully tracked his target, waiting for Gryff's signal. If he shot too early they'd be too far away. If he missed they'd give themselves away without gaining any advantage. He had practiced on moving targets. Practiced at night. But this time a fail wouldn't lead to getting some pointers to improve and a second attempt. He was acutely aware of every part of his being. The rifle resting in his hands. The subtle scrape of metal on the stone wall as he adjusted his aim to follow the targets. He felt his own heartbeat. The blood rushing through his veins. He could almost hear it in the quiet night. The only sound around them was the humming of the approaching speeders. He felt his elbows resting on the ground. The subtle chafe of his clothes. The heavy strings of dark blonde hair brushed against his face. He waited. Waited for the signal from Gryff. Was it up to him, he'd have taken the shot five times already. He held his breath, not wanting an exhale to throw off his aim. "Now!" the Chiss hissed at him.

He focused, steadying his aim, and fired. A crimson light erupted from his rifle, lighting up the night. It sped away from him cutting through the air as it travelled not for where the mercenary was when he had fired, but where he had expected him to be accounting for his speed and the travel time of the shot. He hadn't aimed for the head. The helmet looked too sturdy. Instead he'd gone for the chest, hoping the armour there was either weaker, or that the impact of the shot would be enough to do the trick. He waited. It felt like time had slowed to a crawl. Next to him Gryff inhaled sharply. Then the shot impacted with the mercenary. He hit him high on the chest, throwing him off balance. He shot off his speeder, impacting the one behind him. His steering went off and he crashed into a building. His own speeder veered off to the side, crashing as well. Their people jumped out of their hiding spaces, firing openly at the remaining two mercenaries. Gryff too started firing from his spot up on the roof. The entire skirmish took probably less than a minute. The speeders lay smoking. Gryff hopped off the roof down to the streets to inspect the cargo their people had already began to secure. Two of the mercenaries lay dead in the street, their armour smoking. A third had gone up when his speeder collided with the wall.

From where he sat, Kenja could see the man he had shot. He lay in the street where he had fallen, further removed from the wrecks of the speeders. Kenja slung the rifle onto his back and hopped off the roof as well, a little less graceful than the Chiss had been. Yet rather than going for the crates, he went for the man. Roads in the little village were little more than open spaces paved with sand. It was that sand in which he lay. Injured. His arm was angled oddly, his leg too, actually. But his chest was still rising and falling. He lived still. He had turned onto his stomach, trying to use his good arm to crawl away. Kenja bent over, roughly grabbing him by the shoulder to turn him over onto his back. He could hear a murmur inside the helmet, distorted by the metal mask, followed by a pained groan as he forcefully flipped him over. His fingers hooked under the edge of the helmet, ripping it off the mercenary's head. He hadn't know what to expected. Reptilian eyes staring back at him? A black void? Anything but the human face he actually saw. Under the helmet was a man, maybe only a year or three older than he was. Brown hair stuck to his forehead. Eyes as blue as the night sky stared up at him. In them he saw pain. And fear. He could only stare as his own words echoed in his ears. Not people.
Not people. Was this not a person..? He didn't move. Neither did the mercenary. The one who had likely taken on an easy job, just to make some easy credits. Credits he might need for...what? Himself? A family? Friends who needed help? Was this really face of the Cartel he hated so much?

A heavy hand on his shoulder pulled him from his thoughts. "You know how it works, Vaas" spoke the Chiss. "No survivors, or they'll talk. And we can't have them talking" He held up a blaster, handle up for Kenja to grab. Reluctantly he reached out, slipping his fingers around the weapon. Below him, the mercenary's eyes widened. He tried to crawl back, pushing himself back, but with his broken arm and leg, there was nowhere for him to go. "Besides, these are the people who took your planet. Who use and abuse your people" The red eyes glinted. Gryff had made sure to know everyone's story. Kenja now knew why. "Those who killed your dad. These...aren't people". His eyes hardened and slowly he raised the blaster. Sky blue eyes widened in shock and fear. The eyes of one who was not a person. He pulled. Another crimson blast lit up the night as it buried itself between a dead man's eyes.
These weren't people.


eraka Itera:

The girl stat on the bench, shifting nervously. Her legs dangled over the edge, too shirt to touch the floor. Her hands trembled while she tried to wrap a long dirty piece of cloth around her wrists and hands, like they’d taught her to, back at the house. She’d been living there for at least half a year now, or so she would guess. The house where they kept the children and taught them how to fight. Transporting them to the casinos and gambling dens when it was time for them to be put to the test. The first few months she had been safe. Relatively so. She still had to be taught everything. Not solely fighting, but the sheer basics of what it meant to be a slave. Mostly it amounted to ‘shut your mouth and do what you’re told, or else...’ The
or else she’d experienced often enough by now to know better. She’d been whipped, kicked, punched, shocked, burned, whatever they had at hand and whatever they felt like using. Sometimes she’d been disobedient, sometimes she had simply failed to achieve what they set out for her. Which was the same for all the children there; learn to obey, learn to fight, and learn the rules of the fighting pits. When it came to fighting, the rules were surprisingly few, almost anything was allowed as long as it didn’t breach the rules the masters set. If they said no maiming, there would be no maiming. If there was no killing, there would be no killing. That was about it.

She’d fought twice before in one of the pits. Neither fight had gone very well.
You’re Mandalorian they had told her, You’ll do well. She hadn’t. In the first fight she’d gotten knocked out pretty quickly. In the second a Zabrak boy had broken her arm. It had taken ages for it to heal properly. And those fights hadn’t been until the death. Unlike this one...She bit her lower lip nervously. For a long time she had hoped someone would come for her. She had dreams of men in beskar’gam, kicking down the House’s doors, led by one in red and white. They would kick down the doors, take down the masters and set her free. It had never happened. She knew her father couldn’t come. The Cartel had captured him, for failing to repay a debt. They told her he was probably dead by now. Her mother too. She didn’t want to think about it. Didn’t want to think she was all alone here now. Didn’t want to think that in ten minutes or so she might be dead too. She was Mandalorian, wasn’t she? Who was she kidding. She knew the stories her father had told her. Of how he’d left his people. One day, he said, One day you’ll go back and restore our clan. Didn’t look like she was.

The bandages ached and chafed around her wrists. She wanted to redo them, but then, a little light lit up. It told her it was time. She slid off the bench and got to her feet, walking to the entrance of the small cell where they’d kept her. An armoured grunt awaited her there and pushed her to another door, the entrance to the pit. She had a knife shoved into her hands. Then the gate opened. A rough push between the shoulder blades sent her stumbling forward. She heard the roar of a crowd that was elevated above her. She couldn’t tell if they cried for her blood or for victory. If their screams were of encouragement or mockery. All she had was a knife. A closer look revealed it to be a fibro weapon, the blade along was about as long as her lower arm. Three more gates opened and other children entered. A scared looking Mirialan girl to her left who held a fibroknife as well. A blue skinned, red eyed Chiss boy to her right. He appeared unarmed at first glance, but when she looked closer she saw a strange glint around his knuckles. Then the last door opened and her heart sank. The lights of the pit fell upon a pale skinned boy, horns protruded from his skull. The same Zabrak who had broken her arm like it was nothing. She wanted to back out, to turn around and run, but she stayed. Somehow the same hollow words echoed in her head,
You’re Mandalorian. You’ll do well. She might not have done well, but at the very least, she should be brave. She straightened her shoulders, even though she was painfully aware of the beating of her many hearts. The Zabrak looked over his competition. While the Chiss boy mainly looked arrogant, his seemed more dangerous. Cold. Calculating. He was probably deciding how each of them would be taken out. They had to wait, just a little longer for the sign to be given. All of them looked up and several symbols appeared on a holo board. She couldn’t speak or read Huttese, but she had been taught all the symbols that would be used in the arena, and these chilled her to the bone. These were the symbols she had hoped never to see, and yet there they were. Displayed in the cyan blue light of the holoscreen. Reading one simple sentence: Until death. Air suddenly struggled to make its way into her lungs. Death. She had thought about the possibility, but never truly considered it. Death.... She had little time to consider it now.

The Zabrak and the Chiss looked at one another and then both jumped into a different direction. The Zabrak went for the Mirialan girl who let out a cry, while the Chiss jumped for Neraka. She had no time to see what would come of the green skinned girl and her horned assailant. The Chiss was upon her in seconds. She barely had time to raise her weapon. She’d received some training, but it felt as if all of it had suddenly abandoned her. The boy lunged at her, she saw the same flash around his knuckles again, this time coming from her. She desperately moved her weapon in his general direction. Fortunately for her, he saw it and backed off. She had the range on him, but he certainly looked like he had a better idea of what he was doing. There was something evil in those glowing red eyes. He stepped forward and she made the same move again. Yet this time she was not so lucky. His attack had been a feint, he sidestepped her easily and his fist buried itself into her side. She yelped in pain when she felt something hard colliding with her side. The punch resonated through her body, seeming to land far harder than any boy of the Chiss’s size should ever be able to hit. It knocked her off her feet, casting her in the layers of dirt and dust of the pit. Pain exploded on her side. Her ribs hurt about as much as her arm had when the Zabrak got his hands on it. Not good. Not good at all. Before she could even let out a whimper she heard a blood chilling scream from the Mirialan girl. She had no time to look. She heard a step and knew the Chiss was coming for her. She still felt the hilt of the vibro knife in her hand, glad that she held on to it. Every breath hurt, but she had no intention to stop breathing. She rolled over, onto her back in an attempt to sit up. Right then the Chiss entered her field of vision. She screamed angrily and brought up the knife trying to sink it into his belly. He saw it coming. His left hand reached out and strong blue fingers wrapped around her wrist before she could get her weapon close enough to him. He pulled on her arm trying to bend it to the side. She narrowed her eyes and fought back, trying to push further. The tip of her weapon wasn’t that far away...But he was stronger. He wrenched her arm aside and pulled his right fist back for another punch. She could see the glint around his fingers more clearly now. Vibroknucklers. If he hit her face with those... His fist came down, aiming for that exact spot. She twisted her body. Her side screamed in pain but she had no choice. His fist barely missed her, punching into the dirty floor of the arena.

She drew quick, rushed breaths as she looked up at him. He pulled his fist back a second time. His expression was set now, he wouldn’t miss again. Then something moved into her field of view, something large and heavy, colliding with the Chiss’s head from the side. She heard a sickening crack as he was flung off her. Cast aside into the dirt. Behind him stood the Zabrak. Neraka cast a quick look to the side. What she saw sickened her. The Mirialan lay there, yet her head...no longer looked like a head. It was more like cracked egg, with the yolk spilling out. She had never seen anything like it. The Zabrak moved to the side where the Chiss lay. He was still breathing, but barely. The Zabrak raised his vibro mace and brought it down upon the side of his skull. Neraka closed her eyes, not wanting to see it. Though she knew what was next, he’d come for her.

She swiftly pushed herself off against the ground, bringing herself to her feet. Every motion hurt, but she forced herself through the pain. She knew what was at stake here...She couldn’t let pain stop her. Couldn’t let fear paralyse her. As long as her hearts were still beating, she’d fight. Then again, she’d already lost to him once...He looked at her with his yellow, red rimmed eyes. In them, she read only death. He suddenly dashed forward in her direction, raising the mace to bring it down upon her. Almost did she freeze again but she realised her faulty reflex just in time. Her feet pushed off against the ground and she jumped to the side. The heavy mace collided with the ground and it took the Zabrak a moment to lift it again. She’d jumped too far, she realised. If she had stayed closer he would’ve been wide open for her to attack. She had been taught the basics of combat in the house. How to stand, how to hold her weapon. Where to stab to hurt. She had practiced, and trained. But in the training grounds, with blunted weapons, it simply wasn’t the same. It felt like her head had forgotten almost everything she had learned. He came for her again, swinging the mace horizontally. She jumped back, holding on to her weapon. He had range on her now. She needed an opening. When the mace reached the end of its swing she jumped forward, trying to jab her blade forward. But he was quick, he turned, angling his body so the vibro knife missed him. He grinned. Where previously he had swung the mace from left to right, he now swung it back from right to left. Except this time, she stood right in its range. To her fortune, too close in its range. He hit her with the weapon’s shaft rather than the mace itself. Still the force knocked her off her feet.

She was thrown to the side and rolled over twice before she could stop herself. She tried to push herself up, but she was hurting. It felt like her ribcage had been crushed from both sides. Her lungs struggled to expand. She closed her eyes, trying to focus herself. She couldn’t stop. Stopping meant dying. Stopping meant everything would end. Stopping meant giving up. And she refused to give up. She opened her eyes again and saw her hands were red. Red with blood. Blood that wasn’t hers. She had landed next to the body of the dead Mirialan girl. Not far from her lay the girl’s weapon, another vibro knife. The Zabrak was approaching, she could already hear the hum of the mace as it swung through the air. She jumped for the knife, grabbing it just as the mace came down on the spot where she had just stood. She didn’t hesitate. Instead, she turned. The knife she had held in her right left her hand, using the momentum of her turn to give it force. He stood so close it was almost impossible to miss. The Zabrak gasped when the weapon buried itself in his stomach and bent over. She hesitated. Part of her wanted to press her advantage. Part of her still heard the sound of her own arm snapping when they had last fought. Part of her feared what he could do to her. What he
would do to her if she wasn’t careful. He yanked out the knife before it could do even more damage and narrowed his eyes, glaring at her. ”Chu jendoslu...” He hissed at her. She had no idea what it meant, but she doubted it was kind.

She had her advantage, she should press it. So she decided, too late. She jumped forward, aiming a stab with the second knife at his chest, but she had given him too much time to recover. He turned again, still agile for one who was wounded. It was evident from every move that he had been trained, far more thoroughly than she was. Probably even before he had ever landed in the pits. As he twisted to avoid her attack, his free fist shot up, hitting her just below the jaw. She staggered back as the world seemed to spin. Another punch to her stomach knocked the little breath she still had out of her. She fell, landing on her back. The roars of the audience around her dropped to a faint buzzing noise in her ears. She didn’t know if people were cheering for her blood, or for her to get up. If they wanted her to succeed, or to fail. Either way, her life mattered little to her. At best, or worst they gained or lost some credits. Her name, her face, they would be forgotten by tomorrow. If anyone had bothered to remember them at all. A shadow fell over her as the Zabrak stood by her side, raising the mace as he had done with the Chiss. Preparing to break her head like he had done to the Mirialan girl. She looked up at the looming figure. His name they might remember. He would go on to live, forgetting about all he had killed to do so. She didn’t want to be forgotten. How could she ever restore her family’s honour if she was? She was Neraka Itera, and she would make sure the world remembered.

She pulled up her leg and kicked out at the Zabrak, hitting him to the side of the knee. He lost his balance and the mace went off course, landing to her side. This time she didn't wait. Didn't hesitate. She fought through the screaming pain in her ribcage and forced herself up. It was like she could feel her own blood pumping through her veins, like she was even more aware of the beating of her own hearts. Like the thrill of combat gave her strength she had never possessed. She jumped at him, an open hand landed against his shoulder, as she pushed him over onto his back. The vibro knife she still held moved forward, planted against his neck. Yet there it stopped. Just a little further...and he'd be dead. Then his legacy would be over. She stared into his bloodshot yellow eyes. He snorted indignantly. "You wouldn't dare". She raised her own eyebrows. "You're wrong." The knife plunged into his neck, shredding through skin, tissue, and veins. She reflexively closed her eyes when blood splattered and gushed out. She heard him gasping. Heard him gurgling. She wasn't sure what he'd die of, the inability to breathe or the loss of blood. One thing was certain, he would not survive. She opened her eyes again and looked down on him. He would be forgotten. And she didn't even know his name. Slowly she rose, leaving him lying in the dust. Her eyes went up, finding the many faces that surrounded the pit. She heard an announcer calling her name, followed by words in a language she did not understand. Still she knew one thing. She had won. She was Mandalorian. She had done well.


Darth Kaien:

The day was like any other that he had been forced to endure since his birth. The skies were a crystal blue littered with clouds. The sun shined over everything its golden rays could touch, while the wind kicked up a gentle breeze. By all accounts: it was a beautiful and peaceful day. However, for the 14-year old Darik Draykon, that was precisely the problem. Where others saw peace, he saw an inability of thinking ahead on the Queen's part. Everyone was so obsessed with the idea of having peace and remaining neutral, that no one had seemed to think about what would happen if they were to be invaded.

It honestly infuriated him that they would choose to be cowards instead of taking the initiative and start amassing their power and wealth to expand their own territory. He scoffed to himself, as the part that pissed him off the most was that his own parents sided with the foolish Queen. How he was born to such weak-willed people on a weak-willed planet, he'd never know. As he walked near the outskirts of his village, he looked up to the sky with an angry glare from his forest-green orbs. The breeze picked up a bit, blowing his long, wavy dark brown hair in the direction it was going. Under the sunlight, his naturally-tanned skin seemed to glow.

By now: it was a few hours until sunset. He usually spent most of his time away from his village and away from Theed. He could be minding his own business but the minute someone looked at him funny, he was right there pummeling them to the ground. When he fought, he felt like he had more of a purpose than being ostracized by the entire planet for having an opinion that didn't agree with their own. Hell. The were multiple times he had to be dragged away from his victims before he actually killed them with his bare hands. He'd hear what the villagers would call him behind his back: Demon, Evil, Bloodthirsty, A Beast. It honestly just made it easier for him to take out his frustration on them. While they stood around doing nothing, he spent his time training himself and becoming stronger.

Whenever he was alone, which happened to be quite often, he was pushing his body to its limits. Usually it came in the form of either push-ups, sit-ups and long runs in the wilderness surrounding his village. He didn't fear anything that was on this planet, since there was much here to actually

For the next few hours, that's all that he did: train as he usually did. He was already on his way back to the village when the sky began to shift from a clear blue to various hues of orange, purple and red, when the Sun lowered itself to give rise to the Moon. He glared towards the direction only to be met with a soft orange glow coming from the village. This wouldn't be a cause for alarm normally, but the wisps of dark smoke raising towards the sky told a different story altogether.

Not even he knew why he took off towards the village he had grown to hate over the years, but when he finally managed to get there: he stared on in awe as he was met with a scene of carnage. Half of the people who were his neighbors were littered across the ground, as still as the rocks on the ground. Upon closer inspection, he could tell that some of them had their necks snapped while the smell of burnt flesh filled his nostrils for some of the others. From here, the heat from the fires was beginning to get to him, but more than anything: he felt excitement where others would feel panic and fear. "What happened here?" he thought to himself.

A scream echoed throughout the immediate area, answering the question for him. He couldn't help but notice that it was coming from the direction of his home. With every step, he found more and more corpses of the people he was forced to grow up around, until he stopped to see a hooded figure a head taller than he currently was, right arm outstretched while her hand made a gripping motion.

As if by magic, a little girl who he recognized, was suspended in the air and grasping at her neck as if she were being choked by an invisible hand. It wasn't like he cared about what happened to her anyway. What intrigued him the most about this stranger was the
power that she seemed to command. To touch without touching, to cause such an amount of destruction on her own in such a small amount of time, the decisiveness that she exuded. By this point: his breathing was tagged from his earlier training session on top of racing back to the village.

The hooded figure turned its head in his direction, revealing a woman with pale skin, no hair and fiery-orange irises that exuded a hatred and bloodlust that vastly outclassed his own. However, there was no fear in his body. There was reverence and admiration and a desire to make such a power his own.

In an instant, he heard a loud
crunch and the girl's form dropped to the ground, her face frozen in fear even in death. "Are you the one that I came to this insignificant dust ball to find? Are you the presence I sensed while I was making my way to Sullust a few days ago?" she asked him. Darik simply raised his eyebrows at the mysterious woman, clad in all black as if she was made from the very shadows themselves.

"Don't make me ask that question again, boy." her voice called out in a cold tone. As usual for whenever he felt challenged or threatened, he shifted into an offensive stance and gave her a glare of his own. "How the hell should I know? Who are you?" he asked in return. He had expected to get attacked immediately after that, but his eyes widened in a mix of surprise and anger once she started laughing at him.

"WHAT IN THE HELL IS SO FUNNY??!!" he yelled out in anger. If there was one thing he hated more than Naboo and the people on it: it was being looked down on. "You are child. You're also either the most brave or the most reckless person I've came across in this pitiful village. Yet, for someone as young as you are, you're undoubtedly the strongest here." she responded with amusement ringing in her cold tone.

Before she could even get another word out, something metallic flew to her hand before a sword made of what appeared to be a crimson plasma erupted from it, just in time to deflect a blaster bolt that came from behind Darik. He quickly turned around to see both of his parents running towards him and getting in front of him. It was his father who had let off the shot, which further pissed him off. He was always sticking his nose into business that didn't involve him. Unfortunately for Darik though, he didn't get the chance to tell his father off. With a clench of her empty left hand, his father crumpled the ground along with his mother. Their screams echoed throughout the air while his mother grasped at her legs, his father mirroring her actions as he dropped the blaster pistol in his grip. Had she destroyed one of the bones in their legs just that quickly? The answer was made evident when both his mother and his father made no attempts to move, as they were still subjected the sudden pain of having their bones crushed.

Darik's heart was thundering with gleeful excitement. Seeing his parents brought down like the trash that they were: it awakened something inside of him. He knew what desire was like, but this was more intense. It almost felt like a newly forming obsession: to gain power like that and live a life that would never lack a battle. As he contemplated this, he took notice of the woman raising her blade skyward, almost as if she was about to finish what she had started.

Once again: his emotions switched from one extreme to another. Where he was feeling the need to get stronger and an adoration for the power that was displayed thus far, now he felt as if his anger had fully taken control of him. Why would he be angry at the woman who was about to kill his parents. He wanted to see them die. Didn't he? No. That was an absolute for him: his parents must die. Then it dawned on him.

"WAIT!!" he roared out towards the woman. She was about to initiate the motion to end both of the pathetic humans lying on the ground before her, broken and powerless. That was twice that he faced her with no fear in his heart. She was beginning to take a keen interest in the boy. He was already quite capable, at least capable of having somewhat of a chance of surviving the training.

Even both of his parents were surprised, mistaking their son's outburst for some form of sentiment on his part. Sentiment he had shown for nobody around him since he had been born.
"What is it, young one? Speak fast before I end both them and you." she answered in response, lowering her weapon towards the ground so now the tip of the blade was hovering a few inches above the ground.

Darik silently walked past his parents, stepping between both them and the woman who attacked his village.
"I want to do it. I want to achieve the power that you have. I want them to die by
my hand. They've tried holding me back for far too long." he responded in a cruel tone. The woman blinked at him in surprise, feeling his presence in the Force for the first time since had arrived on this planet. Although it was nearly as potent as it could become, this boy was already blessed with the Dark Side's acceptance. She had heard of cases where some people were born with a natural connection to the Dark Side, but it was nothing more than rumors until she had heard of Kalux and his Order. The order she was now a part of. An order this boy shall be a part of. Willingly at that. He was getting more and more interesting by the minute.

She disengaged her blade and clipped it onto a black sash wrapped around her waist.
"I can show you a wonderful technique right now. Might take you a few tries, but you're more than welcome to surprise me more." she replied with a smirk. He turned around to look down at his parents, disgust, hatred and utter contempt for them shining brightly in his forest green orbs. Even his glare had a colder tone than it usually did. For all intents and purposes: he looked like a demon. The fear that they gave off knowing that either way they were going to die by either their own son's hands or by the hooded figure that eradicated everyone else that lived there.

"That's it. Embrace your
true feelings for them. That hatred, that disappointment, that nauseousness, that contempt. Allow it to fill up your being and go beyond your physical senses. Search for the source of your power within yourself: reach out for it and demand what is rightfully yours. What your were wrongly denied. And when you do, channel that power through your arms to enhance your strength even further. If you can stomach it: rip out their hearts." she told him in instruction. That entire time that she talked, he took in her every word, his rage-filled glare never leaving his parents pitiful shivering and crying forms. They couldn't even go out with a shred of dignity. He was ashamed to be born in such a weak family.

He closed his eyes, taking several deep breaths, attempting to calm himself enough for him to try to notice where the source of his power came. He stood there, silently searching, beginning to sweat profusely as the heat from the flames for even more stifling. It wouldn't be long before everything was consumed by the blaze. He needed to settle this now. And there it was. In that moment of absolute certainty: he felt...something deep inside of him. Almost like an echo. For the first few times, he'd catch a trace of it before he would lose it again, angering him even more than he already was.
"That's good. He's almost there already. Maybe an inmate ability to grasp basics easier than most could. The problem would lie in a waver of resolve as well as manipulating the Force through his arms."

With each passing second, his anger flared every so often, as he played this endless game of cat-and-mouse with the power inside of him. Yet, he didn't realize that the echoed of that same power becoming more and more frequent. Not until he was close to his boiling point: that's when he felt it as clear as he had ever felt it. It was there right beneath the surface, flowing through his entire body. It was like stepping into a fire, but it didn't burn him. It gave him strength. It gave him a
glimpse of what he was truly capable of.

He tightly clenched his fists, arms visibly shaking from the amount of effort he was putting into trying to concentrate that energy into his arms.
"If you don't hurry it up: I'll do it myself." she stated. She was growing rather impatient since he wasn't living up to the promise that he showed thus far.

He looked back at her, switching his focus to the words that had just came out of her mouth. She dared to take
his kills from him? The kills he were entitled to as their child? It was up to him to cleanse his bloodline of those weak enough to believe in the notion of peace. He started feeling anger towards her proclamation, pushing him even further towards the edge.

"Don't you dare. They're
mine." he repeated with ferocity ringing in his voice. It was almost like a beast being protective of its prey, if only to enjoy the prey for himself. He shifted his form back towards his parents on the ground. Particularly: his father. He hated that he had the man's last name and looked similar to him. He'd be the first to die.

He found that power inside of him once again, attempting to concentrate the power into just his right arm since both of his arms was absolutely out of the question in his current state. He smirked as he could feel the energy slowly pooling into his right arm. He could feel his strength growing and it brought him pride.

"I've always hated you both. Now I can finally be rid of both of you." he told both of his parents. That would be the only form of goodbye that they would get. Far more than they deserved for trying to make him weak like them. Bringing himself to one knee on the side of his dad, who was on Darik's left, he looked his father dead in his eyes. "Y-y-you don't have to do this son." Stephann begged, trying to get his son to see reason. That was all he ever tried to do.

Darik had placed his left hand on Stephann's right shoulder and smirked at the male.
"You're right. I don't have to...." he began to respond. He quickly brought his right hand through his father's chest, taking advantage of his temporary increase of strength. He could feel the blood, sinew and bits of bone his hand came in contact with while he grabbed his father's heart and ripped it out of place as his hand ripped out of Stephann's back, heart still slowly beating in Darik's hand.

"I want to." he whispered into his father's ear, before he dropped the heart on the ground and removed his arm from the hole that he had made in Stephann's chest. His mother let out a blood-curdling scream as she saw her only son kill the love of her life. "Now finish her off as well. The quicker you get through it, the quicker we can leave and get started on your
real training. I shall make you my apprentice and make you stronger than you've ever been." she told Darik, knowing that she was right in coming here. This just confirmed it: the boy was a natural-born warrior with a near-insatiable appetite for violence. If he were molded the right way: he could become quite the powerful tool. Potentially at least.

Darik's gaze shifted over to his screaming mother. He was already tired of hearing the incessant sound. So he used what remained of his strength to rip her heart out of her chest too.
"You were always annoying." he muttered to her, causing her eyes to grow wide before she finally succumbed to the cold embrace of death.

"Good. We've got a long road ahead of us to get you where you need to be. Once you rest up: you will be out through extremely rigorous training that could kill you. Are you sure this is the path you want to choose child?" she asked him one final time. After removing his arm from the hole in his mother's chest, he turned towards her direction and nodded.


erra Torpoli:

Sierra remained in place atop one of the hundreds of small adobe buildings in Mos Espa. She was hunkered down, keeping herself as out of sight as she could. Head wrappings concealed her ashy blonde hair and the lower half of her face from sight. A lightweight chest plate and gauntlets were the only pieces of armor she had opted for for this mission. A sable brown armorweave bodysuit would offer enough protection otherwise - she hoped, at least. There was a blaster with a silencer in the holster attached to her belt, as well as a sheathed vibrodagger and her personal commlink. Her eyes were focused on the street below. With the setting of Tatooine's twin suns, darkness was already creeping along the road to begin to shroud its inhabitants from sight. It wouldn't keep her from finding her mark: a former Exchange assassin named Dei Ferran. He had taken up work with the Cartel, but went back on his contract. Now the assassin was in hiding and on the run. At least, he had been. After his face was caught on a security camera in one of the markets in the spaceport, the intel was passed along to the Cartel. It was her own father that had put Sierra's name forth for the task of hunting Dei down. It was what he had ensured she was trained for.

She did not want to disappoint him.

Her gaze moved between every face that passed down the street. Many faces came and went. People lost, people searching, people merely drifting between pints of ale: those in Mos Espa did not generally plant roots to live a life of fun. It took almost an hour before Sierra found her mark. He walked fast and rigidly - he was in a rush to get out of sight. The hood over his head slipped as he looked about to reveal his face. That was the confirmation she needed. Dei simply ducked his head before he approached the building across the street from Sierra's vantage point. Quickly, he punched in the code for the door, then slipped inside when it slid open. The door shut again right after.

Quickly, Sierra grabbed her commlink and held it up to speak into.
"Rasena," came low and soft. While her father had assigned her to this mission, it was Rasena that she had touched base with - the woman who had spent years training her to fight, and to be the weapon that the Cartel wanted. "He's here. I'm going in."

"Good," came the raspy response after a minute. Sierra held on to the commlink a little tighter when Rasena spoke. It would have been better if she was here. Easier. Training to fight and preparing to take another life was one thing, but to actually be here to do it? It was something that Sierra was finding it difficult to stomach. What if the Jedi in her family came back? What would she think knowing that her younger sister would have blood on her hands like this? Her eyes fell to the commlink as Rasena spoke again, wishing there was something more physical to hold on to than the device. "You know what to do. Now, get to it, and contact me when it's done." There was a pause, then a final, "you can do this" before the commlink went quiet.

She drew in a deep breath and put the commlink away before she inched to the roof's edge. He was alone - and being inside, he was less likely to take off and make a fast escape than he would have been able to do on the street. The one-floor building she had used to find her target was short, and presented no issue for getting down from. She jumped down and landed solidly on her feet, knees giving slightly with the landing. No time was wasted. With a quick glance both ways down the street, she cross the road to get to Dei's temporary home. She moved to one of the narrow alleys which flanked the building in search of a side door. Nothing. Aside from the front door, the only way inside was through one of the small windows of the building. There were two windows lining the walls of the building that flanked the alley. Her gaze darted between the two for a moment until a light came on in one of them from within. Dei would be there. Carefully, she snuck through the alley silently to get to the other window. She slid its pane open, then slowly slid herself in.

When she was in, she moved slowly out of the dark room to find her target. The only noises to go by were the occasional clearing of a throat. Sierra walked quietly down a dimly lit hall as she made her way to Dei's location. When she got to the room he was in, she pressed herself against the wall right next to the doorframe. She remained still for a moment, waiting to see if he said or did anything that indicated he may have heard her. There was nothing but silence in response. Feeling confident enough to believe he didn't know she was there, she shifted some to then peek around the door frame. Dei was sitting in an arm chair with a datapad in hand. The cyan glow of the screen lit up his face and the stern look on it. He had no idea she was here. She had the perfect shot.

Slowly, her right hand lowered to her holster. Fingers curled around the grip. A pull, and it was free. She had done it thousands of times when training: drawn her blaster, aimed, and shot many a dummy and many a rock. This wasn't some facsimile of a person, or a hunk of sand-battered stone. This was a person. Someone living and breathing, with a heart beating the same colored blood as her own. Did he have a family that counted on him? Would his friends come looking for him, and weep when they found him?
What would her sister do?

She turned away with the thought. The sister who had left was not the standard to judge herself by. They had never even met, and they never would. Rasena was whose standard she needed to hold herself to. Rasena had been the one here: for every training session, for every split lip and black eye, for every bruise left by a displeased father, for every tear and every scream, and for every moment of doubt and uncertainty. The Jedi in her family hadn't been here for any of it. Rasena had. Why did she find herself wanting to emulate the former in this moment when they had never even met?

It was a thought she forced herself away from. Her grip tightened on her blaster. Sierra drew in another deep breath, then glanced around the door frame again. Dei was gone. The datapad was left on the chair, its screen still lit. He had gotten up while she was distracted. She clenched her jaw, mentally kicking herself for losing her focus. Just as she was about to move to peer further around the door, she heard something behind her. A rustle of clothing.
Dei. Quickly, she dove forward into a somersault and dropped her blaster, just as he swung a knife aimed where her head had been. The blade buried itself in the wall. With a grunt, he yanked it from the adobe as Sierra rose to her feet again and faced him.

"You can't take me back. No one can." He shook his head some, staring hard at her. "I'm done.
Done. Got it?"

Dei brandished his knife while she took a cautious step forward, to get herself close enough to her blaster to grab it again. She eyed him carefully, readying herself to react to a possible attack.

"You got away, I get it. You want to live your own life now."

"Not just that. I just want to be out of
here. I'm going back to Nar Shaddaa, going back to the Exchange."

"And take your Cartel knowledge with you?" She frowned beneath her face covers, reminding herself of why it was she was here and what she had to do. "We can't let you do that."

Dei hesitated for a moment with that. He had thought he would be captured alive. He wouldn't. There were very few that valuable to the Cartel - there were few that would be dragged in alive, when newer blood was cheaper. His hesitation bought Sierra the time she needed. She lunged forth and snatched her blaster pistol up. When it was in her hands again, she focused its barrel on her target.

"Come on. Please." Dei looked between the blaster's barrel and Sierra's eyes over and over, panic blooming on his face the more he glanced between the two. "You don't want to do this. You don't
have to do this."

Sierra was silent, her pleas to stop making this more difficult than it had to be stomached before they could be spoken. Now she was the one who hesitated, and it was Dei who attempted to take advantage. He drew back his arm, then started bringing it forward again to throw his knife between her eyes. Grimacing to herself, Sierra steadied her aim and fired. The blaster bolt hit true and struck Dei in his chest. Instead of throwing the knife, it clattered upon the floor as he fell back. The shot had killed him instantly and left him lying on the floor, eyes glassy and mouth twisted in a final, pleading frown.

Her shoulders tensed while her stomach lurched. She did it. She killed him. After sneaking into his house, she had put a laser bolt in him. Eyebrows meeting in a frown, she fought back the urge to be sick. He was going to attack, and he would have tried killing her. She had to defend herself. Why did it feel so awful to do so? Slowly, she lowered her blaster, then she hurried away from the body. She went into the room she had entered through, then climbed back out of the window and into the alley. Posture stiff, she made her way onto the street and walked. And walked. And kept walking. She followed the road and its turns until she got to Mos Espa's marketplace, which had already emptied for the day when the last rays of Tatooine's suns had vanished. She wandered through the empty market, eyes dancing between shuttered shops. Had Dei frequented here when he was with the Cartel? Did he have a favorite dish at the cafe?

She found a place to sit and eased herself down into the spot, gaze sweeping over the sand beneath her feet before she withdrew her commlink once more to call Rasena.

"It's done," was all she said, voice low and rough.

"Come back to my ship. Let's get back home."

The comm went silent once more with that. Sierra sat in place for a long time, the blues of her eyes dimmed with what she felt upon her shoulders. After a few minutes in silence, she rose to her feet to return to Rasena, and to try to find a way to handle what she now carried with her.

Cards Against the Galaxy!
Bounty Hunter Ana Ferine2020-04-21 16:14:08
UPDATE: in addition to the contest, we will be hosting our very first Cards Against the Galaxy game on Sunday, April 26th (this coming Sunday) at 3 PM server time! Hope to see you all there!

We are excited to announce a very fun upcoming addition to the site! Soon, we will have Cards Against The Galaxy, a version of Cards Against Humanity modified for the site!

The gameplay is simple: each round, one player, that round's Card Emperor, presents a question or fill-in-the-blank from a black card. Everyone else in the game answers with their funniest white card, which are cards that fill in the blanks in a variety of ways. People, objects, and actions - anything goes with the white cards! One white card is selected by the Card Czar, and the player whose card is chosen gets a point. The game continues until someone earns enough points for the win!

To get the game going on site, we need your help! We are asking for players to submit card ideas to us! You can submit ideas for both black cards and white cards via petition for staff to review! Each card idea will earn 20 gems! To help show what cards can look like, here are examples of each:

An example of a black card is: Come to the Light Side, we have [X]!
An example of a white card is: The high ground.

The deadline for entries is:
midnight server time on Saturday, April 25th!

Please follow site rules for entries. More than one submission is allowed! If you send one in, then think of more ideas, it's fine to petition them in again!

Have fun, and get ready to get playing!

The First Kill: RP Entry Contest
Bounty Hunter Ana Ferine2020-04-12 15:24:01
Reminder: entries are due midnight server time on Thursday, April 23rd!

Ready to crack your knuckles and get some writing done? Wanting to explore more depth with your character? Look no further!

Now's your chance to share more about your character: the
entry contest is back! For this contest, you will write a self RP of your character
completing their first kill. Each RP will be posted in an MotD. You, the players, will vote for your favourite.

The first place will receive a prize of
20,000 gems, second place will win 15,000 gems, and third place will win 10,000 gems! All entries will also be rewarded with 1,000 gems!

Write your RP and send it to
a Ferine in a holo to enter!

The deadline for entries is:
midnight server time on Thursday, April 23rd!

-All RP's must obey both site and RP rules
-1 RP entry per character
-Must fit in two holos

Have fun, and may the Force be with you!

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