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Rule 1. Language: On this site the only language to be used is English, this makes it easier for all to understand what is being said. Certain phrases are permitted if they are well known. Speaking in a foreign language, everything will be translated by staff and if it is found to be offensive or break a rule in any other way it will be dealt with. The majority of swear words are permitted, but they are not to be directed to players with any sort of malicious intent, if a player asks you to stop using certain terms please do. Also, excessive and unnecesasry use of swear words is not allowed. To fit in with theme however, you may use certain phrases from the Star Wars universe but if a staffer believes you are using it excessively and asks you to stop then do so, if you don't then you shall be muted.

Rule 2. Respect: Respect players and staff alike and you shall receive it in return. The staff here volunteer to help this site run smoothly for you to have the most enjoyable experience possible, if they warn you of something they are to be listened to. If you feel a staff member is abusing their power, send in a petition explaining what you think happened and it will be dealt with by the staff.

Rule 3. Advertising/Links:Advertising and/or the posting of links is forbidden in chat locations. You may discuss other sites to a certain extent in mail only. The breaking of this rule may result i the inability to speak in mail or chat, perhaps even a ban. In continuation the giving out of personal information is also forbidden on this site, we strive to protect players as best we can.

Rule 4. Glitches/Cheating: If you discover a glitch or a bug, please send in a petition giving as much information as you can including a link if possible of where it occurred. Any form of cheating or abuse of glitches will result in punishment.

Rule 5. Chatspeak: We ask players to refrain from using chatspeak in chats and holo's such as lol, wtf, brb and so on. Chatspeak is abbreviations such as those listed.

Rule 6. Alts: Players are allowed 3 accounts. That is a main and 2 alts. Exceeding this requirement will result in the newest character being deleted. Accounts die after a certain amount of time so if a players has reached their account limit of 3 they must wait until one character is deleted before creating a new one

Rule 7. Cybering: Cybering is not permitted anywhere on the site, this includes holo's, public chats, dwellings or anywhere else. However, things such as kissing and cuddling are not considered to be cybering.

Rule 8. Links/Advertising There is to be no posting of links in public chats or holo's or advertising of any sort. However, you can mention certain sites by name, inappropriate sites of course will earn the comment to be deleted and earn you a mute most likely.

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Characters that have never been logged into will be deleted after 1 day(s) of no activity.
Characters that have never reached level 2 will be deleted after 14 days of no activity.
Characters that have reached level 2 at least once will be deleted after 150 days of no activity.
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